Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10 modern word for modern peeps?

Lame dah x buat 10 things of this n that
n here we go again

10 modern word for modern peeps?

1. Fuck You = damn you

eg : fuck you biyatch = damn you biyatch

2. Bullshit = lies

eg : i don't believe all those bullshit from you
      i don't believe al those lies from you

3. HELL No = i don't think so
eg : in conversation

Man 1 : "did u believe i screw our gf?"

Man 2 : HELL no!!!

4. Fuck me in my ear : don't lie to me

eg : "do you think u can fuck me in my ear?"

5. Watafakk = WTF = what the hell are u thinking/doing/ trying to do/say

6. WTH = what the HELL = NO!

7. Get the fuck outta my face = get the hell out of my life

8. Get the hell out of here = Go away!

9. What the... = What is happening?

10. Pffft!! = vulgar conotation ( its yours cik puteri, hahahh )

P/S : i am fucking sure u wanna add something here aite?
please do so at the space provided. gyahahaha~

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


Alynn Notnot said...

shoot me = ??
haha, nice one bro ;]

hellioz said...

shoot me = try me...
tink so...

greenhall said...

what about mother i like to fuck? heh

Puteri. said...

heeeeh. how come there's my name there? pfffftttt..GRRRR.

okay adding another one


haaa. ape? hahahaha

cikmemy said...

bitch tu aku agak failed ar...siyes ak x suke org sebut bitch..uhuks


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