Monday, November 9, 2009


WORLD WIDE WEB is an interesting place to do a lot of things.

You can pick a fight with anyone
You can flirt with anybody
You can meet your destiny love
You can fuck anyone you hate
You can say anything you wanted to say though u cant said it in the real world
You can be an anonymous
You can do almost everything u wish...

But, i'd love to classify the comment that u (blogger)  receive on your blog.
without wasting anyone's time




1.  You will find a declaration of 'silent reader' who will someday somehow wants to burst their opinion out
-may i classify them as stalker?

2. Publicity seeker comment.
he/she will try his/her best to pick a fight  in certain issues with the blogger or another commentator.

*stupid blogger will feed this typo commentator with fighting back till the last drop of blood. LOLzie~
*intelligent blogger will someway somehow make fun of em' or just ignore their existence...

-which one of the character are YOU blogger?
-CAPUB (cari publisiti) high skoolerz love this word.

3. A genuinely brilliant comment.
-their answer are one of a kind that will make us feel curious about em'...
-they usually use their brain properly to think.

4. Gila gila but smart comment.
-these typo commentator are always thinking out of the box.
-most of these person will always highlight his idea on peoples mind.
-some will say, "aah, btol jugak eyk" (have u experience this before?)

5. Disagree till he dies comment.
-there's nothing that they like with the bloggers articles,
but the best part is,
they keep on reading them and try to find any empty hole to attack.
-this type of comment r shit typo maniac.  Dont u think so?

6. Typo comment.
-Their comment are usually 99.99%  the same with everyone.
-usually, we'll skip their comment because they just repeat what the blogger had wrote on the articles.
-well, they'll probably say this word in their mind "lets jump together in the bandwagon...."

7. Agree typo comment.
-this typo commentator will AGREE on EVERYTHING with the blogger.
-they usually sparks nothing to think of.
-u dont need to read their comment to know what they are trying to say...
-some of them are an ASS LICKER... PENGAMPU LAHABAU

8. Trollz... comment.

-u know what trollerz are?
- they are typo web character who have academics excellence in criticizing.
-lol... serious~
-i think i'm in

9. ANONYMOUS. comment. haha~
-this typo person have no personafication. what the hell  personafication is?. who gives a damn~ its personification actually.
-actually, they have no name on the web world...
-they love to critize articles..
-for me, they seriously have no balls for doing that... xde pelir ke cik anon? lol~
p/s to anon : GO DIE~ hahah~

10. Advertisements comment..
-they will trollz to any famous blogs and left a link on their stupid ads or scheme
-yeah. money makes people go nuts aite?
myb they do need the money from the web. lol~


  Its my perspective. Whats yours? 


Mazidul Akmal Sidik said...

I have been reading Anon's comments in my blog. Truly, I think there is something 'tidak kena' with him.

But I can't find his blog. Does he have one?

hellioz said...

actually, most anon don't have blog.
if they do have one, they'll surely link themselves to their blog.

or another option is they are using anon because they are afraid of being detected.
macam baling batu sembunyi tangan dalam poket la lbey kurang...

just like what i wrote on my articles.
they have no courage to argue.
they have no balls to do so.


yeah quite annoying with the anon..though the last one(which is the advertisement) sometimes pissed me off..pergi jual kat tempat lain la XD

i'm ex-prelawrian kedah :) nice to meet you

UNknoWN GeiLaK said...

this topic is good...
keep it up ok bro...
and one more things...
about the bloggers that annoying me...
the copy and paste one!
since i open my blog...
they always copy all my post...
and paste it into their blog...
so sengket idea...
''its me ayie''

hellioz said...

actually anon ade 2.
yang ok n yg xde alat sulit.
yang xde alat sulit tu la the
main mess in the blog world

UNknoWN GeiLaK
yeah man.
i've listed annoying blogger on my previous post.
-take a good look at em'...
-i gave u the link, below~
-one of your points are there to be appreciated...

cheers aLL~

YobSumo said...

You can fuck anyone you hate.

do u mean, the real fuck?

so, what type of comment is this?

hellioz said...

fuck is too wide and too subjective la...
i mean u can do 'all the bad stuff u wanted to do virtually' on the web...
u kno wat i mean?

and yo comment iz typo comment for people searching for an answer from the blogger. yarh. period.

AuRorA DiAnA said...

anon suckss!
ceh...suka komen tp suka sorok diri
pengecut + penakut!

hellioz said...

itulah sifat anon.

zeqzeq said...


macam mana kalau kita pakat delete ANON dan Profail not Avaible

dua jenis specis MALU..
hah??alat sulit??bahaya tu xder alat sulit menyulitkan buang air,

zeqzeq said...

Sdr Mazidul,

yang 'tak kena' itu sebab Periuk nasi dia besar nanti bocor..

zeqzeq said...

Anon dan 'Profile sembunyi' menggalakan satu TUBUH 10 nama
dan komen dengan 10 nama.

itu yang negetif

kempen pulau anon dan profile not avaible boleh??

Nota: masuk blog saya sah kena delete.

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

Anon sometimes are our friends~

Unfortunately, some others just evil person~ They read and dropped insult comments to the blogger~

zeqzeq said...

Anon, tetap banyak negatifnya tak perlu sokong.

pulaukan said...

Anonymous adalah golongan penakut sebenarnya walaupun dari segi komen-komen yang dihantar mereka berbunyi serangan yang pedas dan berapi.

Mereka menggunakan ruang internet yang global untuk menyelindungkan identiti mereka kerana takut dikesan.

Conclusion, mereka mahu baling batu, kemudian sorok tangan..

Betul tak ?

hellioz said...

btw, anon actually colours the blogworld...
sometimes they are a brilliant criticizer,
and sometimes, they are as lame as an asshole...
anon sux~

-yeah, theyhave no BALLZ...
-baling batu, sembunyi dalam rumah la...
baru btol2 xnampak...

hellioz said...

btw cikguaziz
how in the world could anyone contact u?
no comment
no emails
no cbox
or r u trying to be an anonymous too?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hellioz said...

why am i wrong?
pm me coz u leave no trace behind...
funny viagra ads u hav there~

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Блин, демпингует не знаю

hafizal said...

comment dr anonymous, ada dikalangan dorang ni ada blog tapi nak bersembunyi, so bagi aku dorang ni tak puas hati dengan kita tapi takut dirinya terjejas...

Dhiya Fariza said...

Thumbs up. klasifikasian golongan komentator yg boleh dikatakan tepat!


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