Monday, December 7, 2009

10 Things That Makes People Go NUTS On Daily Basis

People tend to summarize life as a problem
because they think its a burden to bring...

-some pick suicide
-some chose to go on with life
-some prefer to ignore em'
-some put too much effort in settling their problems

but hey, Whats life without problems?

here's a lil bit of something that makes people go nuts
on daily basis

10 things that makes people go nuts on daily basis

1. Kereta.

-kereta baru - bile nak abes bayar?
-kereta lame - bile nak benti main rosak2?
-kereta mahal - bile nak jadik murah?
-kereta murah - bile nak jadik lagi murah?

2. Wang monay duit pitih

-no money no talk...
-one of the tools to buy and sell...
-u can even buy anything with monay nowadays...

3 Relationship of

u and me
u and him
u and her
u and everybody else
u and your momma
u and your papa (lolz~)

4 Lover/wife/hubby

tak dinafikan...
salah satu benda yg membebankan kepala otak
-its a hella heaven when everything was right
but its hella heLL what everything went wrong...

5 Exam

- it is anyway anyhow apart of our sinful life..
- like it or not we are living our life with exam even until we are working
-heLLa aint it?

6 Study

- most of us hate school back then...
-but regret saying so when they are working now
- but hey, who loves to Study???
-isn't, LIFE = ENJOY when we are teenagers?

7 Kerja

-this is the times where we are wasting our life for
-maybe you'll never bother if your father is filthy richy rich
-experience your mid life crisis
- and a little myb more than a little headache

 8 Deed

-have u done anything for a little something for your afterlife?

9 Hutang

- this is a very big issue
-hutang boleh diwarisi, 7keturunan pon boleyh
-so, kurangkan la berhutang keliling pinggang
-this thing can always snap ur piece of mind

10 Hari esok

-this is what nostradamus always being afraid of. WHY?
-because he is a maniac prophecy nutsack... hahahah~
-isn't it phun living life with a little surprise people???
-well, maybe tomorrow's not the best day,
but maybe the day after tomorrow will brings another smile for ya...

p/s : schedule your life all u want...
but anyway anyhow GOD will decide for u...

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~


Ries Lee said...


♠♥♠ayudeadwish♠♥♠ said...

sumer dalam dunia ni pon duet beb~
masuk toilet pon kne duet
takde duet ko buang la air tepi jalan

mitchelle nur alya said...

manusia takkan hidup tanpa masalah
and masalah takkan ada tanpa manusia .
right ??

Zulkarnain Azman said...

Life is just a game with varieties of levels... But you don't get to die many times.

hellioz said...

ries lee

duet lagi~

but the problem is...

zulkarnain azman
life's a game

mitchelle nur alya said...

whatt ??

\ˈdish\ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
hellioz said...

what whatt??

yeah there...
HE loves problem so much that he decides to guide us all the way...

Zulkarnain Azman said...

You should know dish, world and life are His little video games. God need so amusement too...

mitchelle nur alya said...

mitchelle :
manusia takkan hidup tanpa masalah
and masalah takkan ada tanpa manusia .
right ??

hellioz :
but the problem is...

mitchelle :
what ??


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