Monday, May 10, 2010

Remember when you were 2 years old and you thought you could hide by closing your eyes?

"i don't"
because that quote isn't mine
and i'm not that stupid to hide by closing my eyes only without getting camouflaged first or keeping myself unseen
though i'm 2 years old....

p/s : i used to disgrace myself with humanity

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


kenwooi said...

i cant remember anything when i was 2 years old =P

Anonymous said...

i cant recall if i did so.
but, i cant blame myself if i did so, cause i am too human that time around.
and it never being wrong for being so imaginative; when you are 2 years old.
at least, for me :)

Cik Akma said...

2 years old? okay menyorok bawah katil is d best! ahhaha

geLaSkaCa said...

2 years old?

i used to play hide n seek!!



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