Monday, October 19, 2009

10 reasons why there are blogwhore

after camwhore
here comes.........................



urban dictionary have stated the synonyms for the terms blogwhore
YET, theres always reason for everything happened
for example.

"if there is no einstein,

theres no
E = mc^2 \,\!

"if there is no alexander graham bell, there is no


"kalau xde angin, pokok xkan bergoyang..."
abeh kalo xde pokok, angin bergoyang ke?
ok. xlawak. half stop.

but for me,
"blogwhore is person who posts un-attractive, mathafackka boring, no information inside type of articles in their blog but still wants people to read their mathafackka piece of useless blabs" (bile Oxford nak hire ni?)

ade sape2 makan red hot chilli pepper ke?
4get it. this blog is hella useless too.

i wont drag this bla3 longer
here they comes...

10 reasons why there are blogwhore

1. They have no life
-actually they have their life, yes, they have their own virtual life on the web. thats...........  u tell me...

2. They have no friends
- no comment.
-choosy sangat kowt pilih member

3. They have no social life
maybe they do, have their social life on the social networking site. who knows...

4.They are critical critics
-Hardcore blogwhore loves to pick a fight on the net.
You can always say whatever u like, yeah.....
being a hardcore fighter on the webs have less consequence compared to fights on real life.
on the web, no one can touch u. You can always be anyone u like.
Thats FUN.
on the other hand
You could always get a bruise or two if u fight on the real life.
that is two different world

5. They love interwebs fame
-its a pleasure to see comments on your page. Be it bad or good.
we need response. yeah. we even need response in real life isn't it?

6. They are afraid of the reality
bahaya ape kt luar.
boleyh kene kidnap, kena bunuh, kena tikam, kena baling penyapu, kena kejar anjing gila, kena ngorat, kena jampi, kena baling bangkai ayam, kena cat merah, kena macam2 lah. u list it down.
macam englishman cakap, "reality hurtz" gyahahah

7.  They have no balls
-lebih  kurang macam nombor 4 la...
gila kao, kt web siap bole gadoh ngan sape tau. ngan Dr. M bole, ngan Anwar esok lusa tulat bole, ngan RPK bole, ngan budak belum baligh pon bole. tadehal. anytime punye....
Xde mase nye dorang nak trace sampai depan rumah.
lain la kalau ko fitnah2 dorg. Mau menginap kat dalam cell skejap.

8. Their real life sucks.
-ye. Hidup memang sucks. Pernah ke korang mimpi dapat lamborghini murcielago atau honda pilot atau ferrari fxx, pastu ade kt porch rumah? impossible beb.
kalau mase ko mimpi tu ko bill gates or warren buffet bole la.
tadehal punye. order sahaje. esok sampai.

9. They are rejected class people
- no comment

10. They think they can be rich blogging
-ye, aku tau paultan sama kennysia kaye pasal blog. tapi bapak kennysia memang kaye pon, tadehallah, bak kata member aku.
tapi tu seko dua beb. the rest?
samela mcm MLM, yang kaye tokan2 kat atas tu ler.
yang bawah makan pasir kasi anak bini makan.

Tapi aku sure.....

      Its my perspective. Whats yours? 

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