Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Problems Of Being A Beautiful Women And Worshipping Little God

Hey ya'll...
have you  not heard of the story when there'll be a sacrifice needed to satisfy their so called gods to stop any type of famine or health problem a long time ago?
you must be kidding...
i think thats the problem of being a beautiful women sometimes ago...
i am just wondering why in hell should they sacrifice any of the offerings because, isn't it 'god' u are asking for?

The 'god' should have anything he wants because he is the god
but still the stupid creature called human wants to offer the offerings in which it is so unnecessary to fulfill
beautiful women, gold, jewelery and so on and so forth
'god' do really is fitted with human's lust

I wonder what would happened if any of that ritual is still on the move nowadays
maybe i will only see cracked face women because all the beautiful women have gone,
dead and gone being the offerings...
and maybe they'd be dead and gone due to H1N1....
maybe due to AIDS or HIV...

Yeah, no one knows whats coming next while H1N1 second wave is still on the run...
and i'm sure the medical supplier and manufacturer have tripled their profit due to all these unwanted famines and health problems....

And i'm pretty sure that the medical manufacturer is the gods who can 'heal' those sick person in need of those precious rare and expensive medicine....
Yeah, they're the gods nowadays aren't they?

p/s : using god as an excuse to take human lives is foolish~

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


V.I.C @ D.I.A.N.A said...

So damn beautiful woman (luckily I'm not).

Seha Haris said...

So damn believing they are hot. :P

AJ Nismihan said...

there was a time when people keep on thinking for the best; until they break the basic rule.


coz, eagerness to be too advance without guideline make us lost!

without 'guide', they misunderstood 'God' wish what they wish for; which is actual no!

It is not sux borned as a beutiful girl, but it is terrible if the public think as such. So, change the public attitute; it hard, but it is the only way; i suppose.

influence them to appreciate The Guide; 'Al-Quran'
then only then come close to The One; The Only One.
afterthat, nothing will matter; as long as you go along with the guidance!

still wrong?
in my perspective; no.

correct me if i am wrong;
almost all internet virus come with intention to create the havoc; and smart anti-virus company will come with solution; the faster is the winner.
So who always win? the virus creator. why? cause they create the virus and the come out for solution.
This is criminal business.
and i seem to believe that H1N1 also come from same root; the same criminal business.

Aidi-Safuan said...

sekarang nih pon ade. yang bagi anak kat bomoh nak mintak nombor ekor tuh. lebih kurang jer tuh

rizputra7 said...

erk...hot ker?..

Anonymous said...

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