Saturday, November 14, 2009


bai’ah rasmi itu hanya menyebut mengenai laknat Allah terhadap mereka yang khianat terhadap PERJUANGAN PARTI....

dalam Al-Quran ada sebut name parti bulan ke sampai Allah nak laknat sape yang khianat terhadap parti?

this is the main reason i am opposing the idea of a party based on any religion.
anyway anyhow, someone will take an advantage of them and misused them.

can anyone in the political party think using their brain instead of using their patella?
 i am so f'ing disappointed with all of these shits...
please DO NOT politicize the  religion will ya?

boleh tak kalau aku mintak semua orang dakwah sebab islam dan bukan dakwah pasal parti?
ko maen politik banyak2 kat dunia jamin kau syurga ke?
pahala ko dah cukup banyak ke?
god bless u all... 

  Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~

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Dak Wan said...

Fanaticism is bad, that's why blind fanaticism is ultra bad. Using religion as a political tools to "kafir" all those who against them + "holier than thou" attitude? I just says no, thanks.


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