Friday, November 6, 2009

10 Sick Typo Songs. Only In Malaysia!!!

 Sorry. No Pictures of Naked Artists Here~

entertainment industry.
what else would u said?
are you willing to talk about the gossip they or zoobir tapirun made or the talent they had?

who is this zoobir tapirun anyway?
dont bother, he's just another character working for the media
where he thought, he, himself is an artists.
thats sucks aint it? 

surely most of normal people would love to choose gossip rather than to open their eyes on their talent.


the big question is, are they talented?
or are they being said 'talented' from a mee maggi show or whatsoever they labelled themselves? 

i never labelled those so called mee maggi  'artists' as real artists,
i labelled them as,
a product from a well known factory brought to malaysian citizen by mass media where :
their talent are always in disguise. i mean it.

most of these mee maggi product only live,
by ONE song or two.
the rest? gossips...
yarh, gossips...
besides, who dont like gossips aint it?...
i doubt they can write OR compose their own song.

i bet all of you,
these fictional character in the industry will live as long as they had their :
-anak ikan face (guys)
-pretty face (girls)
-a little talent. guna kanta yerh...

after they've lost all the shit in the list,
they will start to open gerai jual goreng pisang on the sidewalk,
near your house...
bring me my bet 20 years or so later ok?

let me go straight or i will list all the rage on the so called entertainment industry here.


10 Sick typo mainstream songs in Malaysia

1. They will someway somehow try to spell or throw their nameS on their songs.
nanastacyadam and so on...

2. They will try their best to  make a feat with any other famous singer in a song.
-or the last option is to make a feat with each other larh...
bcoz no one wants to collaborate with them. haha

3. If u really are an observer, u will notice that the industry is 'thrashed with the songs from the mee maggi artists.
-i challenge u to make a survey on what i'm saying here...

4. Most of the songs are readily made for them by the songwriter and composer. like an instant noodles.
-thats one of the reason why independent bands are soaring high in the sky and slowly giving impact
on the mainstream artists...
-Zero creativity shown

5. Everything will look just like the same.
-this is what we call Cliche...
-the main reason their song are on the air right now is just because they are famous, not because they are talented or something...
if they were not famous in the first place, i bet u no one ever wanted to listen to their singing.
Actually, the listeners HAVE to listen the song Because they are on air...
Thats why i hate to turn the radio on and listen to the radio.
fuck. thats sooooo...... cliche~
i'd rather listening to myself singing my own songs. haha~

6. Bm plak. Lagu dia yang boley layan hanya ada satu sahaja. (artis tu la)
-yang laen? sume hampas kelapa. nyok kelapa. haha
sambal belacan lagi sedap.

7. There is NO Quality at ALL.
i've heard this one song. a Malay song.
the music FUCK.
all out. SUCKS.
yeah. i dunno how they can stand listening to it. 
thats why i'm saying the songs are suckass totally but
the only reason it is played all along the highway is just because the singer are famous.
the hell
there's no talent at all... who made your muzic fucker?


go commit suicide dude. i hate u and your song.

8. The music is better than the vocal.
-this all happened because the musician deserves a big applause.
but the singer deserves a shot right on their forehead. fullstop.
i classify this for the mee maggi artists

9. The song have no meaning at all.
-they stuffed anything they like on that DAMN song.
-thats why the art of songs have gone
-they've done it for the $$$$... not for the sake of the art.
-the arts of singing has gone, installed to the independent singer and bands.

10. The song is sensationalized thru the Mainstream Media.
-i wonder if theres no mainstream media, maybe they will all selling cupcakes for living...
-or maybe they'll be dying like a fish on the land... crucified~ Seriously

maybe this is why i hate mainstream songs only at malaysia since i know what singing and songs is...

p/s: kalau takut kena kutok, gosip, caci, maki, hamun,
jangan berangan nak jadik artis kayh...
dok diam2 being an unknown if u wish not to hear all those bad stuff...

-i hate AF n avrything related to it
-nasib baik malaysian idol xde dah.
xsanggup aku nak tengok orang2 bodoh tak rety nyanyi try untuk cari publisiti murahan.
Macam lahanat.


...Its my perspective. Whats yours?


UNknoWN GeiLaK said...

its a goood cooment!
i like ur opinion...
macam aku gak...
all the reality tv
artist just signed at the major label record..
2 penuhkan dowang nye poket jer!
indie dah naik semua org dah macam pandai sangat dgan indie!
in this real world..
we have to compete to win..
not like them just laying to aluck!
so sad!
and its all
that i can say!
''its me ayie''

hellioz said...

yeah bro...
they've no sense of appreciating feeling sick n tired to start from the bottom...

aint like the indie artists who gain fame after a lottttsa hardwork...


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