Thursday, May 13, 2010


the point is
your heart doesnt functioning at all when its all about feeling
because our heart is pumping blood into our vein
thats it
nothing more nor less

the only things that takes part in our feelings?
its your mind
your head
your brain
but why izzit everytime someone did smthg bad and somebody is going to hadda HEARTbroken?

-it just doesnt make sense because i never heard of HEADbroken unless a rempit bracefuly face off a huge lorry while rempit-ing
-i have never heard of MINDbroken either because its literally sounds, sucks
-and yet, i haven't heard of BRAINbroken unless a lorry smashed someone's poor head on the road due to an accidents

though the brain used to be affected by the feelings thats always come undone,
those shitty term above has never been used to visualize how much our brain is affected due to the endless feeling that periodically change from time to time...

and i 'll wonder,
will anyone, or anybody agree with these shits?
thats another big box of question to discover~
so long~

p/s : nothing makes sense unless u want it to make sense inside your bloody head.

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


Cik Akma said...

if there is heartless? ngehs

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahaha...then apa beza headbroken dengan brainbroken? cam sama jer. :P

kenwooi said...

heartbroken because.... i dont know la =P

hellioz said...

cik akma
then u cant live a normal life
coz u aint got the proper amount of blood on each part of your bodayh~

head broken - eg, above~
brain broken - splash~

because ur gf dumped u

aneszailani said...



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