Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Malaysian Gay Lord Blogger

Fuck that shit!
I have one of that thang, why should i look for others?
This is sick!

But, This is what happened the other day when Mazidul put a link on his blog.
He had a blog with an outstanding hits, yet he put a gay link there. 
What do you expect?

After a couple of chilly comments, the link is removed. 
No, the link of the entry is removed.
Meyh, The Whole entry was removed.

I bet he had a multiple countless visitor to his blog.
So, its not a shocking things if another underage 12-17 years old read his blog.
I mean,
If you had a big influence on the net, you bring yourself together with a big responsibilities.
If u wanna do something good, do it right.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


The Poyo Me said...


i thought he removed the entry cuz I was trollin him.

cepat butthurt la itu mamat.

Rebelle Me said...

he should not do that..
there are many links that he can put in his entry other than that..

he think its damn funny..

Anonymous said...

erk?! apa tu wei? damn!

hamzah ian said...

gua tak gay.. feh..

Anonymous said...

indeed. lol.

tia said...

i didnt have such 'thang'.
u have it so lemme see it! now!


I n n z said...

yuckss . geli jehh .

Yatre Hayati said...

pergh blog mazidul pown jadi asalkan ada cerita gayboy...

ANATI SOKI said...

stuju!!!! publisiti murhn perhaps

The Conversationalist said...

Amen!!! Finally someone who speak with their brain.. I think I'm gonna start reading your blog on a daily basis.

Mista Blogga said...


blogging is all about responsibilties..

afiqsiddhartha said...

aku selalu rasa kalau kita ni jadi ikutan, kita kena bawa contoh baik. tapi kadang kadang tak praktikal juga benda tu. kalau benda yang disampaikan tu benar sebenarnya, aku rasa kita ada hak nak sebarkan apa-apa. aku rasa.

Hellioz said...

actually i'm not against his idea at all.
dia boleh print screen etc etc rather than making that gay blog famous.
tink u know what i mean ere..

radin fadli said...

gay blog?wahahahaha
buat kontroversi sikit untuk dapat reader

cikpia said...

dah tau blog dia peymes lagi takmau jaga content...... adoyai!!!!

Anonymous said...

tia mengong~ adeh

Nordin said...

mazidul ni sapa? dang why there's so many things i missed in the internet =,.=

Hellioz said...

mazidul akmal sidek la meyh~

eszol said...

gua suspek die gay la

die kan duda skrg

gaya2 pon ade mcm gay


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

ramai laki gay hensem

Hellioz said...

befriend with one of them b4

ismishahril said...

haha. petak last tu leh letak troll face pun cun jugekkkkk.

Hellioz said...


- koroe - said...

i like !

is there any gay here ?

i wanna bang you with the 'meriam arsenal'

you're gonna like it dudehh..

Frodo Baggins said...

masuk lah belog aku ... terang lagi nyata gay! ky jelly coli merah semua masukk maaaaa ..mazidul? pnh masuk belog beliau 2 kali, 2 tahun lepas.. hoh~

LORD ZARA 札拉 said...

unfortunately aku tekan link tu~


the header already make me vomit~

Aujinz said...

ngeri siottt...

keough said...

I believe blogger sometime get the wrong portion of public ,minor who are not our target of audience

keough said...

I believe blogger sometime get the wrong portion of public ,minor who are not our target of audience

SUCI KUDUS said...

homosexality is an evergreen issue for the media.. it increases his traffic dude!


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