Tuesday, May 18, 2010

When A Friend Of Mine Visited HELL All By Himself!

o wai gat so mach to say bat ai am so layzee to type and saddenly i am filing so in the mud to type and type and type and babbling as mach as i wanted tu.... [ via What I Had In My Frenzy Mind Straight To The Keyboard At This Laptop]

it takes a lot of effort just to type like an idiotic person meyh....
so let go straight to what the titles says so...

i was somewhere near the examination days and my pals decided to get 'stoned' because they thought

so yes...
they are having fun the very first moment they decided to be the stupid human who ignored what have been written on the holy Quran....
it was not so devastating idea at the first sight because who knows what they'd meet at the end of their numb thinking aite?

if they do found anything,
they will have to get over it and stay alive at the very moment they've stoned themselves....
because they will think it was all an illusion and yes,
they are high on what they wanna achieve, an illusion for sure
consequently visualize em' and let them becoming an event they wanted at the right spot on the medulla oblongata

i didn't blame them for being them
i blame their ignoring brain and consciousness for getting what they are not supposed to experience
u have to be guessing right by the time u read this sentences because if u haven't got the answer,
u must be an innocent creature who hadn't touch those shitty drugs at all cost.

He had an overwhelming hours within the time he's been there...
where? HELL of course... not hellioz of course
i just wanna laugh out loud coz this would sounds funneyh....
too funneyh even when u read the title with fear and shiver....

He had a wonderful Overdoze experience right before his eyes and yes,
i laugh out loud the moment he tell those stories to me,
as soon as he was back on the track and living his life on the real life again....

He : "ko tau tak ape jadik semalam?"
Me : "hah, ape jadik meyh cite balik kat aku, aku nak dengar jugak bosan2 neyh"
He : "Semalam aku od dowh"
Me : "ye, aku tau. takkan ko nak cite tu je kowt"
He : "Smalam aku od, pastu ko tau tak aku nampak ape?"
Me : "Nampak ape? Jembalang?"
He : "Aku nampak neraka dowh. Gile Seram. Aku mengucap banyak kali, aku takbir lagi, semua aku buat.                            Kalah doa kalau orang jumpe hantu"
Me : "Gyahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
He : "Serious dow. Seram gile babi. Tobat dow, tobat..........."
Me : "Hamek bahagian ko. Tu la, nak sangat~"

ini bukan gambaran neraka

after all of that shitty incident, i just wonder by myself if he really have the intention to stop at all
thats a big question mark in my head...
how big? bigger than this ?

i just can say that those stoned people can either be 2 person.
Its either being a very smart intelligent brilliant person OR
a stupid dumb ass hole useless junkies u've found in the world
its up to what they wanted to be
or what they intend to be

the rest?
i give the will to u to discover
i wonder if alcohol did the same thing to our brain like what the drugs've done to all human kind.
mind to share?
its welcomed here~

p/s : i wonder, yeah, i always do wonder bout everything aite?

Its my perspective. Whats yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


kenwooi said...

dont do drugs.. it's bad =)

Fontonk said...

siapa doe?

Sherry Shahriah said...

Drug can kill people actually. I used to have a fren (the son of my mom's late fren) who used drug as his life after his mom passed away. His concerned relatives brought him to rehab and thought he gettin better, but worst.. he died. It is due to overdose of drug.

Skali ambil dadah, blh matikan beberapa saraf otak. Klu dah byk kali, jadi gila and boleh mati.

hellioz said...

a fren of fren of mine da gile da pun...

Vanilla Popsicle said...

dont do drugs :D

serius seram kalo tahap nampak neraka tu weh.

hellioz said...

name pon overdoze

aly said...

sgt la tak bagus drug tu..
bkn setakat menghancurkan diri, tapi menghancurkan hati org2 yg tersyg..lelagi, mak-abah..

V.I.C @ D.I.A.N.A said...

Tuhan masih sayang tu...
Bagi dia tgk alam lepas dia mati..
kalau tak insaf gak..
campak ko di situ.

::Sarah:: said...

Moral of the story? Drugs can kill and make you overdose on it..

fhunky-fhinky said...

yang itu sangat horror..

od, then nampak neraka..

anak melayu said...

nice posting...btw,tq for visiting my blog~

embun d tengah malam said...

actually i pun pernah jadi begitu..

that y..i fell so scary..

The Poyo Me said...

y'know, next time they decide to get stoned, come to their house with a sharpie. and draw on them while they are trippin. hahahaha

zaf said...

lebih baik makan cokelat daripada sedut dadah di malam peperiksaan menjelma.
oh btw. mula menyukai blog kamu. keep on writing.


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