Saturday, May 8, 2010

U are the LOL of my life when i thought there's nothing left to LOL at...

I used to care
on what U've been doing...
and on what U've done...
either its A
or B
or C
or any letter u wanna put after the or...
believe me, i do...
yeah i do...

but now i don't
and U've changed
and hell yeah
i've changed too

but U've become my LOL subject, due to the after-effect of U
nothing can help me now
coz i cant resist it
coz U are who U are

U will never change
and i hope OH please.....
i do Really hope that
U dont change
coz U are the LOL of my life

i just can't handle it
its too funny to keep on being serious on U
or thinking bout U

i dont know why, but its the truth
deep inside out i LOL whenever the connection got on U
and i also LOL on caring about U  in the first place & knowing U

U are so lucky
Soooo lucky coz U are my LOL idol right now till the day u've gone in the afterworld
believe me U'll never be long lost forgotten


p/s : i'm back. alive n kickin~

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


fontonk said...

Lonely On Life (takde life)

iema_z said...

pe bnde ni?sikit pun xphm..sumpah xphm stu ape..explain2

aly said...

i juz lost my LOL of my life..errr be mine? XD


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