Thursday, November 19, 2009



28.31million Malaysian is Malaysia's latest population 

there are 3million immigrants at Malaysia
thus, its officially 31.31million people at Malaysia

take a deep breath and think about this statement

"kalau dorang dudok at the same place at the same time, 
bole buat daerah sendiri tau x?"
(fast fat fact : approximately there's only 215000 citizen at perlis on 2007)

they can set another state YA'LL!!!

-i wonder what they'll  name the state after...
maybe NEGERI PATI...
or anything anyone could ever think of...

dont u feel insecure here people?

someone's going to say i'm paranoid...
yeah, i'm paranoid...
i am a malaysian citizen who is going to live my life at malaysia, getting married, live a life with my wife, 
raising a child or two and everything i can mumble on this lame blog...
i am going to have to secure at least my life n my families 
and i need a safe environment to deal with all the statement above...
dont u think so people? 

btw, how r u the citizen of Puchong selangor?
did u feel safe living life with niggers all over the place around u?

p/s : i'm sick of paranoia...
Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~ 

picture credit : sarahj259

1 comment:

Dak Wan said...

Certainly there will be chaos if they(Pendatang Asing) are unified against us. Just keep in mind that to live a better life, we must be courageous and fearless to take action.


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