Friday, April 2, 2010


i've been thinking and trying to differentiate the difference between the word like and love

before i type anything further
of course u'll have the abstract mind map on what i'm trying to say
bear my word,
i never have try my best on searching the exact mean of the word i state here as i have my own thesaurus in my bloody mindless brain

define like as the feeling of wanted to spend time with the thing u like
find it out  your own self....
i dont wanna give another shitty examples of mine
coz i know ya'll have another better example in ur mind.
have the courage to share with me on the mumbling section below...

in the other hand, love is another abstract feeling of  BEING with something u love...
nah, gimme yours....

like isn't love
and love isn't like

but still,
they have their very own correlation from each other as they are siblings with different mother but they come from the same father.
Their father's name is?
another tragedy in the meaning of words due to my distorted mind...

So people, in the end,
Do you like or love my blog?

p/s : i don't know what to say....
tell me, what should i say?

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


geLaSkaCa said...


soalan last tu pe mksudnye?
when sum1 start to like ur blog..they also started to love ur blog..

-leh termunth skrg-

enjelinajolipit said...

i love the way facebook allows the users to like a status, link, uploads etc. bley????


i like to move it move it

reddiamond15 said...

hm..'like' is like n mebe 'love' is the continuation of 'like' but on another level...

'Do you like or love my blog?'
haha, wat a qustion...
for me, i chose 'like'...^__^

profwacko said...


en kordi the tube-changer said...

Like lebih ringan dari Love..
Like is not deep in terms of intimacy..
Betul tak hellioz..?

en kordi's blog here

V.I.C @ D.I.A.N.A said...

Some1 maybe tend to like this blog..
Some1 maybe tend to love the owner of this blog..
But of course I will not.
Knock wood~!!


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