Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pilihanraya Sibu?

Ignorant citizen would've not notice this election.
Maybe not ignorant, its sick-of politic-citizen that'd ignore this oncoming election

can't help it but to comment on it further
i'm watching the news and saw the not-so-merry-go-round video of the election campaign

bear in mind,
i ain't gonna talk about the candidates nor the party thats goin to take part in the election.
just wanna tell u what i saw and read...
earlier in disguise

i can see the road with poor condition,
being shiny black again with newly burned stone stomped on the road....
because the election is on the move.
the road is comfortable to be used again one more time
i believe the citizen there hope that the campaign would never ends.

wonder what they've been doing before the election happened,
maybe sitting on the most-comfortable-couch-you-can-buy-on-the-store,
 drinking some fine wine with a fine cuban cigar....

i can also hear them both telling a different story from a different side of party

this is the best time for every single politician on earth doing their job despite the endless problem that all the citizen face day by day

No wonder 'something happened' last General Election
good luck you 'three stooges' in spreading your Propaganda and winning the citizen's heart.... 

p/s : again n again n again~

 Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


kenwooi said...

honestly, i dont care about politics here =P

hellioz said...


nebular said...

I aware of the government who govern, I am aware that the opposition is doing something that cud change people's mentality.

Does both parties care about what they have done........wasting our poor Malaysian citizen money.

Politics are the worst heaven that u cud think of in your life......StayTune.

profwacko said...

Those with more moneys will win!! Definitely...


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