Friday, November 13, 2009

SCAMMING FOR DUMMIES ... how to cheat thru internet (NIGERIANS way)

i've posted an ads to sell my fon.
then, someone approached me thru e-mail and wanna buy my fon
i was kinda eager coz i need a fast cash at the moment.
she was quite convincing ok.
the best part is convincing me with her fake barclays bank personnel...
she almost got me when suddenly she told me to send the fon to nigeria?
she said she lives at USA.
workin at UK
and suddenly she wants to send her son a birthday present at NIGERIA who had a school activities there.
can u even imagine whats available at NIGERIA that makes her son wanna go there?
using my logical thinking, thats quite impossible.

Its not cheap sending a parcel to anywhere ok.
especially using DHL.
i know whats the price coz i had some experienced dealing with them
it takes 400bucks just to send a 0.5kg box to nigeria ok!!!
and FYI, my phone does not costs more than the price for courier.
i loled  all the way round and tell her i refuse to sell my phone to her.
but the best part is, she's willing to 'pay' me extra for that.
seriously her offer is quite tempting because the price she want to pay is tripled the amount needed.
 but i refuse and try to get her back by saying that she need to send me half the amount of money and after that i will send her the parcel.
i gave her my empty maybank acc but nothing happened.

u know what, certain things are always too good to be truth.
i just ignore her after that.

suddenly, she buzz me on my gtalk.
here's the conversation.

dont be fooled people,
i am acting innocent there...

8 October2009
Mia: hi
Mia lawson is online.
hellioz: hye
Mia: I'm not too good
hellioz: means?
Mia: i'm stuck in London
hellioz: why?
Mia: got mugged at a gun point
hellioz: serious?
Mia: all cash me and also my credit card,cell phone was stolen
hellioz: then
how can you on9? (she didnt answer me)
ryte now?
Mia: It was a Brutal Experience but Thank God i still have my life and passport saved
my return flight leaves in few hours but having troubles sorting out the hotel bills
I need your help?
hellioz: he3
nice try (dont she get me here? or she's plain stupid)
Mia: how ?
hellioz: serious?
how can i help u?
Mia: wondering if you could loan me some few $$ to sort out the hotel bills and also take a cab to the airport
hellioz: hoho
thats a ...
hw much do u need?
Mia: $700
all you need is my name and location here and you have the money wire to me ?
hellioz: gimme your particular
i'll try my best to help
Mia: My info ?
hellioz: yarh
u need $700 ryte?
Mia: yes
hellioz: in what notes?
Mia: 20 Marvels Lane, Lewisham,Greater London SE12 9T.United Kingdom
got it ?
hellioz: usd or gbp
Mia: GBP
hellioz: no i need something like..
your account
Mia: Name -- Mia Lawson
hellioz: any acc?
Mia: Do you know of any Western Union Outlet around you ?
hellioz: yes
where will your next flight goin to?
Mia: how soon can you have it wired to me here
hellioz: its dark here
Mia: Do you have a credit card?
hellioz: its almost 1am
credit card?
Mia: can you shoot me an email as soon as you have the money wired ?
hellioz: why?
of coz
Mia: ok
hellioz: whats your acc num?
Mia: you don't need that all you need is my name and present location which i have sent to you at the above text try and understand me
once you have done that email me the details here in my email
are you there ?
hellioz: ok
im goin now
Mia: ok
hellioz: i'll shoot you an email asap ok
Mia: when should i be awaiting your email?
hellioz: i dunno
Mia: ok
hellioz: myb a couple of hour
l8er k
Mia: Ok
hellioz: tc
Mia: Ok
i will be awaiting your email
are you there ?
hellioz: yes
i need a sec to save my work
Sent at 12:57 AM on Thursday
Mia: ok
i will need to go get my thing's ready
have a nice day
hellioz: ok
Mia: i will await your email anytime from now
Sent at 12:58 AM on Thursday
Mia: have you send the money ?
are you there ?
Sent at 1:28 AM on Thursday
Mia: ???
Sent at 1:53 AM on Thursday

(her gmail. active.

yeah, i wrote this after a couple of hour.
as i promised.
Aku baru sampai umah 3.10 am. on the same day.
Aku pegi minum tadi ngn member ak
she phailed on scamming me...

yet another try happened as i wanted to sell another fon of mine.
the same modus operandi used.
i loled. hard.
this is the latest try to fool me. again. lol~
this is her email (

so people, watch out.
just wanna share it so ppl will b aware of so many scams awaits you.
thats all for this long entry...


  Its my perspective. Whats yours? 


Capo Grande said...

rajinnya melayan...huhu...tapi kalau xlayan xdpt la tulis entry ni...nice try...kalau cara se obvious mcm ni...sape la yang dah jadi mangsa ek?? harap2 bukan org yg kita kenal...amin...

hellioz said...

capo grande
bukan rajin...
she hit me when i'm bored...
so, b careful lah yer avrybody~


phatgurl said...

lame tactic... tah pape tah. rasa2 ada ke org yg tertipu? isk3.

hellioz said...


lame tactic??
cube kire bape ramai orang kat mesia dah kena scam dengan MLM, skim cepat kaya, swisscash n bla3?
dimana ada orang,
disitu ada penipuan...
its a reality to eat...

Anonymous said...

kau ade bipolar..

hellioz said...

cik anon
ko baru lepas tengok melodi kan3?
oh lala, aku kne masok tamjong rambutan ke beb?


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