Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going Against The Norms Delicately

I always said this to my friends
"go with the flow"
Yes, u might be hearing me saying those beautifully rhymed sentence over and over again if u are here wimme, alive and a real friend of mine.
Thats a fact.

But the real fact doesn't sat still.
Coz i'mma saying all that stuff to someone who can't cope on going against the norms.
Majorly, u'll be hearing me saying that sentence if i can see you felt uncomfortable doing what i always do, going against the norms.

I might be saying that stuff to everyone, i knew, well.
But i have never try to fit that thang in my life.
All my life, i'mma salmon fish, always going against the stream.
What salmon fish did was normal, but i'mma human here.
I never really like to flow along with the absurd typical way of thinking as the system have provided.
I analyze, and i can and always see the flaw in the flow they've provided in the first place.

Being perfect is always the last thing i seek.
The first thing i always seek upon is how i can flow the way i like to.
Not following the flow blindly and become another successfully trained canine, smart, but there's no freedom, concerning how to applicate the smartness in daily life.
What an ugly metaphor...

I just hate the way most of you flow yourself in. Most of you.
U let yourself being another living human with zero tolerance of the other side of life most of us never really care about.
U let yourself being an arsehole, a hypocrite, a chameleon. No, not a chameleon precisely.
A masked saint. A pretender. Better yet, a selfish human being.

You only care about whats surrounding you.
Your religion. Your race. Your people. Your God. Your everything.
I ain't saying thats wrong. Thats good. But that is never good enough. Why?
Because you stack zero tolerance upon it. That, to me is one of the biggest flaw. #phail

You know why?
Because He can create everything Perfectly in beautiful manner anytime he wants to.
But this is all a test. We were all a bunch of puppets. Lab rats.
We were all, indirectly is a lab rat, synchronized into a big test. Why?
Because He wants to see your reaction. That's the different between Us and the animal.
We have fully functioned brain, unlike those animal.
And He wants to see how you react towards all the reaction.
Though i'm no God myself, i can see most of us fail, in one of the simplest test.
Its what we called Tolerance you friggin nut sacks.
No, i'm no judge here. And i'm not judging you.
I'm observing. My observation is written, above.

God knows how i met fucking lotsa people like what i've mentioned above on a daily basis.
Mind enslaved. Mentally abused. Worst, on top of the paranoid mountain.
Periodically aroused by all the shitty lies they oath on themselves.
"In the name of God" they say.
When did God became paranoid twat anyway?

P/S : Why you're so afraid of the fucking system anyway? Isn't it obvious that we ourselves create it in the first place?

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


hamzah ian said...


Anonymous said...

somehow, i feel that i'm one of the mind enslaved.

Whoopz said...

always b a 1st rate versi0n of urself instead of a 2nd rate versi0n 0f s0mebody else..

LadyRye said...

heh! (nampak sangat bijak, kan komen aku??)


RastaMat said...

for additional..

emancipate urselves from mental slavery..
none; but ourselves, can free our minds..

~Sir Robert~

anak abdullah said...

refusenik. best word to describe this.
against the flow.

Anonymous said...

killing in the name of!

Anonymous said...

against the flow or not, it depends on the topics you're talking about. everything is relative, and not static.

going against the flow can make one look and be stupid as well.


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