Thursday, April 8, 2010

1 Malaysia?

Ape kejadahnye 1 Malaysia tuyh?

Sila bagi definisi sendiri
Bagi aku,
1 malaysia is a doctrin to make Malaysian  support the government
nothing more nor less than the word propaganda

Know what?
I will surely say the same thing against what DAP had for its Malaysian Malaysia
they were all the same little piece of shit on the sidewalk

its a piece of word to make people keep on talking and talking and debating and saying and whatever lah u wanna say  so that it'll immerse in our mind
YOUR mind precisely...

It was just like listening to songs..
Black Metal songs for example...
they've lyrics that'll make its listener sing their same bloody satan songs,
so that the listener sunk in deep into what the singer wants them to do...
OF course to worship that bloody 666 Lucifer.

Its a fine way to get people to get into it
Nothing more nor less than that...

Be aware of thos shitty propaganda that is intended to doctrinate our easily swayed sacred mind...

In the end?
enjoy your little piece of short life yarh~

p/s : Lets... uhm.... study....

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~

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en kordi the tube-changer said...

Don't you think that..
Malaysian Malaysia by DAP..
PAS for ALL by PAS
Keadilan Untuk Rakyat by PKR..
Are also political propagandas..
But those parties made them like really for the rakyat sake..

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