Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Batak Blogging

There are friggin thousands of new blog registered as the time goes by. I did not blame them, me or you. I blame the urge to be in the trend. The urge to stay within the community that homage trend as GOD. Something suits, as a must, necessity. Maybe they'll say, it is the Things that put your kewl meter blown off. This is not kewl. This is killing the very inch of quality everybody need in filling their blank of pleasure with sumptuous reading. This is killing, me. This phenomenon is sick. They've got no point. They've got no reason. They're stuck to be in trend. I might sound awfully concerning here but its my point of view. Tell me yours, i wanna hear em' out of you.

Do they even have the soul to do what they actually wanna do? i bet they aint hav it. Some are traffic chasers. Motherfuckers who breath traffic, not oxygen. Barely called human, a robot? Perhaps...  Some of them thought they could be as rich as richie rich just with blogging. One in a million could be as rich as those motherfuckers but not you numbnut. I believe you read too much about Nostradamus prediction. Don't you know that they're all lies for a second there? If u are'nt, i may only say this, poor you.

There's  also a lot of Motherfuckers who thought they inspire everybody to be like them. But some of them are actually being thrown to live in a wonder world. A phail fairy world, where nothing comes as easy as it goes. Some of them Endlessly boast to the world like they are the most sought after person that everybody should befriend with. Gosh, u got it all wrong. Think again."To fall is easier than to climb". Enjoy while it lasts my friend.

Some of them chase popularity like popularity is the GOD of 21st century, where they'd probably get enough attention to feed. Yeah thats, lame. If its popularity that u chase, i'm sure u need to make a racist, stupid, bollocks statement on your Facebook wall and let any bunch of the so-called concern citizen to print screen your facebook wall and make a hate page just for you. A place where angst rule. A place where talking cocks and bullshit is never been prohibited amongst them all. No matter what religion u confess with.

Or better, plagiarize Obe's blog and being e-raped untill you hide your head beneath the soil like that bird, i can't even remember its name. And continuously deactivate and delete all your social networking sites, because e-rape is permanent, the statement is permanent. Your children, or maybe your grandchildren could google your name and found out that you are a bunch of little faggots that love to plagiarize , just to make people impress you, although u knew its a shameful little act. A little more than shameful if you were caught. What a shame. Your reputation may be degraded, because internet is a killing machine. watch yourself out.

If any of them do all of these because they want to be in trend, they've just fucked themselves up, right onto their asshole. Fuck trend. I will always tell myself that a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is more than enough to keep up with style. We are who we are, not what we were told to be. Your royal ignorance never fail to amaze me. Just keep living life in your circle of trend if u wanted to. Drag your friend and relatives along with you. You may become apart of the community i'd called Batak Blogging. See you soon on their shoutbox. No longer, i have desire to entertain fools. Entertain fools if u want to be fools.

P/S : Believe me, trends will bring you nowhere, u are the trend. Be YOU or the trend will make you be the trends. 

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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fhunky-fhinky said...

gua suka topik neh..


eiffel said...

"To fall is easier than to climb"

i like dis qoute

Anonymous said...

burung roadrunner? tanam pale dalam tanah bile takut. kasawari? ostrich?

aku blog sebab nak nak carik awek. haha! aweks iz the Dewi''s. tak tak. aku blog sebab.... hmmm. aku tanak buat keje? hehehe.

The Poyo Me said...

aku belog sebab nak buang semua taik-taik aku dalam faecesbook.

ramai sangat moralfags di situ, sume nak emo cam taik.

internets is serious business they say.

Anonymous said...

gua bukan. yeay! jom kawen!

Ery Farieha said...

macam biasa, aku mesti pasang google translator


i likeee ~

i'msosupernotcool said...

and i dont give a damn bout them.

fuck eh?

Affan Ruslan said...

standard ah tuh. lu perasan tak trend dslr pun sama?
beli kamera beribu raban, tapi last tak minat nak beli sbb tak gheti nak pakai. same thing here, they just wanna follow their peers

areleaf said...

naseb baek gua blogging secara urban..bukan batak..keh keh keh..

Kie-yu said...

lain macam lu punye entri kali ni
ape tak kena eh?

Amoi said...


u not longer commenting my blog.



sentap ok!

anak abdullah said...

kenapa mesti kaum batak yang kena?


fndrocka said...

iphone 4 tu kira trend gak la kut..

deus X machina said...

how about sakai blogging, heliza
keh keh keh keh

aLy said...

ada jugak yg batak blogging ni pi tulis kutuk blog lu
dia tak baca T&C lu la tuh

adeks said...

gler ko... ak baru taw ko nye blog doe.... thnx 2 my pren gak... hahaha.... ktngalan zaman tol.... nway.... entry ko yg nie ak mlas nk bce cuz mcm serabut je.... hahaha.... tpi seriesly ko mmg bgos.... ak skong ko 90%.... kang ckap 100% kang kate ak bodek lak... haha.... trus kan usahe anda.... agaga

Anonymous said...

hi, new to the site, thanks.


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