Tuesday, February 16, 2010


i have a question for anyone who'd love to answer,
who loves to eat pineapple? raise your nose....

certainly its not an issue...
actually lT IS an issue

i appropriately love to eat pineapples because there's "apple" behind the "pine"
actually i just like the "pine" before the "apples"

pineapples are juicy fruit
comes in yellow/orange colour a lil bit
they are lovely
yeah, lovely

they ARE lovely when they are eaten raw,
not cooked.
(repeat last sentence twice)

u can actually feel its juice flow in your mouth and flow straight into your esophagus slowly in motion and let the sensation of eating pineapples comes alive if u are eating it raw.
its a fact. yes.
but there's two possiblities.
u might got it sweet or sour
its an element of life.
i love em' when they are eaten raw
but seriously,
i hate em' when they are cooked....

pizza of course.
i do really hate pizza that has pineapples toppings on it
they do really ruin the smoochie taste of a normal pizza
yeah, ultimate sucks.
they does not taste like pineapples anymore
they just tastes like something else
not what pineapples should tastes like.  haha, again

but hey, have u taste pineapples that is processed and turned into a junkfood that'll love to state low fat and bla3 on the label?
they sucks too...
Hard times...

thats the point
nothing more nothing less.
its about the fruit not every country on earth could produce.
not complicated.
i'm done.
and boring.

p/s : i believe they comes in a package. yes, i believe they hadda lotsa essential nutrients on it. try em~
Its my perspective. Whats yours? 

       hit me on the comment section, below~

1 comment:

reddiamond15 said...

yup,i agreed w/ u 1000% bout tht pizza...they realllllly shouldn't use pineapples as the topping...c'mon,hello,they should have realize it n stop doing it!!! it juz ruin the taste!!


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