Saturday, January 23, 2010

10 Sebab blog ni kena buang dari bloglist mazidul


-last 2 month are kinda depressing month
-too much thing happened
-too much thing to think of
-too little space to breath
-my heart's still moshing left n right non - stop due to some stuff

So, here's a little stupid reason why i am not there on his list anymore...
i kinda lost many visitor coz most readers come from there before this
but i think thats not my main reason writing on this pain in the ass blog
because, inadvertly, i am howling silently here~
yeah, lame~

enjoy peeps~

10 Sebab blog ni kena buang dari 
bloglist mazidul

1. TOO much vulgar words for the content and title are used

2. Less informative than what this blog should be

3. I think my stinky vulgar entries caught too much attention beside his articles ( sorry brah~)

4. Too much vulgar words n statement is not suitable for anyone to read

5. I put too much anger in this stupid thingy. HAHAHA

6. Things on this blog keep getting unexpectable day by day

7. Too bz from lingering on the web to find useful info's~

8. MAYBE, mazidul pon menyampah tengok title2 aku yang memang menyampah pon kalau tengok lame2,
especially yang banyak vulgar wording~ gyahahhaha~

9. My brains are getting lazy day by day

10. Matlamat asal blog ni pon dah lari...
so, aku kena kejar balik r... jauh dia lari dah~

p/s: to live is to survive
Happy surviving~

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~

1 comment:

mitchelle nur alya said...

hahaha . for sure u have real argue with the arizona guy .ahahahha :))

kesian youu :)


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