Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lets Play The Blame Game

So, you #serbanistas blame them for being them. You used the God's rule to overpower the opinion of others. You curse. You label. You're being emotional. You're being so judgemental. and you overrule the fact that there's billions of kuffar out there who's not bowing down and certified your God. You're selfish. You always think you live in a world where there's only you and people like you to live with. Well, you're wrong.

because there's religion out there you did not approve, their existence at least. I always heard this sentence beautifully rhymed saying that you should respect others before expecting others to respect you. But in this case, it seems you're not. You're acting like another selfish bastards who think he own every single situation to himself, rather than having the urge to at least understand and look at the other side, at a bigger picture of life.

I myself had confront those guys. And personally saying, i don't like them. But i don't despise them They're human beings too. They have a heart. Though i have to admit that some of them are freaking annoying once upon a time where i have to physically throw some punch n put a little karate kick in the air to his face because he talk cock behind me.

If you blame those guys, why wont u blame thy Creator as He was the one responsible for creating those people. Now this is the punchline. We can always say you're wrong and i'm right. But we refuse to think beneath another possibilities just because we think we're always right. Just like the so called Pakatan Rakyat blaming the Gov just because they want to cover the shit they've made in their governance. This sire, is the content of topic. We don't need you to curse just to justify and make a stand on your opinion. You have brains, but you seldomly use it. You prefer kopi pasta than arguing things in intellectual manner. In the end, this quote summarize it, "you can't argue intellectually with morons" -Obe-

You use your religion to approve your words and act.
Macam dengar lagu Bens Bitches - Trouble with CK versi #serbanistas. This is fani. Seriously. Kau kafirkan fahaman orang lain yang tak sebulu dengan kau. Gwa syak berjuta orang lu kafirkan. Bagus. Keep it coming. Jangan tanya kenapa orang yang beragama selain agama kau tak suka dengan agama kau.

Pukimak lancau chao cibai 

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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i'msosupernotcool said...

ben bitches memang the honest punk rock ever born la.

Anonymous said...

there's a serbanista, whom i called a political pig,called us iban sawan babi, blackmailed my friend, calling us names...

i rather like to be a satan then being a god.
hell yeah.

keough said...

i approve half of the text :)

LadyRye said...

kekadang aku tertanya hang ni budak law ka ustaz? ka lawyer syariah???


Izzat Aziz said...

and you don't argue with ignorant because it lead you nowhere.

Yes they kafirkan all other people that not hold same faith as they were.. but there is something for example some people did about terrorist kan semua Muslim.. it basically the problem of generalizing.

Don't you think other religious did the same thing? They may not openly.. but who knows right?

Generalizing problem not only those who wear turban have it, people wear tshirt too, or people that naked all the time whoever they are, they will have generalizing problem. It matter of who wake up first.

take one problem, and make it big and cover all people with it.

It wrong, and its worthless to read about.

eszol said...

chao cibai


Irwan said...

lagu camtu yang kau kata kool? yang mencarut2 tu?

kalau nak mencarut, mencarut la dalam bahasa inggeris, baru global...ni macam hero kampung jer.


memang budakbudak lagi la korang ni...dah lah..

eh, lupa lak...aku stalk kau ke? Tak ah..just keeping me 'frens' close...

serbanistas tu apa? gggg

Hellioz said...

tau xpe.
xde censored2 dah.
clean je.

the urge untuk jadik wakil tuhan tinggi sangat

i dont need anyone to approve my ramblings, coz i've already approved it.

tu semua tak penting
yg penting ape yg kita buat n cuba buat.

yeah, generalizing.
wrote that stuff a couple of times.
another cancer in d society

memang chibai

bila la si bodoh ni nak paham ape yang gwa tulis.
masuk2 baca tak habis kutuk sane sini.
macam ungka. kah3~

isham rais TT pernah bersabda
kalau bodoh, simpan, jangan tunjuk2, malu woi...

Cob Nobbler said...

#serbanistas sekarang dah jadi trend kat twitter.

bangga lah minah canada tu woi..

if obe coined meleis
ez coined serbanistas

gua nak cipta perkataan apa pulak lol!

Anonymous said...

@terlampau tinggi sampai rasa diri meleis adalah superb berbanding bangsa lain, ada kuasa nak hukum orang padahal hanya babi politik yg menyondol tanpa fakta, bila butthurt, menggugut dengan menyebarkan masa lepas org itu. n lagi sucks bila glgn tu merendahkan hak perempuan. oh. aku dh membebel kt page ni. kesetanan tahap membunuh kerana mereka menggunakan ayat agama tanpa mencerminkan diri sendiri. what a demigod. agama tertinggal di masjid dan surau.f**k.

Irwan said...

cob, lu coin pluralistas


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