Monday, March 22, 2010

Pondan = Sotong?

What do i have in my mind when i saw all those junkies faggotry who acts like a squid?

"WTF with all those weirdos? did a string of neurotransmitter in their brain has been cut or 
errr.... broken apart?"

I'M MEAN....

but today someone told me that they are a freak
dalam bahasa melayunya cacat, a.k.a down syndrome...

their hormones in their veins are either too much or too low in calculation compared to the other so called normal human being...
this is applicable to all those pengkid, lesbo bla3 and so on

The only reason that separates them from the down syndrome human being is they are perfect in physical nature...
muka dorang same macam manusia biasa yang lain
tak macam the other down syndrome patient...
but DEEP inside,
something is surely not right
got me?

so i have to justify this and that and accept what i was told
mereka adalah golongan yang cacat
its a fact in neurologistic thingy

the only problem here, at Malaysia is,
they've got no coverage in terms of help n guidance

the society rejects them because the "society" thinks that they are a lump of dirt on the society's clothings...

actually aku tak bape kesah ngan sotong2 ni as long as they are as straight as me and have a normal life which when they will someway somehow someday fuck a real women in a legal terms and not "being fucked upon" other guys or is blowing off anywhere anyhow....

this is life dude~
nothing is perfect on it

the conclusion is?

Dont judge, justify...

P/S : mentality comes first

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


geLaSkaCa said...

in my perspectives..
sbnrnye org2 cmni kite kne rpt..
kite kne bntu dorg jdik yg asli..

kn?'s my opinion..u

Alynn Notnot said...

actually in my biology molecule class, my lecturer told me that those hormone problem can actually be cured. naikkan balik level hormone yg sepatutnya (mengikut jantina) and they'll be normal. but the problem is, they themselves DONT WANT to be cured. tu la problem besar. diri sendiri.

::Sarah:: said...

My perspective? I've got nothing against this sotong2. Kalo kawan sma dorang nei best juga but who am i to judge, right? kalo diadvice x dgr juga, so,nak buat cam mana. buang air liur ngan masa saja bagi nasihat free2 tapi tak nak dgr. hah, lantaklah..sendre mo tahu lah kalo, it's better to accept them rather than shun them. they are only humans..

kesian dan sedih juga tgk bila dorang di buli, dikecam dan dipulau but wat to do.. this is life and reality, our society are not so kind towards this species..kena sabar sjalah..*shrugs*

greenhall said...

smoga kita semua sentiasa ditunjukkan jalan yg lurus.

aly said...

geli gak tgk "sotong2" ni tegedik2..
kwn aku tu ppon sotong gak, tapi naseb baek la hati dia ttap utk pompuan XD
badan dia lembik sikit la tu yg cam sotong tu, tapi skrg, dgr kate dah tough =D


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