Sunday, November 8, 2009

Questioning Me Questioning You...?

the quest of life is QUESTioning

When u are asking,

-what would u expect for an answer?

-have u ever try to think  what the answers gonna b like?

-have u ever try to think how the answer should be?

-have u ever try to sort the probability of the oncoming answer?

-have u ever realize to get your foot on the damn reality with what u are trying to ask?

-have u ever feel like dying, just to answer the question that might be thrown to u?

-have u ever try to think a step ahead regarding what u are trying to ask?

-have u ever try to think the consequences of asking the question?

-have u ever try to escape from answering the question that u've created?

-have u ever feel uneasy just to try to ask the question that u might know what the answer is?

-have u ever try to bear the pain inside the answer that u might receive?

-have u ever try to spare yourself from answering the question?

-have u ever take a deep breath just to hear the outcome from a question?

-have u ever felt like u are not you, the way u are once u expel the question out from your questioning box?

-have u ever feel like running away from the answer u have questioned?

*Have u ever consider LIES for the question above?

HAVE U EVER mafakka???

hellioz says : "you can tell how eager, eager is pal..."

thoughts to eat today : have u ever realize what u are saying all this while palz?


...Its my perspective. Whats yours?

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