Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10 ways to spot malaysian LAH

Malaysia is full with  racial diversity.
We have malay, chinese, indian, and so on and so forth to type.
the three above is the main composition
Malaysia have unique culture and society
thats why indon2 hate the slogan of
'malaysia, truly asia....'

bila nak abes membebel ni?
straight to the point jelarh.

10 ways to spot malaysian LAH

1. Driving national car that is fully modified with "all the car can get" Furiously!!!

-It gets better when you drive like an ah beng.
-Thats why malaysian love to kill themselves on the road.
-Just google the statistics of death on the road  at Malaysia.
*U'll surely nod at this statement.

2. Care Less about their surrounding and hardly try to know their neighbours in their neighbourhood.

-BZ Lahh...........
~no time at all to socialize with them.

3.  Hygienically unhygienic at all.
eg :

- Look at our horrendous public toilet, and restaurant.
If you are malaysian, SURELY you know what i meanLAH

4. Most of Malaysian have this habit.

-Lepak pagi petang siang malam. ngeteh...
-It gets better when we can lepak at kedai mamak yang ada bintang dan bulan sabit.
-In quotation, 24/7 a day.
-Even when it is office hour.
*x pecaye?
-make a survey....

5. ALL RACE Lately wearing less and less dress, maybe due to our warm all season climate.
-Additionally, the world are getting warmer aint it?

6. Speak and talk like Malaysian LAH, with the word lah at the end of every sentence.

-betulLAH kan?

7. Wear sunglasses almost everywhere!!!

-Be it in a shopping mall, outdoor, indoor, in toilet, in the bathroom, hosting late night show (artists) ,
-at the gala dinner, in the club, in your parents house, in my parents house,
*EVERYWHERE you wish. got me?
-It gets better if u wear the typo BIGGGGGGGG sunglasses.
-Try it. Thats malaysian way...

 8. Adore, Knew, and Enjoy EPL's each and every team, even each and every single player MORE 
 than knowing their national Football team.

*hint, ask them ONE national player,
i bet they'll stuttered to death until they can spill one.
*ask them two, and they will change the topic of conversation.... hahhaha~
pssstt... my fren cries when liverfool lost sometime ago... i lol hard...

9. This one is easy, Malaysian loves wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

-We were not eligible to wear those bushy2 sweater, cardigan and bla3 stuff except when we are at the movies because we have warm temperate climate.
-LAGIPUN, Cuaca kat malaysia ni ade 4 season ke?
-We can put on the extra' clothes at the movies because they use the aircond which the tokey air batu used to freeze the ice.
*share it.

10. Feeling awkward listening Malaysian speaking broken english/manglish BUT
feeling okay listening mat saleh and foreigner speaking broken Bahasa Melayu.

btw, foreigner sebut melayu = mell la yu...
aah... da betollah tu...

well, there it  goes...

 10 ways to spot malaysian...

 credit : ohbulan.com
Its my perspective. Whats yours?


geLaSkaCa said...

sokg no 5 sgt2!!!
lg2 yg mlayu..
gmbr naked kt dlm myspace n tagged mlmbk2..
tmbbh megah bile nme dorg kt dlm tu ditmbh ngn pkataan 'melayu'..
bngga nye aku!!!(dlm ati mncarut2)

p/s:empunya bdn dh dlete myspace n tagged sbb rse cm sengal jek join..

kenwooi said...

haha.. typical malaysian eh.. =P


lionel0008 said...

Mostly true but not so sure about the big sunglasses.

hellioz said...

byasaq la tuyh~


its everywhere bro...
havent u saw em?

theeggyolks said...

LOL! what you said are pretty true ^_^


mitchelle nur alya said...

bahahahaha !!serious shitss
hell yahhh never release any sins !
setiap orang kena hukum dosa tidakkiraaaa kaummm ! :)

betulLAH kan ??


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