Monday, December 14, 2009


this box cant think as brilliant as we do,

i've been thinking about the stoopid n the smart ass people.
i just wanna say that
not everyone will be stupid nor smart at all

keep on reading...

imagine a world with all smart people
nothing will be occupied as not every aspects in life is being fulfilled
here's some simple things to ponder
-who's going to pick up your trash?
-who's going to be your maid?
-who's going to join the poor community?
-who's going to be cheated alive?
-who's going to teach who?
-who's going to be the ruler?
-who's going to deny who?
-who's going to be the smartest?
-who's going to think using her boobs not brain?

and many question popped in over my head, with brains inside.

and if there's a world of stoopid fool...
-who's going to be the CEO?
-who's going to spend 10k per day?
-who's going to be the richman?
-who's going to fool who?
-who is the fool?
-who's going to build a computer?
-who's going to set the internet?
-who's going to read and subscribe the fools articles?
-who's going to be the who?
-who's going to use the Brain?

there's too much things to think of
someone may discard me from this conversation because i am thinking too much
someone could kill me because i did not think accordingly with what everyone is thinking of
someone could have call me stoopid because i wrote this post
someone would brainwash me for all the things i've done
someone would do anything just to stop me from thinking!

what a shame...
u lost your conscious and become a paranoid u FOOL
now u will die because you are thinking too much, more than what everyone try to think.
now i will end my entry with the questions in your head, containing brains inside
now u will left this page and telling your own self that this blogger have gone nuts
now u will try to get a response from me and leave no track behind by becoming anonymous
now u feel like being cheated

now u will think i'm as stoopid as a fool and as smart as a smart ass
now i am trying to read what U are going to think
now the clock is ticking and leaving everyone's behind
now someone's going to die and another fella is going to be born and feel alive in this shitty world

now the politicians are playing the games of politic
now adolf hitler is nothing but a history
now everyone is breathing
now the illuminatist are conquering your mind

now everything seems fine
now the worlds are getting a high fever and needs an aspirin?
now i am talking bullshit and you are still reading all these shits
now someone's going to choose to unfollow me because i have gone nuts

now i am thinking of posting 10 things on how to be a fool
now i am tired and feel like halting myself from typing more bullshits
now u stop reading
-because i wrote this here not there,  besides the word reading up there...
now u think u have waste your time reading this piece of craps
now i know why u've got nothing to say
now i know i will eventually die leaving my properties behind
now i am so curious about my future

now no one's going to predict my future
now chin peng is struggling hard to get into malaysia
now nik aziz is feeling uneasy
now i am talking about politics
now ibrahim perkasa is talking endlessly about bumiputera

now 1malaysia is as good as the old rhetoric of cemerlang, gemilang, terbilang
now nik aziz is TOO proud of kelantan that makes him deny the development at malaysia
now i have to stop talking shit about politics and start to heal myself
now everythings happened for a reason

now i stop typing and copy paste my cliche' last sentence into this post
now i havent stop typing
now i do...
now i dont

NOW.... u will come again because u are addicted to what i am thinking of...

actually, i just wanted u to start thinking of every single things~

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Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~


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