Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 common phrase in SURROGATE world

Have you watch Surrogate film yet?

I can't imagine flirting in 'that' world
Everything is perfect until
you've seen the actual person for that surrogates.
You will probably say this
"OMFGG. U are Fuckin Ugly little Bastard"
thats a fine little masterpiece of foul words back there i think.

If u havent watch it yet, get lost n watch it first.
then, read the list BelOw....

10 common phrase in SURROGATE world

1. My surrogate was broken sir. here's my MC.

2. I cant find my surrogate's cloth

3. I'm sorry, my surrogate went berzerk just now

4. Where the hell is my surrogate?

5. Hye beauty, are you surrogate?

6. Are you in love with me or my surrogate?

7. You can try our latest surrogate Sir.

8. Surrogate for sale!!! Cheap. 10 years warranty. no hassle. no scratch mark.

9. Hey, lets buy a new surrogate.

10. Where's your surrogate honey?

p/s: do they produce animal surrogate? i'd love to buy one.

pp/s: there are two choice, terminate or cancel the life of the surrogate. Which one would u choose? my choice is the plot of the story, wahahaah nice 1 buddy...


Its my perspective. Whats yours?


kenwooi said...

i havent watch the movie also.. =P

hellioz said...

try meyh...
nice movie...

aly said...

sure ke nice movies?
agak2 layan mlm2 bley tertido x?


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