Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 reason why ORIGINALITY wins

TAKE NOTE!!! Pay attention here

 they look just like the same aite? BEWARE...

You know what?
This is why i hate fake replica's product.
they are mainly from china
fuck em'...

THEY  ( the fake products ) are...

-fugly ( inside, i mean its software ) its exterior seems JUST like apple i-phone aren't they?
-freakin cheap
-lancau hamsap kanina wtf?
- why am i feeling so mad? BECAUSE THEY ARE FAKE!!!
       - Just like the transvertites out there. FAKE!
       - Just like the "so called love" between the gays and lesbo. FAKE!!
       - Just like the gucci handbang you've seen at chow kit. FAKE!!!
       - Just like the fake levis jeans you bought at petaling street. FAKE!!!!

Thats copyright infringement ok!
would u like me to copy u alive n sell you out there for a cheap labour?
just kiddin...

Can u spot the difference? They are 1:1 fake products people....


-u can find this fake shit everywhere

-u can even buy fake i phone worth 300bucks, the hell?

-penny-less people act like a rich bastard holding n showing off this fake product. Beware peeps

-nokLa n97 worth less than 200bucks.

NOKLA, not NOKIA yarh...

-psp go can be obtained with less than 200bucks ( they dont even functioning like psp go )

- want samsung omnia? the fake one costs below 300bucks.

- I am lack for the tenth reason on the statement above.

- some of them are freakin sumptuous because they do LOOK 99.99% exactly the same from the original item

-someway somehow u'll realize originality wins

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 


Stephen said...

yeah. No to piracy :)

hellioz said...

but i love luffy one piece...

Dak Wan said...

I don't know about piracy but i know i hate poser. Hehehe.

hellioz said...

dak wan
yeah man...
i HATE posers too...


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