Monday, November 30, 2009

BUSYBODY! are you???

 "pssst... aku dengar si Ramlah dah bunting, tapi blom kawen..."
( padahal dorang xdtg wedding Ramlah setahun yang lalu )

Hellioz nak bercerita tentang kita hari ini
kita suka carik gaduh dengan semua orang...

*kita di bawah dan di atas adalah manusia yang busybody...
harap maklum~

kita suka jaga tepi kain orang
kita selalu digelar sebagai ketam yang mengajar anaknya berjalan
kita suka mencari kesalahan orang lain
kita gemar bercakap di belakang walaupun kita selalu buat apa yang dicakapkan di belakang

kita wajib mengkritik orang lain walaupun sebenarnya kita selalu membuat kesilapan
kita suka bergosip pasal rumahtangga orang
kita suka mempertikaikan kejayaan orang lain
kita disifatkan sebagai manusia yang jarang berfikir panjang

kita selalu nampak semut kat ujong dunia dan pura2 tak nampak bangkai gajah depan mata
kita hanya suka bercakap
kita sering menimbulkan masalah yang tak diingini
kita tak pernah muhasabah diri

kita senang terasa
kita terima segala-galanya dengan redha tanpa cuba berusaha untuk yang lebih baik
kita harus diabaikan
kita selalu ambil berat perkara yang remeh temeh dan tidak penting

kita menganggap kita sempurna
kita selalu terbabas...?
kita yakin kita tak buat perkara2 yang terkutuk
kita selalu jadi bahan kutuk

kita terkutuk
kita suka bercakap
kita selalunya orang tidak berpelajaran tinggi
kita sentiasa tidak berfikir panjang

kita lalai
kita yakin kita masuk syurga duniawi
kita banyak dosa sebab kita suka fitnah orang lain
kita memang lahanat

kita hidup terabai
kita suka publisiti
kita ramai kawan macam kita
kita selalu tarik rambut dari tepung dan tepung tu bersepah atas lantai mahupun meja kat dapur

kita sentiasa menjadi kita
kita jarang berubah menjadi manusia yang lebih baik
kita worship kaum kita
kita juga kadang2 golongan terpelajar

kita tak guna
kita adalah segala-galanya yang betul
banyak lagi yang kita suka lakukan
tapi Hellioz tak larat nak tulis semua benda tentang kita
senang cerita, kita adalah kita yang sebenar benarnya

mind this...
kita layak berkata tentang segala-galanya...

p/s :  it requires brain to talk about intellectual discussion, but it only require mouth to talk about gossip...
p/s/s : Ramlah adalah watak fiksyen yang tidak wujud sama sekali...

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hidup Umpama TAHI a.k.a TAIK...

Actually, i got this Sacred idea when i am...
Do i have to tell u everything...
i aint tink so...

Kenape aku umpamakan hidup ni macam taik a.k.a tahi dalam bahasa yang lebih teratur?
sebab kite semua sama...
ye, KITA...
semua orang...
yang hidup dalam dunia ni.

read this...

we were born after our parents were copulating (anyway anyhow, DON'T IMAGINE IT U FREAK!!!)

+-9 months later
we get the hell out of our mothers womb to get some fresh air through ehem2*
we were born as we are today...
(take a good look at the mirror)

what about SHIT u freaking shithole???
its just the SAME ya'll!!!

SHITS were produced after the OWNER of that shit ate anything they eat...
a couple or longer hour after that,
a shit were not born, lolz~
it was produced...
through ehem2* at any toilet available, anywhere or any place u could ever imagine...
they're all the same!!!

they have the same smell and were called SHIT once and for all...

have u ever smell shit that smells like fragrance?
shoot me between my eyes if u do so...
bang!!! balls...

Know whats the difference between all the shits produced?
they have different colours and shapes and smell too...
the most random colourz are
-brown (american brownies) LOLZ~
-fair brown???
-white??? WTF?
and anything possible colourz available depends on its owner and what they ate b4 that
thats the difference...


imagine it your own self or google em' if your mind is not properly functioned as normal human beings
thats one of the difference on any shits you'll ever produce
the difference actually,
brings no difference at all...
cause once and for all they will be called SHIT for their own good sake!

the SHITS will anonymously enter a large community at a place called SEWER if their owner expelled them at any toilet...

there'll be some poor shit thats's been expelled fto the the diapers, river, waterfall, sea and so on...
they've never got the chance to someway somehow interact with their species at the SEWER...
and i synonimise (LOLZ) them like the people who lived at the place that lacks of most things like at the remote places...

Once they enter their population at the SEWER,
they will anyway anyhow socialize with their species in any manner they'd love to
some float, some sink, some will be everywhere all over the place (the diluted one)...
their physical characteristics makes them  what they are...
many types of physical characteristics will be formed depends on the Shitter (you!!!)...

they (the SHIT) will happily socialize with their own species
(just like what human being does at the real world) with any manner u'd love to think of...

After sometimes maybe a couple of weeks or month,
they'll be processed so that they can be thrown out to the best place they could live at
(have u ever wonder where they'll be?)
this is the process where they eventually "died" due to the natural made factors to all SHIT kind on the earth
just like how human will die someday somehow on this very moment...

u can understand what i am trying to say on this shitty articles about how human lives randomly...
view my point at your own pace, or better in a good perspectives or you'll forever be as Shitty as the shits i mentioned above...

WHAT THE F r you trying to say shithole???

I just wanna say that we were ALL the same as good as SHIT that has
different smell,
different physical form
different colours
and different owner
 BUT they were all called SHIT

Just Like Human Being
we've got...
different face
different body
different voice
different hair
different boobs
different peanuts
different nose
different colour
different race
different religion
different perspectives
and any difference u could ever imagine


u got what i mean?
let me say it once again
clear enough???

i believe, if we could live our life with the same feelings of HUMANITY,
there's nothing will be flawed anyway anyhow...
the only things that makes us feel different is because all the different i state Above...

i always wish this worlds gonna be a better place to LIVE for EVERYBODY
not only for SOMEBODY... ( i wish u understand how i hate SOMEBODY )

thats all for the shits today...
dont forget to think about this when u shit ya'll...
and DO RemembeR
we're all the SAME
just like the shits above...

c ya'll shits later...
big LOLZ~

p/s :  I bet ya'll gonna say "i smell shit" when u smell shit anywhere in your life... trust me... i've experienced it

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Saturday, November 28, 2009

What do I have in MY MIND?



 Watch the vidio and answer the question beLOW...
YOU have 30 minutes to answer ALL the question.
some sentence below may not be suitable for your answer
but u can refer them as u wish...
please submit your answer shit on the comment section beLOW...

-You May Start Now-

the question is
have u ever think like what this guy is thinking of?

I DO!!!
and thats kinda just like what I am thinking each n every day...
not all...

i just love the way he's been thinking of everything...
yeah, every single thing...
proudly saying, he's unique...
well, thats awesome...
TO ME at least...

what about u?


Thursday, November 26, 2009


when u are seeking for help,
u will surely use mannerly words and action...
have u ever met a scenario which the help seekers are seeking for help in disorderly mannered situation?
I BET it'll always come undone...


help is not an order nor a must do things...
its what we are doing absofuckinglutely with sincere heart though someway somehow we felt its hard to fulfill...

help is not an order...
an order is a must which we always feel oblige to do...
the works your boss gave to you...
its an order,
because u are working for him for a little penny to go on with life...

Should we use aggression to seek for help?
yes, someone would have surely misused the word 'help' in order to gain a little ease on their life...
but someway somehow, karma loves to appear someday somehow for this typo person...
a senior back in high school told his junior to 'help' him doing his chores...
this is one bad example of help...
will his junior felt sincere to someway somehow 'help' him?
i hope the senior is doing well on his daily life...
coz i've seen with my eyes a senior suffering from his act back there when he was as stupid as donkey...
i hope u know what i mean...

the meaning of help should always be used in a good way,
or the worlds not gonna be the same again in the real life OR the afterlife..
thats y there's sin and sinner...
the credit will also be given to the good one...
thats how we interpret heaven n heLL...

i think i'm going too far on what my main point is.
for sure a little help with sincere in you heart will be a big favour for the need one...

And after all this negotiation with help,
there comes a sweet little sentence of 'thank you'...
Should saying thank you being a hard thing to say?
its the least we can give to someone who helps us...
its not a sin saying thank you to the one who helps us aint it people?

despite giving a gift or flower or a jar of chocolate,
thank you is more than enough than the statement above this line to the one who helps us...
we need this natural behavior more than thousands of bucks...

you may say money is everything...
even some goddammit person would say money is god...
but the truth is, money is always a periodically things that goes by either we realize it or not...
it always have its own time to pass someway somehow...

But saying thank you is forever...
the word thank you is always whats going to be buried, deep in our little fist of heart...
i guess all of you got my simple message that i am trying to say here...
coz i know all of you have your brain to figure it out...

but before i put a full stop beneath my cliche' last sentence,
i wanna say thank you for patiently reading this piece of useless blabs about the SIMPLEST things on earth that we should remember throughout our little journey called life...

and i will end this articles with my cliche' sentence...

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


aku suke cakap pasal benda yang ORANG DAH TAU, TAPI TAK PAHAM...
nak tau kenapa?

-sebab aku nak bagitau orang yang dah tau tapi tak paham tu paham ape yang dia tau...

twisted tak?
kalau tak, bagus, nice working brain...
kalau twisted, bace statement tu sampai paham. U can do it...

aku nak cerita pasal follower n ikut mengikuti plak...
dalam bahasa melayu yang huru hara...

Sacred word "Follow Me"

Actually, Google buat butang follow tu,
untuk kemudahan readers yang mahu sentiasa update dengan ape yang blogger tu tulis.
its the same like subscribe... or subscribing,
sama macam ape yang Google buat untuk youtube...
oh sorry...
tertulis bahasa orang warna kertas a4 kosong pulak

Tambahan pula, (LOLZ skema lak ayat neyh...)
butang Follow yang dicipta itu akan memudahkan pembaca membaca artikel dalam blog yang dia nak baca...
ha... 3kali baca tau...

kita akan tekan butang Follow everytime kita rasa macam berbaloi je baca ape yang blogger tu tulis untuk dibaca....

perlukah kita klik butang Follow tu jika kita tidak mahu baca apa yang kita tidak mahu baca?
paham tak pembaca sekalian?

Will u follow the blog which u have no desire on reading their articles???
I bet all of you would understand what i am saying here as clear as crystal...

Tetapi, yang sedihnya adalah,
bila kita disuruh dan dipaksa dan terpaksa dan memaksa orang untuk follow blog itu WALAUPUN tiada terlintas pun niat dan nafsu untuk meneruskan perjuangan mambaca blog itu...
are you following me here palz?

i have stumble upon a shitty blog which, I BET, u'll never follow them
on a fateful day...
woi!!! bahasa melayu la woi...


aku telah ditakdirkan pada suatu hari yang mulia dan penuh dengan warna warni kehidupan
untuk tertongok depan satu blog page yang macam tahi ini...
apakah blog itu, carilah sendiri...
banyak blog seperti itu di luar sana... lolz~

Oleh itu,
kerana mempunyai perasaan yang ingin tahu a.k.a. curious
aku telah bertanya kepada seorang kenalannya yang hanya kenal blogger (seperti di atas soalan seperti begini...

"weyh, kenape blog dia ramai sangat Follower? aku tak nampak pon point nak follow blog dia neyh... cam asshole kucing je gamaknye..."

lalu, kenalan blog yang aku tanya pon berkata begini

"oh... memang la... dia tu kaki kipas sikit... dia suka follow blog orang, sebab tuyh blog dia ramai follower"

kepale jimbet dia larh....
aku mengekspresikan diri aku sebegitu rupa kerana terkejut dengan jawapan kenalan blogger itu...
sambil berasa terkejut, aku berkata...

"ade jugak orang cam dia kat blogworld ni... aku ingat kat kat luar je ade orang camni..."

ok... mari berterabur....

Kepala hotak kau lah...
    bodo ke ape?
follow orang sebab nak dapat follower?
ko tak rase diri ko hina ke buat camtuyh?
ko tau ke x ape maksud follow tuyh?
ko paham ke tak maksud follow tuyh?
ke ko memang kaki kipas yang rasa diri ko harus disanjung tinggi?
ke ko memang suka maen jilat2 bontot?
ke ko memang baghal dan yang sewaktu dengannya?

terus menerus perasaan aku nak bertanya membuak buak keluar dari kepala brain aku...

oh lala~
dunia memang penuh dengan variety yang sangat luas...

Ape la yang ko pk masa follow blog tu yerh?
nasib baek aku x hangen hari neyh...
kalau tak mesty artikel ni penuh maki hamun dan kata2 caci maki yang melampau mengalahkan mak bedah mencarut kerana pokok bunga orkidnya dimakan oleh kambing peliharaan jiran sebelah...

dah la untuk hari ini...

p/s : ini bukan iklan Digi... coz there's no word such as "i will follow you"... lolz~

akan tetapi...

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Facebook Whore~

" batak myspace la kaw neyh" (sebelum Facebook meletop)
relax je aku dengar member aku sound member dia arituyh
 amek gamba semate2 nak letak kt myspace...
huha... best btol...
msty camwhore slalu pk macam ni kan?

bkn sbb nak Value yang ade kt gambar tuyh
tapi sbb nak letak kat social networking!

nowadays, we have Facebook Whore ya'll
i have a list of what facebook whore did every single second without fail...

Facebook Whore

-hari2 main apps sampai xtdo malam
-semua orang pnye status n comment dia nak spam
-gile attention whore
-stiap kali bukak facebook notifications mesty ade ratus2...
larat ke nak layan semua?
"relax r, name pon facebook whore, mesty la larat"

*pastu kan ade recommendations about friends kan?
-semua dia sapu...
-lagi2yang lawa,cun, nsem, hidung macam pinocchio, boobs besar, muka putih, muka licin, badan sedap, nampak lurah dendam sk8, dan segala manusia dia add.
-lagi bagus kalau dia like semua yang ade dari ads kat tepi facebook sampai group tah ape2 tah yang dah berlambak sgt kat facebook
-1 hari mesti ade additions of 50 pictures a day
-and dia akan tagged semua member2 dia dan semua manusia walaupun dia xkenal pon...
saje nak tumpang glemer...

*kan apps ade banyak kan?
-semua dia maen...
-game sayur2, kebun2, mafia2, semua dia sapu...
-pastu dia berlagak macam tinggi sangat je ranking dia...
-blah la wey...
-macam haram...
gely hamba melihatnyer...

pastu di akan brag pasal semua bende yang dia buat dari minit ke minit
seminit minum susu
seminit lagi usha youtube
seminit lagi maen mafia wars
seminit lagi garu bontot
seminit lagi tagged gambar
seminit lagi makan bacon
seminit lagi tukar spender, basah sbb tgk 3gp
seminit lagi makan cekodok
3 saat sebelum tido di akan post macam neyh
"i wanna sleep ya'll, gunait*" *goodnight...
tak tau la dia akan tdo ke x...
myb sejam lepas post kat atas baru tdo kowt...

Cube bayangkan satu hari ader berape minit?
mantop weyh mantop...
1440 minutes...
kadang2, bosan dah tgk kehadiran dia kat setiap notification...
ade je dia nak nyemak...
memang whore attention abeh la dia ni senang cite

mlasnye nak type banyak2
tapi itu la realitinya...
skang,  Facebook Whore bersepah da...
pagi petang siang malam facebook
kalau bole nak tido pon depan facebook

Korang kenal x orang macam ni?
kalau kenal meyh Hi5 same2

p/s: aku bukan facebook whore... lolz~ 
p/s/s: kenapa facebook takde button HATE? byk bende ak nak tekan button tuyh... sigh~

 ...Its my perspective. Whats yours?

Monday, November 23, 2009

How To Get Nanged At Nuffnang innit?

Blogger loves traffic
and traffic dont come easy
traffic will comes easy only with mind blowing articles....
especially when u post something to read, not something to see (picture)

Ever wonder how the same people get nanged almost everytime?
have u ever seen the same person get nanged countless time?
and wonder why in hell was the blogger always in the top10 list?

here's a noob way to gain traffic to your blog...

once u are on the top ten list at innit
ALL NUFFNANGERS who loves to 'lepak' at innit
will someway somehow see your articles and
the curiosity will someway somehow attract them to click on em'...
and slowly visit your blog...
not only nanged,
but the noob one will visit the blog someway somehow
ALTHOUGH they know what the articles are all about through the headings...
WHY? (because u put too many someway somehow u retard)
"oh sorry, i'm obsessed with that word"

Because we were born with curiosity
Its not because the same lame articles with the headings about
-paycheck from nuffnang/adsense
-racism (i hate racists bloggers)
-how to gain traffic. LAME (like this piece of shit)
-and everything that people like to read and click though they now whats in the articles
THATS CHEAPO asstards ya'll~
asstards not bastards ya'll...
its not a typo ok.

after wasting  my time at innit
i can assume that 15 nang is the least nangs that would let ur articles boom2 pow like hell...
because once u are on the top 10 list,
noobs will highly in percentage click ur articles though its as lame as heLLyeah~

*it is as simple as licking cornetto ice cream...

- perform a group of 15 to (as many as u wanted to)  and nang each others articles periodically not at the same time.
-make a schedule on who's who turn to gain fame like a nutsack at the innit...


why are you writing all these bullshits above?
i think i've found a 'group' of this typo people who MAYBE had perform the idea stated above
how would u know?
hey dude, I AM AN OBSERVER... i love to digg and think about the unthinkable.
i love to enjoy what magician did behind his show. got me?
dude, are u crazy or what? how can.... can or not....
NO. YES. WHATEVER. u can call me anything u like because i know what i'm doing.
yes or no is depending on you.
all i can say is HAPPY TRYING NANGSTERS...
i dont believe u la dodol!!!
do i mention any statement to make u believe all the statement above? NO
ok2... wanna join my group?
no. i prefer people read my articles because its cool to read. haha. damn cooL~
alah.. u asshole biyatch. u are the person stated above in all your tips and trick. buLLshit la you...
u r as funny as an asshoLe...
the only articles of mine that get nanged and set boom2 pow is
THIS lame article about annoying blogs in the blogworld...
its as easy as shit...
i'm not the typo nuffnangers that is full of shit like what i stated above...
tell us la how u know it... pleaseeee!!!
ok2. i found 'some' lame blogs that gets average 25 nangs each time their article are sold to innit...
how can their lame articles get boom2 pow like shit? can anyone answer me?
how can that 'some'  lame blogs do really had a shitass articles that gets nanged each and everytime?
should i explain some more? no tq...
thank you for your sick idea bro... 
u really are an asshole wiper thinker alexander gigi graham sakit beLL...
no need la... u owe me a lamborghini only for each readers... send it to my porch ok?
ok2... tomorrow it'll be there on your porch...
tq lah ya'll... you're a bunch of sweet tooth people la...
send my regards to your cats...

oh, and, dont forget to nang me yarh...
big LOLzie~


credit pictcha : here~

...Its my perspective. Whats yours?

Melayu VS Cina

"saya paling xsuka orang cina, diorang ingat diorang bagus, pijak orang melayu"

"orang melayu, x hormat orang cina punya, kita terpaksa kerja kuat nak hidup, nak blaja tinggi, xde duet, macam mana nak berjaya?"

"orang cina makan babi, pengotor, berak xpernah basoh!"

"melayu bodoh, blaja xpandai pon boleh masuk U"

"melayu suka komplen, suka carik salah orng lain, salah sendiri xnampak"

"oi cina! hey, lu jaga sikit lu punya mulut ah, lu tau tak, lu menompang je kat negara ni tau?
sape yang suka carik gadoh?"

"orang melayu xde otak"

"orang cina masuk neraka"

"terlalu bangga dengan bangsa sendiri, tak abes-abes carik gaduh dengan bangsa lain,"


"bangun pagi tak mandi pagi, badan bau busuk!"

Ayat-ayat kat atas ni ayat filem GADOH...
Filem yang aku confirm n sure takkan masuk cinema...
Gile racists statement tuh...
tapi sebenarnya, filem camni la yang semua orang wajib tengok pastu pk dalam dalam...
korang ingat dengan 1malaysia tu boleh buat semua orang hidop aman damai ke?
mimpi la weyh...

Realitinya, semua ada kat filem tuyh...
tapi semua orang tak nak terima...
bodoh! dungu!
pk pakai otak la, jangan pakai bontot...

"apebende yang ko marah sangat ni mat?"

aku marah kat manusia yang racists la bengap...
sebenarnya, perasaan racists kat malaysia ni xpernah ilang...

ni statement aku

ko pegi keje ngan syarikat cina, aku nak tengok sampai mane pangkat ko boleyh naik...

ko pegi mintak tender dengan orang melayu, tengok dapat xdapat...

bende ni sume dari kecik kena jaga
kalau dah besar,dah liat, xde maknenye semua tuh...

p/s: jangan bagi komen dungu. tengok dulu movie ni baru bising. OK?

ape ape pon,

...Its my perspective. Whats yours?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


vs student...
sape lecturer?
sape teacher?
sape student?

orang yang pegi sekolah akan kenal sape itu 'cikgu'
masa aku kat sekolah menengah dulu,
ape yang cikgu cakap tu macam fatwa
ye kan aje.
mls nk banyak cakap...
nanti kena ceramah agama 3jam
malas nak dengar...
sampai berbuih buih dia cakap...
tapi kalau jumpe budak2 yang banyak mulut or banyak cakap,
confirm dia dapat byk q yang pelik2 n either dapat or tak dapat jawab.

tapi tu sume mase high skewl

mase sampai kat ipta or ipts plak,
kita diajar supaya respect sama itu lecturer
sampai ade yg ak dengar suruh jilat bontot lecturer
aku x puas hati lalu cakap

What The Fuck Man?

lecturer tu tuhan kau ker?
lecturer tu sape bai?
dia turunkan hujan ke?
dia bagi kao makan?

Aku bukan jenis yang xrespect orang tanpa sebab
tapi aku xsuka kaki2 jilat lecturer ni
lagi2 kalau lecturer tu jenis yang macam SIAL
nak kena jilat baru dapat markah or credit...
our life at ipt depends on it aite? lolz~
aku bukan jenis yang suke mengampu...
sebab tu aku xsuke

Fact :

thats why dorg ni mengampu...
Bodoh xrety buat kerja...
GAMPANG la lu pengampu...

its ok kalau ade mulut manis cam gula...
but not the typo pengampu...
pleaze la...

LAGI2 kalau dapat lecturer yang kuang ajaw....
memang abeh la kalau aku jumpe...

tak pon lecturer yang
dalam segala aspek pemarkahan

tapi aku respect kalau lecturer tu
betul2 boleh di respect...
maknenye, he or she deserve the respect from all student

sistem kt US macam ni :

dorang bagi merit kat LECTURER sekali...
bukan STUDENT sahaja yang kena merit2 neyh...
kalau Lecturer tu macam Sial,
makanya, dia akan dilayan seperti Student yang perangai macam Sial
iaitu, dibuang dari sistem or tempat dia mengajar
Adil kan?
this is what i called Equality...

Mase aku kat High Skewl lagi,
aku da jumpe cikgu yang camni...
suke kena jilat.
Macam BABI....
dengan pompuan, perangai sikit punya baik, macam malaikat...
bile jumpe lelaki, jangan cakap senyum, kalau boleh nak buat2 xde muka
btw, dia yg aku cakap ni lelaki
kalau ngan pompuan tak cun pon dia buat muka
ha, hamek ko...
bole bla x orang camny?

Dah la perangai cam babi
bias cam anjeng

In The End
ramai2 pakat buat complaint,
and the F'ing teacher was transferred to another normal skewl...
sekolah biasa la... bukan another boarding skewl...
memang kewl kan kalau boleyh buat lecturer camni?
tapi masalahnye,
sistem kita kat ipta/ipts still mengagung-agungkan lecturer sampai
dia dah jadik untouchable n xboleh ditegur LANGSONG!!!....
macam fuck...
(marah betol kao, saba2, setan kat sebalah tuyh)

personal experience aku kat university?

ade sorg lecturer india neyh
(i'm not being racist here ok,
another lecturer of mine is an indian women
who can communicate with manner 
and i do respect her for that.NO, i'm not sexist)
tapi, dia ni memang outspoken abes
relax2 je dia point budak
pastu berkata
"awak ada muka penjenayah, saya predict awak akan masok jail"
sial x?
pastu dia suke tanye2 then 1 of my fren can answer all his question
lek je dy cakap, mane awak tau?
then pertikaikan the knowledge that my fren have.
siaL. ko pk ko lecturer ko paling pandai ke lahanaaaaaaaaattttttttt...

aku pon pernah rentan gak ngan dia neyh...
lek je dia panggil aku cm dajal...
hahahaha babi...
sume member aku da sound aku
soh senyap
palotak korang,
janganla jadik macam kayu
ko igt aku ni kayu ke haa....
sampai ade sorg classmate aku cakap,
lepak r dow, satu sem je ngan dia neyh...
aku dulik ape...
ko bayangkan, the whole class senyap gile sbb takot, wah...
silap la...
aku bukan pondan bak kata bapak gulagula...
aku outspoken...
xpuas hati cakap, bukan senyap..
sebab tu ader kerajaan and pembangkang
baru ader check and balance
walaupun kat malaysia xde check and balance macam kat US...

prinsip aku senang...
ko kuang ajaw ngan aku, aku kuang ajaw ngn ko
ko baek ngan aku, aku baek ngn kaw...

kalau orang salah kite betolkan ryte?
lagipun, lecturer pon MANUSIA jugak...
they are not GOD whom we cant touch at all
they made MISTAKES TOO...


P/S: things change, the system change too.
nothing stays it is how it is.

 ...Its my perspective. Whats yours?

Friday, November 20, 2009

KENAPA aku suka BASH Nik Aziz dan parti bulan???

-sebab dia dah tua
-n he's not eligible for what he's been holding now...
-he's as good as fidel castro for your information ok...
-he's old
-he's almost disabled
-he's sick
-he can no longer thinking properly with his old mind
-he's everything that disabled himself from reigning Kelantan

-even fidel castro let his brother reign cuba for the country's sake!
-he's a communist for good but he still know the limit of time to be in power...
-i respect him for that!

this is fidel castro. i believe he serve his people well.
but his enemies makes us think vice versa.
its always a propaganda to me...

choose 1
should we choose a sick person to represent a state
should we choose a healthy body n mind figure to represent the state.

the answer is simple.
i never really care who's going to topple him down from his position or inherit his position now...
all i have in my mind is a representative who can serve the people and the state he's representing with the position he's been holding so long...

isn't the main reason of being a politician is supposed to serve the people?
( though only  10% over hundred yang buat camtu)
if u can't serve the people, get the hell out and step down u old junks...
you know y i write this statement?

because all of the reason i gave above...

when Dr M has been holding the position of PM for quite a while,
This old junks said Dr M should step down...
Dr M step down...

But when Dr M said this old junks should step down,
he said, Dr M has no right to do so?
where did he put the justification all this while? 
can anyone give me a solid answer?

where is his brain after all?
havent this old useless piece of junk realize that he can no longer serve what he should serve?
he is soooo GILA KUASA...
sooooo hungry of political power...
what makes him being such a jerk?

will i go to heaven or hell because i wrote this article in the first place?
will i get any sin or credit from this old junks?
or will the one and only, The Almighty decide where i am going to visit in the afterlife???

Can anyone,
please answer this question???
i am begging u, yes u reader,
answer my simple question to clear the head of fanatic n.ajis supporter...
tqvm i'll said to u if u can answer it...

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~

Thursday, November 19, 2009



28.31million Malaysian is Malaysia's latest population 

there are 3million immigrants at Malaysia
thus, its officially 31.31million people at Malaysia

take a deep breath and think about this statement

"kalau dorang dudok at the same place at the same time, 
bole buat daerah sendiri tau x?"
(fast fat fact : approximately there's only 215000 citizen at perlis on 2007)

they can set another state YA'LL!!!

-i wonder what they'll  name the state after...
maybe NEGERI PATI...
or anything anyone could ever think of...

dont u feel insecure here people?

someone's going to say i'm paranoid...
yeah, i'm paranoid...
i am a malaysian citizen who is going to live my life at malaysia, getting married, live a life with my wife, 
raising a child or two and everything i can mumble on this lame blog...
i am going to have to secure at least my life n my families 
and i need a safe environment to deal with all the statement above...
dont u think so people? 

btw, how r u the citizen of Puchong selangor?
did u feel safe living life with niggers all over the place around u?

p/s : i'm sick of paranoia...
Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~ 

picture credit : sarahj259

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


 actually, itu ok lagi, better than yang pakai tight RM10 beli kat tesco...

aku salute pmpuan yg pakai tight as seluar.
ala, tight yang buat swimming tuyh....
that action need lotsa courage
lagi2 married women

Korang tak rase ke bende tu nipis nak mampus sampai pubic hair pon bole tembos jadah tuyh?
aku salute orang yang pakai jadah tu untuk jalan2 as their main pants sebab bende tu sangat nipis.
and i am so f'ing confirm it is fragile too...

kalau ada raper (not rapper) nak main rape2 orang,
dia hanya perlu tarik seluar (tight) tu sampai koyak,
lalu dia telah lepas satu step untuk rape orang ya'll...
oh perempuan2 diluar sane dan sini...
tolong la ingat2kan jangan pakai bende ni as PANTS....
dala nipis...

maybe i will try to convince japanese hardcore to grab anyone's tight and put that person in a fame n shame with their panties for a while and  they will still have time to repent. lol
maybe i'll try to convince them to make a tv show or something.
just like what they've done to skirts wearer at japan...

but i think thats not gonna change anything.
unless they themselves wanna change it

will anyone agree with me?
it is u who decide,
it is u who decide....


p/s :a grin, means a lot of thing
pp/s : i know u' r goin to say i am lame, but i am speaking with my capacity as a part of the malaysian community. still, it is u who decide, it is u who decide~


Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


 oh, aku xpakar edit2 gambar taw... lol~

Aku ader 1 hobi bodoh* yang aku suke buat, (*jangan ikot...)
for the meantime la...

bilamana semua orang cuba untuk mencari nang*...
 for each articles that they've submit at innit...
 what for?
to seek for readers laaaaaa.....

aku akan *danged*....
on their lalala articles~ 

lalu marahlah kaum2 manusia yang telah di *danged*kan oleh aku...
and I, informally...



lawak siaL...

sorry peeps...

u can scold my hands for the action it made...


(sorry peeps, i'm still laughing at the one who got so pissed with me... hahahaahahhaha~)
why so serious people?
did i killed your cat last caturday?


"It's Caturday man, leave me alone, i need some sleep"

now u dont have to tell me whats your perspectives...
coz i know you're mad at me
*till the death comes...

-to those who have been danged by me
you can make perhimpunan haram at jalan T.A.R. like BERSIH RALLY and shout as loud as you can.
maybe one of the nuffnang officials will hear you screamin'...

(your articles SUCKS at 100 degree celcius, 
thats y u've been danged. big LOL)
 tell me whats the function of danged on the nuffnang and we'll hi 5 together~

last night was the best night because
after almost a month n a couple of days blogging,
one of my stupid articles become an attraction n the traffic was one great thing to enjoy...
yeah,i know i'm lame because actually, no one reads my blog...

but i respect this one person who had danged my LAME articles at nuffnang,
she sure got a whole courage to do that stuff...
or maybe my article is lame... poor me~
LOL~ again~

maybe she's on the list of the annoying blog...
WHICH i'm sure she is because she DANGED ME!!!
NO i'm not mad...
i'm happy
at least she tells me, herself and YOU readers that her blog is LAME!

this is her profile...
maybe you can check her out....
and come back here, and tell me what type of blog she had there...
LOL like a donkey that lack of  sufficient oxygen~

should i put some sweet revenge and danged her all over again?

i have no friends
but i have enemies
and all the haters in my life~

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 reason why u shouldnt PLAY FOREX!!!

personal xp
wanna know why?

10 reason why u shouldnt PLAY FOREX!!!

1. its for professional
like the doctor....
if u dont know about anatomy, bla3, bla3 n bla3
how will you be a surgeon????

2. the risk are f'ing high
eg : u can lose all your properties in a blink of an eye...
but its not impossible kayh

3. u need high concentration on what u are doing...
- the market movement is not waiting for you...
-but U are waiting for the movement...
-certain times are perfect for certain pair of trades

4. YOU may someway somehow said forex is scam
-yeah right
-bila dah rugi mesty cakap camtu kan...
-tapi forex is for real legal n not a scam
-unless you were scammed la kan...
-btw banyak je yg scam guna name forex
-just becareful la kalau nak try' ok

5. YOU would feel bad for the loss if its happening
-the investment is not small kayh
-many k's are involved
-if u insists on trying, try smaller margin
-smaller margin means smaller profits n loss
-so, xde la rase cam hilang gaji sebulan kan...

6. The PEOPLE saying he's good at forex are LIAR
-kalau orang tu cakap dia terer forex, he WILL NOT force you join them to jump in the bandwagon.
-Professional makes profits in a VERY HUGE SUM
-eg : RM300/day or more.
-Means thousands K per month.
- so he would not bother to ask anyone to join 'em coz they r already filthy rich...

7. Forex is an investment.
-a very high risk investment.
-kalau gaji bulan2 tu cukup2 makan, dont bother trying...
-u'll end up hanging yourself on the hangmans noose...
-or jumping at the edge of a building.
haha. this is serious business my friend...

8. Forex is another field of learning course.
- You may be confident after having a certificate of
*diploma in forex
*degree in forex
*master in forex
-but sadly, i never heard any universities that offer this course.
-i may be interested to further my studies in this field.
-seriously you can be a filthy rich man only playing forex.
-the only thing i found at malaysia is STUPID SEMINAR of someone who give speech like he is a god of forex but know nothing about it.
-kalau dia betul2 tau ape itu forex, he WILL NOT end up being a person who give speech about forex, he WILL END UP playing forex and cares nothing about all of the participants at the seminar.

9. YOU will end up finding yourself LOST in a middle of nowhere
- too many programs, broker, software you'll find
-but none are worth trying.

10. Maybe some points are repeated.
-the safest way to be  rich are
*study like a madman
*get a certificate, a degree, masters or phd
*work at any agencies that can provide you the salary u wish all your life
-there is no easy way of being rich
-even a conman have to make 1001 preparation to con people ok.

-kenape aku bagi statement kat atas?
-aku dah rase camne hilang more than 5k in a split second.
-nasihat aku, try low margin dulu, if u insists trying la
-if ada anyone yang offer forex, tanya dia berape dia dapat in a month main forex.
tengok acc dia.
-slalu yang ajak2 ni semua kencing je lebih...
-g maen saham kat BSKL tu...
lagi slamat. at least ade lagi baki2 though the charts tak naik2...
-simpan kat asb, low return, but safe...
-btw, 70% of forex trader loss. 30% do make profit.
-so, u can call me a loser coz i am apart of the 70% people who phailed... LOL
but, maybe someday i'll be apart of the 30% maniac... hoho
lagi satu, mamat yang introduce aku pon hutang ngan aku...
dok tmpt aku je...
tapi main sembunyik2 plak...
padahal dah ader family dah...
camne la kalo anak bini dia tau kan dia jadik fugitive kat mata aku...
name dia AZRAI...
kalo jmpe manusia name AZRAI ajak maen forex bagi middle finger je
sebab dia active skang ni...
aku bagi name company skali.
Crystallized Dynamic Solution
kalau xsilap r...
ni semua personal experience...
sape yg terer sgt maen forex nk argue ngn aku bak datang...
sbb aku tau, expert xkan ade mase nk argue dengan aku...

-aku akan maen lagi bile duet aku da byk...
-aku akan start dengan small margin...
gagal sekali sekala bukan gagal selama-lamanya maen benda neyh...

 ...Its my perspective. Whats yours?
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Saturday, November 14, 2009


bai’ah rasmi itu hanya menyebut mengenai laknat Allah terhadap mereka yang khianat terhadap PERJUANGAN PARTI....

dalam Al-Quran ada sebut name parti bulan ke sampai Allah nak laknat sape yang khianat terhadap parti?

this is the main reason i am opposing the idea of a party based on any religion.
anyway anyhow, someone will take an advantage of them and misused them.

can anyone in the political party think using their brain instead of using their patella?
 i am so f'ing disappointed with all of these shits...
please DO NOT politicize the  religion will ya?

boleh tak kalau aku mintak semua orang dakwah sebab islam dan bukan dakwah pasal parti?
ko maen politik banyak2 kat dunia jamin kau syurga ke?
pahala ko dah cukup banyak ke?
god bless u all... 

  Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
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npe aku xknal redmummy, kenny sia, bla3 bloggers tuyh?

tapi paultan aku kenal r...
apasl paultan xde dalam list ha?
website dy cun ape...
pade sape yg berahi dengar bunyi enjin kete r...
pade 'pompuan' mostly yang pakai keter sampai barai baru nak g service memang la xkenal dia...

i do really feel that their blog are as lame as all the cliche book on the bookstore.
i'm not a hater. i love my family.
i love my cat. i love my creator.
see... i'm not a hater ok...
i dont find it significant for me to read their blog.
coz i think my blog is more unique. yeah ryte. n lame too.
so, i dont find an urge to trollz on their page.

i do really hate formalities.
i can accept it when its truly needed, but not all the time in my life.
"why suddenly u talk about formalities u idiot nutsack?"
dunno peeps. m just typing straight from my head.

-maybe someone will say this...
"ko memang xupdate langsong... dok bawah tempurung kau tu, g matila kao"

ak balas

"sory, aku x prefer diri aku untuk berada dalam keadaan dimana semua orang buat bende yang same,
hilang la ke'unik'kan' aku nanti.." perasan~

"aku xpakai sunglasses dalam shopping mall..." cool kan...
sebab spek aku mahal...
kena matahari je nanti lens dy maen tuka2 kaler jadik gelap...
macam chameleon pulak maen tukar2 kaler...
pandai betol speck aku ni...
macam ade otak je...
xmacam manusia baghal yang pakai sunglasses dalam shopping mall...
xde otak ke?
"panas ke bro dalam shopping mall ni? aku gegel2 je masok mall..."

ape kena mengena dengan tajok la lahabaw~

aku lupe ape tujuan asal aku letak tajuk kat atas tuyh.

*oh aku baru ingat.

aku banyak bagi 10 sebab
tapi, kenapa 10 sebab je?

hey, baru aku ingat jawapan yang aku da lame pk ni
"skaty aku la nak letak berapa pon, blog aku ke blog kau?"
sungguh cliche kan jawapan yang diberi...

aku nak sambong balik rage aku awal2 bole?

aku jumpe blog yang BANGGA GILE apabila one of the famous blogger comment on their blog.
the hell???
dia siap buat 1 article yang  menyebut bahawa that famous blogger comment on his articles.
should all of us be as cliche' as him?

kalau camtu aku HARUS bangga sebab :

*hazrey 360 comment kat article aku. bapakgulagula tu beb. kalo korang nak tau, dia la yang kena halau kat masjid itu hari mase mawi ngn ekin kawen sebab takde permission tu enter the mosque. LOL hard.
hazrey dah la kewl. dia lagi terer buat lawak penulisan dari pelawak2 kat malaysia aku rase.
bape kali aku gelak sorang2 macam orang gile bace artikel dia. haha.
dia siap mintak aku bayar lagi untuk lawak2 dia. ok. juz kidding...
siaL jek. mcm gosip je aku tulis kat atas neyh. hahah~

*mazidul akmal sidik 360 pon comment kat page aku siap puji2 lagi. dia ni public figure beb...
dia cakap palotak aku mereng (gila-gila) sket and aku brani sangat kluarkan article yang tah pape tah tapi relevan pada palotak aku la.aku rase la...
dia siap cakap lagi orang pandai suke share2 opinion kowt xsilap aku.
maybe mazidul cakap aku brani sangat sebab aku kutok nik aziz kowt. hahaha. aku dulik ape.

korang rase aku patot buat artikel macam tu ke?

bodoh la... ( asal aku macam marah je mase type bende ni? )
aku bukan manusia cliche' yang berlambak kat luar sane
xsemua orang pk macam ape yang aku pk
so, that makes me a diamond between the sand.
and a titanium sword among the cheap steel sword.
lets laugh hard together....

myb m having a bad hair day the day i write this junks
forgive me .... my lord

to anyone yang 'terase', kalau ade la...
yeah man, i was talking about u...
blogging is seriously not goin to take you straight to heaven.
so, live your life...
like rihanna live her life with chris brown.... lol again
huh... tired...

  Its my perspective. Whats yours?

Friday, November 13, 2009

SCAMMING FOR DUMMIES ... how to cheat thru internet (NIGERIANS way)

i've posted an ads to sell my fon.
then, someone approached me thru e-mail and wanna buy my fon
i was kinda eager coz i need a fast cash at the moment.
she was quite convincing ok.
the best part is convincing me with her fake barclays bank personnel...
she almost got me when suddenly she told me to send the fon to nigeria?
she said she lives at USA.
workin at UK
and suddenly she wants to send her son a birthday present at NIGERIA who had a school activities there.
can u even imagine whats available at NIGERIA that makes her son wanna go there?
using my logical thinking, thats quite impossible.

Its not cheap sending a parcel to anywhere ok.
especially using DHL.
i know whats the price coz i had some experienced dealing with them
it takes 400bucks just to send a 0.5kg box to nigeria ok!!!
and FYI, my phone does not costs more than the price for courier.
i loled  all the way round and tell her i refuse to sell my phone to her.
but the best part is, she's willing to 'pay' me extra for that.
seriously her offer is quite tempting because the price she want to pay is tripled the amount needed.
 but i refuse and try to get her back by saying that she need to send me half the amount of money and after that i will send her the parcel.
i gave her my empty maybank acc but nothing happened.

u know what, certain things are always too good to be truth.
i just ignore her after that.

suddenly, she buzz me on my gtalk.
here's the conversation.

dont be fooled people,
i am acting innocent there...

8 October2009
Mia: hi
Mia lawson is online.
hellioz: hye
Mia: I'm not too good
hellioz: means?
Mia: i'm stuck in London
hellioz: why?
Mia: got mugged at a gun point
hellioz: serious?
Mia: all cash me and also my credit card,cell phone was stolen
hellioz: then
how can you on9? (she didnt answer me)
ryte now?
Mia: It was a Brutal Experience but Thank God i still have my life and passport saved
my return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
I need your help?
hellioz: he3
nice try (dont she get me here? or she's plain stupid)
Mia: how ?
hellioz: serious?
how can i help u?
Mia: wondering if you could loan me some few $$ to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport
hellioz: hoho
thats a ...
hw much do u need?
Mia: $700
all you need is my name and location here and you have the money wire to me ?
hellioz: gimme your particular
i'll try my best to help
Mia: My info ?
hellioz: yarh
u need $700 ryte?
Mia: yes
hellioz: in what notes?
Mia: 20 Marvels Lane, Lewisham,Greater London SE12 9T.United Kingdom
got it ?
hellioz: usd or gbp
Mia: GBP
hellioz: no i need something like..
your account
Mia: Name -- Mia Lawson
hellioz: any acc?
Mia: Do you know of any Western Union Outlet around you ?
hellioz: yes
where will your next flight goin to?
Mia: how soon can you have it wired to me here
hellioz: its dark here
Mia: Do you have a credit card?
hellioz: its almost 1am
credit card?
Mia: can you shoot me an email as soon as you have the money wired ?
hellioz: why?
of coz
Mia: ok
hellioz: whats your acc num?
Mia: you don't need that all you need is my name and present location which i have sent to you at the above text try and understand me
once you have done that email me the details here in my email
are you there ?
hellioz: ok
im goin now
Mia: ok
hellioz: i'll shoot you an email asap ok
Mia: when should i be awaiting your email?
hellioz: i dunno
Mia: ok
hellioz: myb a couple of hour
l8er k
Mia: Ok
hellioz: tc
Mia: Ok
i will be awaiting your email
are you there ?
hellioz: yes
i need a sec to save my work
Sent at 12:57 AM on Thursday
Mia: ok
i will need to go get my thing's ready
have a nice day
hellioz: ok
Mia: i will await your email anytime from now
Sent at 12:58 AM on Thursday
Mia: have you send the money ?
are you there ?
Sent at 1:28 AM on Thursday
Mia: ???
Sent at 1:53 AM on Thursday

(her gmail. active.

yeah, i wrote this after a couple of hour.
as i promised.
Aku baru sampai umah 3.10 am. on the same day.
Aku pegi minum tadi ngn member ak
she phailed on scamming me...

yet another try happened as i wanted to sell another fon of mine.
the same modus operandi used.
i loled. hard.
this is the latest try to fool me. again. lol~
this is her email (

so people, watch out.
just wanna share it so ppl will b aware of so many scams awaits you.
thats all for this long entry...


  Its my perspective. Whats yours? 


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