Sunday, January 17, 2010

LIFE equals to FATE~

sedar tak sedar,
manusia di hadkan dengan perancangan.
DAN perancangan manusia xselalunya berlaku...

But people used to say
"when u fail to plan, u plan to fail"

whatever happened,
I barely agreed with that statement~

But actually,
our life has been fated accordingly in order...
TRUST ME~ gyahahhah~
There's no such as
"if i were this" , or, "if i were that"
u can always say that word but it'll change NOTHING...

Cause when when things are meant to be the way its going to be,
its still going to be what it supposed to be...
whether u like it or not...
betul x?

but being a normal human being,
we always HAVE to accept
it is the way it is...

Ini bukan statement lepas tangan,
Ini statement yang akan keluar once
we've tried our best for all the things that we've done,
and for all the things we're going to do...

The conclusion is?
U decide...
My Perspective is not always yours
anyway anyhow.......

p/s : sentimental is a part of me

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~


geLaSkaCa said...

suka duka sume ada..

beza masa jek..

aly said...

bile dah jadi bende buruk, org pun akan kate, "dah takdir aku cam ni..nak wat camne.." hermmm -,-"


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