Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Soalan-Soalan Bodoh Pandai #1

Timkai looo????
This is humiliating...
Sangat memalukan.
If i were you (tukang tanya) i would have commit suicide like what alvis kong did. So there will be a vacancy or an empty space for others, who needed it the most.

Gwa taknak gelar lu ape2.
Gwa taknak gelar lu moron, or newbies, or newfags or whatever it is to make me curse about you so badly that you'd come again and ask stupid things that you shouldn't have asked.
I just wanna tell you that, you are one fucking ignorant abomination sire...
Kenapa gwa taknak gelar ape2? Sebab i was once a guy like this fucking ignorant chaps. Questioning this and that. Tapi gwa tak terjah and mengaku pandai or mengaku gwa tau segalanya. I seek for the answer that i've been looking for. And someday somehow i found it by myself. And i have never boast about it.

Tapi, this fucking ignorant bollocks is too stupid to avoid and i have to teach you something on the interweb, though i myself is a nobody to start with. Lulz~
But hey, sharing is daring aite?

U can alway use the Google for good rather than arguing some dipshit matter with me.
Lu boleh je google what is Lulz tapi lu tak gunakan kelebihan tu. Instead, lu gunakan internet untuk cakap gwa bahalol sebab tak tau ape itu Lulz. Yeah, i know this is a stupid argument and i am kinda stupid sebab layan this type of question. But remember this fellow human, This fucking ignorant chaps are everywhere. They were born daily and they were bred by an insolent mindless fucktard who think they're the most superior human being in the whole universe.

Now, if you, fucking ignorant fucktards is reading this post (where i'm 50% sure you do), please use Google to find the meaning of Lulz. Jangan la guna google semata-mata nak carik sex, gay, tetek, pepek, puki, boobs, konek, pantat or anything yang sewaktu dengannya. Cuba jadik bijak sikit walaupun dengan soalan ni menampakkan kebodohan lu dekat mane. There is GOOGLE people. Use it WISELY! Jangan jadik bodoh, jangan jadik sombong. Jangan jadik bodoh sombong. Tak tau tanya, jangan berlagak pandai.

Be humble la... Kalau tak tau tanye, bukan melalak macam anjing. Gwa kalau tak tau pon gwa tanye lah. Apedehal orang nak cakap lu bodoh ke benak ke. At least lu ade inisiatif nak bertanya and that makes u look brilliant, better than cursing anonymously and harshly dekat gwa and accuse gwa tak tau ape itu LOL and LULZ. For fuck sake, i hope you (read : the one who asked me this question) commit suicide so that all of us can live a better life without these stupid morons on daily basis. Tq.

P/S : Before u commit suicide, please google what the fuck Lulz is supposed to mean. Then you can die peacefully knowing what Lulz is all about. NEXT!!!

Ok, i admit it. A few of older posts back then is mostly based on what others saw thru their lenses. This is true. But hey, mereka pon ade perspective mereka jugak. Aint it? So, i don't think i owe an apology here. Its still a perspectives someway somehow. If i can't post anything freely with anything i wanted to, u can read Utusan Malayu, or Harian Metroll, or another endless political blog rambling of tukar tiub for example if u wanted to, or read about what those girly girls did on their daily basis. I'm just another guy with another secluded perspectives. I stray, who didnt? Lulz~

Lagipun gwa seldomly let anger take over my brain although thats the best way of getting a good rambling. Srsly...

Oh, if u read this, which i think u must be one of my silent reader, i want a further explanation on what type of post are you referring to btw. That might be better off than talking to myself on this piece of board aite? Haha~

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


.::WaNiE::. said...

benci tau yayang tak pasal pasal gwa kene google lulz tu menatam apa

kalau gwa nak manja2 ngn lu boleh je gwa nak tanya kan hikhikhik

cikpia said...

hmmmm............ quite reasonable gak soalan yang kedua tu....... entry yang paaaaaaaaaaaling not u was pondok pizza hut.. cos i never read u writing about ur activities. tapi of course, the main ingredient of the entry was CHEESE kan???

tia said...

asal paham sudehhhhh,
perlukan persoalkan ?

LadyRye said...

babi! aku terasa kot bab lulz tu hari tu aku tanya!

babi sekali lagi..

babi tapi i lep u..


keough said...

I totally approved this post..and i totally get what you trying to say...nothing fuel a good,funny,absorbing blog like rage n anger haha..awesome dude (h5)

MATAHARI said...

its damn funny they thought they are on the winning side accusing others without noticing they are fucking themselves up.

+d.O.Y.A.h+ said...

hahaa. sedapp!
kadang2 org yg tanya kat pomsping ni, nak ckp tapi tak selidik. ahah. tak pasal2 nak hentam. haha.

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

hehhee..sabar yee

Alynn Notnot said...

i've heard about lulz before, in a youtube video, about hackers referring themselves as anonymous. if im not mistaking they used this 'lulz' word, but im not sure what it meant.

btw tak tau lah knapa org tu ckp lu bahlol, maybe dia ckp kat cermin kot -.-"

eh lu penah gune luls ke?

Izzat Aziz said...

Some people just, I don't what word to describe.. pendant maybe.. want everything to be perfect.. perfect for them, they though what they think, what the know is more than other.

Just ignore that kind of troll, keep write your perspective, and that what matter.

bujal X said...

u mad like hell?

dia gurau je tu..

hamzah ian said...


ANATI SOKI said...

heheh.. anat punyer perspective... tell that fucking retard to go n get a life. :) ..
hehehe.. sampaikan salam anat kat dia.. wahaha
seyes.. anat pun dah penah kena cmtuh.. it would be better kalau dia gitau identiti dia thn being anon ka?

Hellioz said...

jew mad???

bukankosong said...

Hurmm..biasa rr,dalam ramai2 tu ada gak sowang berperangai mcm nih,dia nak perhatian la tu.sabar eekk...

ZefFrost said...

Akibat serbu orang tak pakai helmet. Wahaha~

Yatre Hayati said...

hahaha..lol...lulz....aku lebih suka ngee~

jangan tnaya ngee~ kat formspring aa..

gina al-burusque said...

bukan harian metroll lah.
metro. lulz.

jangan marah aaa.

nuyuin said...


maCy said...


husnazainal said...

sape yang bodoh sebenarnye ni.?hahahha

ururules said...

so he said "mana ada orang tulis LULS"
abih yg hellioz tulis tuh ape? bukan LULS ke?

to me LULz is an Obe version of LOL [sebab 1st time aku jumpe kat blog obe jek].. so it became a trend.. not a definition.

masalah tul la org tak paham trend masakini nih.

Anonymous said...

J'ai appris des choses interessantes grace a vous, et vous m'avez aide a resoudre un probleme, merci.

- Daniel


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