Saturday, February 27, 2010

I Am Not Special?

what is so special of being so special???

I heard that each and every one of human have their own specialty?

i don't think so...

care to imagine?

Imagine each and every one of us is Special
who's going to be the Not so Special one?

yeah, ironically,
everyone was told, ( i believe )
they are special in their very own ways...

but, thats a disguise...
because i don't think i'm special in any way possible.

i'm twisted.
how could anyone be sooo special...
i mean,
is it possible for anyone to be special?

if everyone is as special as Bill Gate,
who's going to be Bill Gate's customer?
yeah, the customer is US for sure...
we are the consumer that contribute to his wealth and fortune...

its too subjective...
what a twisted mind
Questioning this and that
but i've found nothing but another quetion to every question i had...

ps : Are You special?
Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~


Cik Akma said...

setiap org ade kelebihannye :D

Aku. said...

bagi aku lah kan, ada yang special, ada yang speSIAL.hahaha

hellioz said...

cik akma
whats yours?

yang SPECIAL sikit
yang speSIAL ramai sangat

V.I.C @ D.I.A.N.A said...

If u think that u have nothing special... then you are special type because type of human with nothing special.

Special is not refering to advantage only... it may a weakness too... that's why we called down syndrom's kid as special - Kanak2 istimewa.

Setiap dari kita memang istimewa... istimewa kerana berlainan dengan org lain... bahkan Allah telah jadikan... cap jari kita pun tak akan sama dengan yang lain. Bukankah itu istimewa (special?)

i'msosupernotcool said...

i think everybody hv their own..
how they utilize/show/appreciate it..
dats wat count..

profwacko said...

aku rasa aku special sebab aku bleh men game tanpa henti 6jam. Lebih aku tak try lagi. Rasanye tu special la kut. tak ramai bleh buat camtu.

Lagi satu aku rasa aku special sebab burger McD Big Mac tu... kalau aku lapar sangat, aku bleh habiskan burger tu lebih kurang satu minit laa. Paling cepat aku pernah kira, 53saat kut.

Conclusion nyer.. yes, i am special. Everyone is special in his/her on way.

aly said...

thn lepas, klas kitorg kene wat lawatan ke tempat yg mcm ade ala-ala AI. so, kitorg pi honda kat melaka.

masa sesi soal jwb,
ade classmate tanye, kereta yg dah rejected tu nak buat ape?
the best answer dari sorang staf atasan (tak ingat nama,sori, my bad)
“setiap manusia ni unik, macam tu juga kereta, takde kereta yang kami panggil rejected”

panjang lak story XD
err hellioz, unik dgn special tu ade kaitan x?


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