Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lelaki Buaya = Playboy?

Frankly, this is a random opinion...
where experience brought me into this conclusion...
Conclusion? nah...
it only another disguise perspective by an unknown, uncertified random guy on the net.

Whats the first thing comes in ur mind when i said this statement.
"What will u describe of Playboy or Lelaki Buaya? (crocodile man?) gyahahahah
-yeah the first thing popped out of ur mind must've been a man with sweet tooth.
actually, banyak lagi kriteria yang datang tapi nak kena list ke?

-muka sikit jambu
-ayat sikit manis
-kepala, pk nafsu
-hati letak tepi
-lagi? think of it urselves...

Did ya'll know what women means to those playboy around yarh pal?
they're sumptuous meal on the table waiting to be enjoyed all night long
makanan lazat atas meja, who wouldnt care?
tambah pulak banyak side dishes and she's someone who they can benefit from.
yes. thats the [point.
haha. maybe 1 night stand?
or maybe two? or so on and so forth...

yeah, some of the sumptuous meal (girls) are worth to be played maybe because they have the look, body bla3~

will u girls fall in the trap of these tomorrow never die guy?
yeah, of course.
because they are lovely and they are good at what they are doing.
specialize em', just like what doctors know what they've got to do to a patients

i believe this is what they always had in their mind...


god knows...

p/s : they're ghoul... gyahahahahahahah~

Its my perspective. Whats yours? 
hit me on the comment section, below~


humaira hadzarami said...

haha, tak penah ade experience pulak ngan croc man ni. tp, membe ramai la kategori ni.

natra md.nor said...

Playboys are meant to be GHOUL L-O-L! Women sometimes like them bad, that is why they became this evil heartless spirit..

Owhhh my first time here.. Nice to meet u, errr your blog!


Alynn Notnot said...

tak suke ouh playboy ni! :((

En. Romzi said...

Lelaki playboy tak semestinya jambu..
Muka ganas pun ada..
Asalkan pandai sosial dan ngurat..

aly said...

croc man ni xbley idup tanpa pompuan la kot..keje nak carik mangsa je. bile dah tak laku kerjaya sbagai croc man, mule lah glabah carik mangsa yg lama-lama..

*pengalaman dr kwn -,-"


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