Sunday, November 1, 2009

GF FOR SALE!!! *Guys only.* harap maklum...



-kacukan belanda, jawa, minang, briton sket, mexicana, asia, french and spain etc etc.
-low maintainence
-high grade
-high quality
-eat 5times a day with regular meal
-love hot guyz
-love hot cars and cool cash
-age 25
-model face
-cute face
-35' 28' 39... serious.. xtpu

-hazel eyes
-hidung mancung
-maximum satisfaction
-low flat rates
-no hassle
-free 10weeks personal warranty
-guarantee 100% fleshy made from her mum wombs legally. 
Not tube babies.

-no genetic diseases

-pandai masak. an excellent chef in the kitchen.

-rajin in all aspect...
-kadar bunga rendah, 0.001% per annum

-terhangat di pasaran
-latest brand
-high education

-have 2 degrees in different course, a master, and still pursuing Phd
-lean body
-tiptop condition

-fully tested before selling by known agencies
-high trade in
-not fussy
-expert driver in all condition
-regularly serviced and approved by minister of health

-money back guarantee
-love pets
-love big things
*big house, big cars, big everything
-alive and kickin'...

-zero modification, 100% natural beauty
-no silicon2
-white teeth
-fair skin
-long hair
-lovely charming
-clean record
-single entire her life
-100% woman, not fake boys or transvertites
-soft hand
-buatan malaysia.   

-free from alcohol
-free from drugs

-perjanjian akan diuruskan sepenuhnya oleh seller

-all men are welcomed. NO WOMAN BUYER PLZ...
-seriously hot. u will surely melt
-love kids
-red natural lips. No lipstick added.
-free from aids, gonorrhea, and hiv
-good listener
-open minded
-wise problem solver
-no black list from the gomen of malaysia and international pact
-good feng shui
-suitable for all types of men

*additional information will be added later

-sole distributor
-tarikh luput 10/10/2070

-pictures? email me at ( )

-free accessories and freebies for highest bidder*

-satisfaction guaranteed*

-serious buyer please
-no fussy buyer
-no cod/coc
-post thru courier skynet.

-buyer pay for post


-call 017-7779999 for further request
-sms will not be entertained.

-nego till let go

*tq for passing by
*terms and condition apply
*for further question, comment on the section below
*for serious buyer call, office hour 9am - 5pm

-im sure this is what all guys wanted...

 ...Its my perspective. Whats yours?


SOFIA mazlan said...

ahh ngkau.

hellioz said...

xpwas aty pe?
nk kne pukol?


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