Saturday, September 12, 2009

10 reasons WHY they hurt themselves....

every year
every single year
when knk2 n even older guy was cornered to play with firecrackerz,
they'll in high probability blow themselves up in many different ways
thus changing their status to "cacat a.k.a. freak"...
like this

                                                        from ere
or this

got it from  here

or maybe worst like

dont laugh
this is real ok.

i'll give u 10 reasons why they hurt themselves
1.because they think its FUN

2.because they think its HOT, yeah, hot

3.because they think they are immune to any explosion. any explanation?

4.because they felt boring

5.because they said "no pain, no gain bebeh"

6.because they dont care

7. because they like it

8. because  no one strain them

9. because they said its once a year festival

10. because i dont give a damn

p/s: berhati2 djalan raya dan d balai raya


aly said...

err kecik2 dulu gwa penah demam seminggu sbb maen bunge api yg kua mcm2 wane..fobia doh skrg -,-" tgk bdk2 maen skrg haisshhh bkn kate bunge api je, meriam buat sendiri pun ade..gwa cume bley doakan diorg slamat XD

iniAKU said...

tu budak.kalo adult yg memang sgaja cederakan diri smata2 mara.tu bodowh ke kesian agak2?hehe


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