Friday, December 23, 2011

Transition Period

The world has changed throughout the century. A lot of things changed. The way we communicate, the way we talk, the way our social circle expand.

Whoever lived between 1980's till now lives in a transition period that brings us forwards to a condition where we can compare almost everything with the way we think. The phones, the laptops, the tablets and the internet has brought a new style of living.

If u're old enough, you will remember how having a phonebook for your friends house phone is important enough because thats how we can communicate faster than just texting or tweeting. If u're old enough, you will remember how precious it is to have any amount of coins in your pocket just to call you friends, or girlfriends over the public payphone that rarely is used to call anyone. The mass nowadays only used the public payphone when their batteries are running out of juice.

Man, i can barely remember when is the last time i used a coin to call anyone using the payphone. A lot of ways are used by the teenagers back then to cheat the payphone. Using the cards, using the RM 1 coins that has been projected with a hole in order for us to talk longer on the payphones. I wonder if the younger generations remember having that gold coins valued at RM 1. Feels good back then having that shit in your stash. Think i still have a couple of them. Reminiscing yo.

I still remember having a caller at the end of the lines using the phone house. With all the stupid numbers advertised on the television for this and that. Some parents even put a security measure at the house phone to restrict anyone from overusing the housephone. The only numbers that can be used is 9 and 4 since 999 is surely the police station and 994 is the fire brigade numbers. Thats the only emergency numbers available back then. The bills will soar up high when a long call is made and it will appear on the bills. The culprit will surely be caught.

I used to have the Alcatel big ass cellphone. And oh, the Nokia 3310. If you have used them, you'll surely realized how simplicity wins back then. But still, a lot of us are still using the black and white cellphones because they define whats the basic functions that we all need someway somehow. To text and call. If and only if that nokia 3310 can save more than just 10 messages, i'd still be using them till now. haha. good ol time.The first edition of black and white cellphones costs thousand bucks, and yup, snakes are one of the best games of all time. That thousand bucks now can secure you a very complicated touch screen phones equipped with this and that which people rarely used.

I think most of us are influenced to go along the mainstream flow. Almost all of my friends are using those smartphones yet, they only used it to call, to text, and yeah, to play games. What a waste. And yup, having a smartphones without subscribing the internet is like having a car with no engine. Why the expensive phones when all you do is barely calling and texting? Haha. funny shit. Maybe that is why i am still using the phones equipped with keypads that can fulfill my basic needs that i wanted on a phone like calling, texting, listen to songs and oh, snapping blurry pictures.

Why am i not using them smartphones? I have my broadband and my laptops. Surfing on the phones with that minute screen is depressing. Everything seems too small to enjoy, don't u think so?

Plus, all the social networking. From Hi5, to Friendster, to Tagged, to abandoned Myspace, and now we have Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to enjoy. In this transition period, a lot of things are going to change rapidly. Too fast that some of us will always feel left behind if we didn't catching up on them. Plus one reason why i refuse to spend my G's on the smartphones because your latest version phones will only lasts for what? One year before it will be replace with the new one?

The mobile phones company are still searching for the right ingredients to produce the best phones with all the necessary applications for their consumer. Xperia failed with their touch screen. Samsung seems to have a nice sensitive touchscreen like iphones. Blackberry? Without their BBM functions, they'll be the least phones bought by the customers. Since all i can hear from the Blackberry users are their wildly batteries juice consumed by the phones for a heavy usage, lagging and inefficiency with their apps.

I will someday somehow bought a smartphones, but thats when all the gadgets price drop exponentially and the most important part is they are stable and efficient for heavy usage. Heck i don't care using my present phone because my basic needs are fulfilled. haha

I personally think that internet have equipped us with the urge to feel insecure, haha. The changes are demonically insane.

Drastic change happened day by day. Living in this transition period, everybody have to be aware and not to be consumed by the needs to be and feel hip with what your surrounding have. You have every right to buy anything you wanted but that doesn't mean that you have to follow and bound to go along with what your surrounding wants you to have and be.

Since i am one of the living human that feel the changes happening around me throughout these years, i have the rights to say that human have more channels to express their depression and more channels to feel depressed too. Everything has its own pro and cons. The best way to handle it is by controlling them by yourself. We'll always be the lynchpin of ourselves. Hope y'all do the best for you for the sake of your own self. Don't let the changes change you. Filter them shit under your best supervision and with full scrutiny.

New year's coming. Embrace the end of the 2011 with all the smile u can afford. Live life with no regret. Smile.

Last but not least, think critically.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Reversed Universe

Reversed situation

I should be the one who is mad at you since you should take a good look at the recent past so you'll end up telling yourself "wtf i've done to you my dearest friend that makes you get so mad at me"

Instead, i was the one to blame and you see everything as "this is not my fault, its yours" situation.

What the fuck should i do in order for you to realize that u need to someway somehow blame yourself for all your mistakes and not being melodramatic with me?

I can ignore dumbfucks but i can't ignore a friend. Think thats how it fucking goes.

To be blamed for every shits happening is not cool yo.

The principles of stoicism cannot be implied here. We must do something to regain the balanced yin and yang.

In the end, being exposed wasn't cool, at all.
Skipped metaphor is a blind form of art. Art kepala jubor.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to move on

An advice for an advice

There’s a million ways to move on. There’s an endless lists for that.

Stop stalking your exes, they ain’t worth a dime and space in your present and future, unless you wanted them to still be apart of you

Redirect your daily thinking process and chores to something that might benefit you.

Go get a hobby, pet a cat, sing a song, write a song, write a book, go bungee jumping, play video games, get your head out of the phony mind that’d take you deeper into the past. Embrace your present with the things u’d enjoy.

Do not overthink, overthinking brings your feelings to another level of misery in which I certainly certain you don’t wanna conjure into. Who wants to live in a big ass mess you’ve done before?

There’s a various amount of time people take to move on
Some people can move the fuck on in a blink of an eye, while some other take almost their whole life just to move on. This depends on your will of life and the will to find a better picture of tomorrow.

Trust me, Tomorrow won’t only bring you sorrow,  there’s a universe to go for.
Catch that big ass fish in the deep blue sea.

Stop whining and start discovering. Whining is actually a must but over-whining won’t get you nowhere. 

There’s so much to life than just whining about what you past had done to you.

Be fucking optimists. Optimism brings you a big ass smile. Imagine the best part of losing that so called apart of you, I can guarantee you’d found it someway somehow unless u’re a total pain in d arse.

Be oblivious. If Your pasts brings you into the dark cave of horror and sorrow, get them out of your life. Turn over a new leaf. Crop a new picture. Find a new friends, Built a new circle.

Your will of life will determine your effort to move on. Losing isn’t everything, it’s just a game of life.
Why people don’t wanna move on?

Because they’re happy staying in the pain. Or maybe perhaps they’re too wishful. Miracle do happened, but they won’t happen all the time. Those fairy have a limited amount of miracle to glock on you.

Don’t look back in anger, look back, in a big wide smile
It’s ok to remember the past, but don’t do it frequently, do it so that you’ll learn from the past mistakes

The past can teach us a lot of thinky thanky steps on what to and what not to do in order for us not to do the same mistakes again.

Don’t forget the first basic step, the most important thing in this world is your own happiness. How could you be happy when u never try to be happy with your own self? haha

Lesson should be learned, not to be repeated again.

Vladiosa. Ciao…

Well I think honesty is the gravity of that thing called love.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mr Right Ain't Always Right. Unless He Can Make An Offer No One Can Refuse.

Instead of pointing fingers at everybody else except you, it'd be a thrill just to point all the fingers on you and try to point out all the mistakes that should be corrected in the first place.

Better off than feeling good about yourself and keep repeating all the mistakes u've intentionally and unintentionally done before.

Its a phase. U're no longer an immature being that can be excused over and over again. There's a task called responsibility which every living human being will be responsible with. Get real. The rainbow won't last forever without the shining sun and the pouring rain.

The theory needs reality. Practicality is the king of relativity in reality.


Fuck you.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Religion and Respect

Religion and Respect
Most people are governed by the religion and humanity of some sort.  Although there’s a high rate of declining within the people that is loyal and abiding with their religion.

Dalam ramai ramai manusia yang telah diberikan gelaran2 yang agama masing2 berikan untuk orang2 yang dianggap dihormati, dan layak untuk dihormati, tak ramai yang gunakan gelaran2 yang diberikan dengan betul
Orang Islam ada alim ulama, ada ustaz ustazah, Christian ada father and sister, pope, Jews ada rabbi, Buddhists ada Monk, and almost setiap agama ada wakil in some sort sebab mereka ada pengetahuan yang lebih mendalam tentang agama yang mereka anuti. Itu adalah salah satu cara untuk kita hormati agama, dengan melihat secara zahir dan batin apa yang wakil agama mereka lakukan saban hari.

Betul, setiap manusia ada nafsu tak kiralah siapa pun mereka, tapi once mereka dah dimartabatkan dengan gelaran sekian sekian, they should be responsible dengan gelaran tu. Mereka adalah orang2 yang dipertanggungjawabkan untuk menjaga imej agama masing2 kerana mereka lebih mengetahui tentang selok belok agama, lebih dari yang orang orang biasa mampu faham.

So, orang orang yang diberikan gelaran2 yang mampu membuatkan orang biasa hormat, wajib menjaga imej mereka dengan lebih effective and efficient sebab semua orang tahu, mereka tahu lebih banyak tentang agama masing2 at some point of knowledge.

Mungkin gelaran2 yang diberikan adalah salah satu lesen untuk preach tentang agama mereka tanpa diganggu mana mana agensi agama yang ditubuhkan diserata dunia, oleh itu lesen untuk preach tentang agama itu adalah satu Tanggungjawab yang besar kerana mereka diberikan kepercayaan untuk jadi contoh kepada orang2 biasa yang mahu contohi sifat sifat mulia yang sewajibnya ditunjukkan kepada mass society.

This respect we’re talking about is what differentiates a person with their little knowledge about religion and those who knows more about religion, yes?

So, mereka haruslah dan sepatutnya menjaga imej yang diberikan, penghormatan yang diberikan dengan penuh tanggungjawab kerana someway somehow mereka diberikan knowledge yang lebih tentang agama masing2 dan lebih berhak untuk bersuara dalah hal hal yang melibatkan agama.

Since they have been given the right to be respected due to their title that their religious body have given, they should be responsible for it because they are the person that mass society will go and seek for an advice whenever there’s dispute or anomalies occurred.

But recently, you can hear or read or see by yourself how all those so called religious people swindling their title for profit motive and shit. How in hell the mass society would respect them for what they are if they misused their title for their own benefit?

Memang manusia tak boleh lari dari buat kesalahan, manusia biasa tak maksum, tak lari dari buat dosa no matter how small it is, but hey, they are what they are because there’s a reason behind it.  So, jaga lah reputasi masing2 dengan penuh tanggungjawab, siapa lagi mass society nak respect kalau depa pun dua kali lima, and kadang kala lagi jahat dari saitan?

Ustaz rogol budak, liwat budak, cabul budak, pope jadi paedophile etc etc. Macam mana society nak respect your religion kalau ahli ahli agama sendiri tak jaga reputasi masing2?

In knowledge society, a doctor with a PhD is respected because they earned the title due to their research and stuff until they earned the title. We respect them because they have gone thru the process of gaining the knowledge with all the hardships  they’ve been thru. We respect them because they have more knowledge than us in their fields. Kita hormat mereka bukan sebab semata mata depa ada PhD, tapi sebab depa tahu lebih banyak tentang apa yang mereka sudah belajar. This is someway somehow the similarities that resembled them religious peeps and those people who possessed the knowledge in their certain fields. That’s my justification.

Agama apa yang tak ajak manusia lakukan kebaikan? Mana ada. Semua ajak benda baik2 je. Tak tau la kalau atheist ada ajak berbuat kebaikan, tapi I believe they have high spirit in humanity and shit. Tu kebaikan jugak.

In the end, Siapa lagi yang kita nak hormat kalau orang orang yang sepatutnya kita hormat tak hormat dengan title yang telah diberikan kepada mereka untuk dihormati?

Let’s discuss this whole shit in a civilized manner.  This is an opinion, not a fact. Press your opinion, justify my view, I’d love to hear it from all of you.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kerja Gila

Sepanjang bulan October hingga November, aktiviti aktiviti hedonism rancak diperlakukan dengan jayanya.
Here's the pictures, chronologically

Le Jungle

Le waterfall

Its all starts with a celebration. We're all celebrating life the way they should have been.

1st Act Gunung Ledang Waterfall
Been to a waterfall with a group of le crazy friend. 
Tido dekat batu batu air terjun tu best jugak sebenarnya. Walaupun sakit kepala, kerana ketiadaan bantal empuk. haha. The view was filled with serenity and joy. Tiada gangguan makhluk halus dilaporkan walaupun turun masa maghrib. Gila gelap sial.

Le After BBQ

Second Act Flat Pendatang Haram
Barbeque. Seekor ayam berjaya dilahap. Sekor je. Yang keluar duit tak ramai, yang makan boleh tahan ramai. Tapi aktiviti seterusnya dipentaskan oleh orang orang siuman yang berlagak tak siuman. Background music bagi second act ialah music dubstep yang dipasang dengan max volume. The fire. Ya, kami semua tanpa segan silu lompat atas api yang marak tu. The after-barbeque was Hella fun. Plus sedikit kecederaan dari si gila yang agak kesian. And oh, bulu kaki masing2 hampir terbakar, kaki bau sotong bakar. kahkahkah

Kerja Gila. N yeah, thats me.

Third Act Melaka
Le mall. Sekali sekala buat kerja gila dekat melaka. Bukan Ali Rustam marah pun. Scene lepas kacau semua orang yang tengah tekun tak bekerja sebab takde pelanggan yang berpotensi untuk beli barang jualan depa. Apehal panjat tiang bodoh tu pulak? Tu semua kesan the aftermall. Sama macam the after-barbeque act tadi. Sayang sekali, limit untuk panjat tiang besar gedabak sampai situ sahaja. Tanpa dipengaruhi mana mana bet, the crazy act commence. And there i am, alone on not so on top of the stupid shaft. 100% crazy + stupid act.

Le Mist

Le Us

Fourth Act. So Called haunted building + tourists attraction 
We had joy, we had fun, we had season in the sun.... Oh wait, in the Mist. Its cold, so cold. The best thing when a plan is cancelled, multiple plan occurs. Tak jadi ke pulau, ke tanah tinggi pun ngam. I seriously had fun with all the crazy people. All 5 of us had a good time + all the useless and educational conversation ongoing.  We shall hang out together again some other time dude and dudettes.

Banyak lagi benda boleh isi. Tapi untuk menjaga nama baik sendiri and anonymity, biar kita dan circle kita sahaja yang tahu. Plus, i am fucking proud of myself because i've gone thru a stupid phase successfully with a great success.Thanks to all the culprit and friends, I've made it to this point of life.

To le bestfriend, good luck n all the best for your final exam. Let the struggle begin. May the force be with you.

P/S : Cik Karma jangan malas malas. Rajin rajin la buat kerja ye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dear Johnny Depp,
I don't have second choices.

What should i do?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Friendship Reality Check

Circle reality check

1. Open your phonebook. Kira berapa ramai contact list that u have in it.
2. Browse thru it and count how many of them are your regular contact.
3. Narrow them down and count how many of them are dependable.
4. Check how many of them would come to help you when u are deeply truly in need whenever u are stranded in nowhere eg: your car is having a breakdown or u need to bail out for anything u did last night.
 5. Imagine how many would come and how many would help u and advice u like a real best friend did.
6. How many of them are dependable when u are in a grave mess? Are you sure they’ll come when u’re in need?
7. Thiz, izreal.

Keep in touch with your real world. They are real. They are, what’s happening. They could be your lifeline when u’re in need.

Now call your lost long friend and whatever shit and ignite the bond. Don’t call them only and if and only if u’re in a grave mess. They are friends. Treat friends like a friends. A real friend will help u like what a real friend did.

And oh, when u’re in a middle of a corky situation, u’ll know who’d help and who’ll ignore. That’s the only way on how to detect real peeps u should hang out with.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Serbanistas Vs Intellectuals

Ramai manusia yang berpaling dari agama. Ramai yang dah tak lagi ikut dengan suruhan2 yang tuhan mereka unjurkan. Ramai yang anggap Agama tu satu benda spiritual yang tak lagi hip n modern dalam zaman yang critical ni where almost each and every one of us lagi suka scientific explanation, dimana kita lagi suka conclusion yang nampak depan mata and proven scientifically.

The problem is, Agama memang selalu dikaitkan dengan benda2 mistik yang tak nampak depan mata. Contoh? Tuhan. Kau nampak tuhan? Kau nampak apa tuhan buat hari2?

Memang certain agama ada penjelasan scientific untuk semua perkara2 duniawi yang manusia buat, tapi kebanyakan manusia yang sembah tuhan jadi malas and dungu. Sebab? Depa mengharapkan semuanya di tangan tuhan. Tak ramai yang cuba untuk berusaha sebelum letakkan semua effort tu atas tanggungan tuhan.

Contoh paling senang?
Orang miskin. Ayat paling cliche dalam dunia yang lu orang akan selalu dengar ialah, "dah tuhan takdirkan hidup aku macam ni, terima jelah"

See, kebergantungan 100%  atas daya usha tuhan tu menyebabkan golongan cerdik pandai ni selar ramai religious people yang suka sangat bergantung dekat miracle miracle yang tuhan mampu buat.
And ramai jugak golongan agamawan ni yang malas nak cari further explanation dari semua benda yang tak masuk akal.

I've been reading aidid muaddib's blog, and after a while, i realize something, something stupid that many religious peeps around the world ignored.

How can that stupid biodisc worth RM2000 with no guarantee and scientific explanation boleh jadi another alternative untuk sembuhkan penyakit? Where's the common sense in that? Yang paling bodohnya, Malaysia masih lagi jadi HUB utama scammers2 and pyramid scheme ni. Tak cukup ke dengan kelentong2 ac mizal yang jual benda2 bangang dari China lepastu mark up tinggi2 jual dekat para meleis sekalian?

What amazed me the most is, kebanyakan pengedar2 barang2 bangang ni ramai yang kuat agama. Belajar dekat al azhar, tapi otak serupa macam orang tak belajar langsung. Ape dekat al azhar sana tak ajar common sense ke? Kenapa depa dah tak bergantung dengan ayat2 suci kitab kamu yang kamu agungkan tu? Dah tak mujarab ke ape?

Cubalah jadi bijak sikit. Sikit je pun jadila. Cari lah benda2 yang medically proven untuk ubat penyakit2 tu. Masalah dengan umat manusia ni, depa nak semua benda senang. Macam main magic. POOF! keluar makanan atas meja. POOF! ade kereta bmw dekat porch. POOF! duit keluar dari air paip. Kan ke bangang tu semua?

Sebab tu golongan intellectual ni paiseh je dengan agamawan2 ni. Depa punya kebergantungan dengan miracle2 dari langit tu tinggi sangat. Masing2 ingat dengan berdoa semata mata, semua penyakit boleh sembuh.

"dude, benda natang biodisc tu alternative la jugak kiranya."

Alternative kepala bapak hang.
Aku beli phone harga tak sampai RM500 pun mati2 aku mintak warranty, ni benda yang kau beli dengan harga RM2000 tu plus takde warranty kau percaya? Manusia dekat dunia ni dah hilang common sense ka? What happened to all the common sense in the world? Ke nikmat common sense tu kena tarik satu2?

Alirkan je air dekat benda bangang biodisc tu lepaih tu air tu jadi apa? Jadi air mujarab? Jadi air zam zam? Kepala hang dok letak mana? Dok pakat ramai2 letak kat punggung ka?

Malu wey kalau jadi ustaz ka palancau ka tapi dok nyesatkan umat manusia. Tak kira lah bangsa apa pun. Kau tu dah terang2 jadi seorang bodoh yang membodohkan orang lain. Kan ke kerja bodoh namanya tu?

Sekarang gwa faham kenapa orang dok pandang setengah mata ja kat orang2 alim ulama ni. Masing2 dok pikiaq pakai ponggong. Otak buat bagi makan dekat zombie kampung pisang. Tu la. Masing2 nak jadi yang paling maksum. Masing2 ingat diri sendiri bakal masuk syorga. Masing2 dok api neraka kan orang. Ni lah jadinya. Sampai kerajaan malaysia pun bersekongkol sekali dok highlight benda bangang ni masuk tv, dahlah prime time. Bodoh. RTM dengan semua benda MLM pyramid scheme ni semua bangang, serupa keldai.

Malaysia nak maju tahun 2020?
Harapan la brader. Flush tahi dalam jamban pun tak reti, nak maju jadah apa?

Oh ye, kalau gwa adalah salah seorang law regulator dekat malaysia ni, sumpah gwa malu wey.  Letak jawatan la balik kampung tanam jagung.

Last, but not least,
read this shit for a moment. gracias.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have to accept the fact that i'm not ready to stop smoking. My mind told me that i'm not ready for that.

Saya perlukan alasan yang kukuh, kuat dan mampu membuatkan saya berhenti once and for all. Saya terpaksa relate berhenti merokok dengan perkahwinan.

Saya perlu satu motivasi yang kuat untuk itu. Marriage is no childs play, u have to be commited, and be prepared mentally and physically for that. You can't just decide to get ready when u're not yet ready to face the fact that u'll be living your life with an important person u'll be spending your life with throughout your life. At least having all the minimum requirement to be involved in the marriage thingy.

Cuba berhenti seribu kali sekalipun kalau ia tak kekal, sama macam kawin cerai kawin cerai kawin cerai. Tak konsisten dengan niat asal iaitu kekal dengan pendirian asal, berhenti merokok. Bukan berhenti olok olok sebab nak sedapkan hati sendiri. Tapi berhenti for good.

I guess i need a list for that but i wonder if that'd be helping me on the process.

So, for the time being, i'm not ready to stop. Unless i'm totally ready to actually start realizing the fact that i need to stop smoking.

Harap harap rakan taulan, keluarga serta semua pihak secara langsung atau secara tak langsungnya dapat membantu manusia manusia yang cuba untuk hidup sihat tanpa asap rokok.

Kelakar.  Harap harap dapatlah saya menajamkan penggunaan bahasa melayu yang caca merba ini untuk kegunaan sekarang dan masa depan. Amen.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Things That Crossed My Mind

At some point of life, i feel like i'm losing everything. Feels like a loser. Though i rarely give up on anything. Anything worth to fight for. But yeah, the feeling of being a loser comes every now and then, and i can't help it. To feel helpless, is human. I don't know any magics nor chants to keep everything works impeccably in my life. I think i'll let my effort and time to do the chores. The rest? I need to go with the flow. I just have to.

You need to feel proud of your own self. Having the courage to be left behind, feeling rejected occurs at any moment throughout you short time span of the life.You need to be proud of yourself even though u've been rejected because u have said and done what ever it is u wanted to. Move on, there is a lot of things that would be proud of you the way u are. Do not let the sufferings devour you, instead, devour the suffering so it'll be afraid of your courage to set aside all the suffering that u've been through.

I can't pin point any big achievement in my life. Think i need to do something to at least be proud of myself. Its not a bad thing to brag to yourself when u've achieved something meaningful in your life.
I think i need to embrace all the things i've said and done. Prolly there's achievement in it without me realizing it. Start being optimistic. Start doing something worth for you to feel good about yourself.\


Monday, October 10, 2011

Filem Melayu

Memang. Gwa takkan tengok filem melayu dekat panggung wayang sebab gwa rasa tak berbaloi habiskan approx RM10 untuk beli tiket masuk ke panggung wayang untuk filem melayu. Gwa lagi rela habiskan RM10 tu beli popcorn caramel dengan air coke/pepsi lepastu cari seat kat luar untuk tengok preview lepastu balik. Tak sanggup gwa masuk wayang and tunggu 2 jam untuk habiskan air liur gwa menyumpah seranah. Bak kata serbanistas, buang masa je buat dosa kering. haha. dosa kering tu ape ntah. Macam kulit kering la kot gamaknye.

Tipu la kalau cakap semua filem melayu tak bagus, tapi memang banyak yang bangang bangang belaka pun. Yang betul betul up to par ada la dalam berapa belas filem yang betul2 berbaloi untuk ditonton. The rest? Not my taste and takde input langsung. Setakat masuk wayang, jadik bodoh kejap mengadap skrin, lepastu keluar tak dapat apa apa baik gwa beli buku, baca kat rumah, lepastu bayangkan sendiri scene scene yang ada dalam buku tu dalam kepala hotak gwa.

Lagi satu, filem filem melayu banyak rosakkan penggunaan bahasa melayu. Masing masing nak tiru ayat ayat goblok yang pelakon pelakon tu tuturkan. Cuba kau bayangkan budak umur 10 tahun borak macam ni dengan mak dia "Sial la mak" (adaptasi filem KL Gangster bila mamat aaron aziz tu selalu cakap "sial la Jai".)

Benda ni gwa nampak depan mata kot. Lu nak tujah apa lagi?

Ah, lantak la depa nak buat skrip macam mana pun. Kalau skrip semua nak skema je pun bosan jugak. Tapi at least, cuba la bagi cerita tu senonoh sikit plot plot dia. Takde la gwa stereotypekan semua filem melayu macam ni. Haih.


Do You Have The Guts?

Do you have the guts to confront with the people who have problems with you straight away?
No matter what type of dispute it is.

No matter what type of medium in resolving the matters.
Name it. Face to face. On the phone. Thru text, messages. Or anything as long as you will confront them one by one in order to clear the cloudy sky above.

Do you have the guts to do so?

Friday, October 7, 2011


I'm happy with myself. For the time being. And i hope for eternity, till the day i die.
I'm happy with my messy hair, my outfit, my sneakers, my belongings, my family, my friends, and ultimately with my life. I'm happy with what i have. Even though i'm whining every now and then.
We're humans. Normal human whine every now and then.

I've once tweeted this,
"U're not being thankful everytime u whine and shit"
But hey, i'm no god nor something powerful to change the course of my  life in a blink of an eye.
So, yeah,we whine. An utter pleasure from something we never really gain anything from.
Just a matter of pure satisfaction from a dreaded heart.
The fear that makes u abide the laws, rules, and regulations people been created since mankind exists.

Why should i be happy for you when u're not happy for me?


The fact that we live at the same place, drink the same water, breath the same air, use the same thing from the same resources, the earth,  reminds me on how small we are on this small small world.
The difference? Its just a matter place and time.

The fact that royalties, elitists, middle class citizen,working class citizen and all the bullshit level we've created triggers me.
We're all the same.

U aint breath the fresh air brought to you from anywhere special. You still drink the same water manufactured from the different company and shit.

Imagine how small we are. Imagine how we live in a colony of ants. A small community that can easily be destroyed by the vicious weather and shit.

U're of no special class world citizen.
U're just where u are, where u belongs despite all the inequalities and shits happening all around the globe.
We were all exactly the same species of homosapiens. U're no special than me nor from the other human being. Grind it to your mind.

Lucky me i' wasn't born somewhere in somalia.
I should be thankful for that.
I can crawl on the net with my lappy on the floor, laughing on your stupidity and intolerance towards others.
I should be thankful for that. U should too. The moment u read this blog, u need to realize that you are one lucky mafakka who had the connection to the otherside of the reality and was not born in poverty someplace, where poverty is killing each and every cell within you.

Yeah, the title should be thankful. I've been searching for a title when i typed this sentence.

Be thankful. Be very thankful.
U'll never know when u're gonna fall down to the core of troubles.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are You COOL?

Matter of fact
Everybody wants to befriend with a cool guy. Somebody attached to a feel good factor to hang out with. Name it, a celebrity, a geek, a singer, an actor or anything that crossed your mind.

The truth is, being cool is being the real you. I mean, you don't need any expensive gadgets to be cool. U don't need extra peculiar outfits to be cool. You don't need to be somebody else to be cool. Face it, some of us try hard, sometimes too hard to be cool. To feel hip to be around with.

Just take a good look at obefiend with his galaxy tab. He's not as cool as u ever think so. He's just good at what he's doing. A celebrity? They're good at what they are doing. You can't levelled cool. 

But i think i know. Some people tend to be or look cool someway somehow just to feel good with their own self. There's a big sense of the urge to be accepted. The acceptance of others. The approval. You don't need all of that actually. 

I will befriend with you if u're you. Thats more than enough. Just don't try to go overboard doing this and that to look cool. At some level, u'll someway somehow being stereotyped as a show off or something because u're in need of an approval from someone who doesn't even know you.

To some extend, some people waste a lot of money and effort just to look cool in order for the society to approve them as cool. 

I knew a guy who bought a blackberry because almost everybody had one. A a matter of fact, he didn;t even use it to the maximum regularities amazed me on how stupidity and the sense of approval is killing them. Then, he bought a DSLR, the so called cool stuff to play with. You know why he's buying that shit? Because he thinks its cool just to have a DSLR. Quite stupid. Bet i bet he's in need of the approval. 

Meyh, u don't need all that just to be true with your friend. I don't care what u had, or what u wear. People will still be your friend if they're true enough to be a friend. I won't befriend with u just because your father is a fucking multibillionaire and you drive an audi TT to class. You can befriend with material, but they won't last as long as when u befriend with that person.

And trust me, you don't have to smoke weed to look cool, you don't need to pop that ecstacy to be cool, you don't need to snort that fucking cocaine to be cool and u don't have to inject that motherfucking heroin into your blood vein to look cool. Just be your own self. The real friend will befriend with you with the real you and stay together if u're still you. 

Don't run around buying this and that, doing stuff and shit just to boost your cool level. Don't u feel like u're lying to urself doing all those shit? Get in front of the mirror naked and ask yourself, will you befriend with yourself because of you or because some else shit that doesn't even matter. 

Let me copy paste what Steve Jobs have said in his speech before he was dead.

"Your time is limited; so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

See, he's being him the way he was. 
RIP Steve Jobs. 

It's true. Life is too short to live it trying to be anything other than your true, original self. Be who you are, and be it the best way you know how. Celebrate your individuality and uniqueness. Dare to be an original!


Impersonating others won't make you look cool,
It will only make you look like a fool.

Dealwithit mafakka

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Been A While

Its been a while Since i last published my last post.
I actually got tons of drafts written when i was truly bored on the storage of my laptop. But i don't feel like publishing any of them because everytime i re read them shit, it feels strange. Seems like it was full of error 404 when the interweb is acting like a monkey. So, i passed.

The moment i wrote this shit, i wonder what is the main issue i wanna jerk it in. Ahah. The reason why i ain't blog a shit. Its most prolly because i have no issues and trying to cope with the peace of mind, that rarely lasts long.

The fact that i'm living a life full of happiness i've create within myself is so fucking disturbing. It contradicts the fact that none of them is 100% true till this split second. Maybe i failed to embrace all the moment of laughter and joy. Or maybe because apart of the happiness is not fully complete in which they're falling apart.

See, the reason to live a life full of happiness is only a dreamland built in your mind, or on the big ass advertisement where people laugh and smile all the time when the truth is everybody is crying inside out and they cover up that sadness with a fake smile and laughter.

I just can't do that. I rarely smile, contradicting with the posts i've posted. Most probably because i hate to fake a smile. Coz when i smile, i smile fer real.

A couple of days ago,  a stranger told me i am far from being categorized into a friendly people. Until they saw me smiling. It feels weird.

Gazillions of words are crafted into my mind yet too little flows to my fingers.

Yes, i've been posting too little too much about myself lately. Its not because i'm running out of ink from my head, but the damage is done. Target locked, mission accomplished. The rest? Its up to everybody to interpret the data. For what cause? Suit yourself. Can't be bothered to tell everyone what to do, with all the questions in the world. It is all up to you since i can and might only be the reason why you choose that something something. The real deal is always up to you. I refuse to choose and decide for you because i hate being a dictator. Wait, Who loves a dictator?

I guess there's an unresolved issues left unanswered within me. Thats why i started to write, again. Maybe someone, or something might help me sort that shit out. Maybe i'll sort it out within a few days.

Ah, maybe is another form of uncertainty. Too many grey areas have to be covered. The future's a mystery. Full of riddles and what not.

I Hope serendipity is after me. I guess all those mystery box left unopened might contained another vicious barrier to embrace. Well, lets see what would happen next. Its all written somewhere somehow. I just have to be prepared to face it all. Lets prepare for it while the clock is still ticking in and out.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Everybody’s  been searching in their whole life. Searching for the right thing for themselves to be with. To embrace. To feel satisfied. To feed the hunger in them. To actually fulfill their endless wants and needs.

Searching for religion. Searching for god. Searching for the right girl. Searching for the right house, the right phones, the right friends, the right everything they think is right for them. To eventually feed their lust.

And finally, I’ve found the right answer for the right situation I’ve been watching and experiencing.

Its been written all over these blog I’ve been reading for the past 6 months.

Read this or u’ll miss the reason why I wrote this whole shit up

After u read the whole shit, u can go back to your perfect little life. Or try to realize that your emotion is lack of rational judgement.  You choose. You fuckin’ choose.

But hey, the right thing wouldn't always fit you most of the times. The fact that human is not a puzzle is intricating yet mind challenging because everybody wants to find the right person to complete the loop they had in them.


Kitab Terfaktab #1

Maybe tak ramai tau gwa tulis dekat terfaktab.
Mungkin sebab gwa tak pulun letak link dekat every entry yang gwa tulis kat sana sebab genre blog ni dengan terfaktab berbeza. Bagai langit dan bumi. Kat sini hardkor tetibe tulis kat terfaktab tulis pasal hal ehwal relationship. yucks. LOL~

Ah, hardkor tak hardkor kat sana gwa tulis hardkor hardkor gak. peduli apa gwa tu blog genre ape. Janji gwa puas hati.

Untuk Perhatian anda semua, gwa secara langsung terlibat dalam penulisan kitab terfaktab edisi pertama yang bakal dilancaukan, eh? Dilancarkan di Uya Distro 1 October 2011. Tapi dah start jual awal dah kat event astro @ stadium merdeka. 17 septermber. Nak tau apekejadahnya semua ini? Beli, then baca.

So, kalau nak dapatkan early copy boleh la beli kat event tu. Tak pun kalau malas buat je pre order. Setel.
Kalau rasa explanation gwa ni mcm haram je tak paham pi klik ni hah. depa terang panjang lebar kat sana.

Selamat membaca.


Friday, September 9, 2011


I used to be a teenager who wants to be a psychiatrists. Check
But when I grow older, than just a teenager.  I still believe I can be a psychiatrists.

But the only barrier of becoming a psychiatrists is, my poor performance in core science.  I was kinda good with biology but physics and chemistry fuck the hell out of me.

No, all of the statements above is not the reason why  I am writing all of these bullshits.
I found out that writing is a therapy. The same to cursing, tweeting, screaming, singing, vandalizing and tons of other self-therapeutic session I’ve been conducting to myself all of these years I lived.

I am a very patient human being. The cons of being a patient guy like me is I rarely get angry with everything, and I cool off as fast as the iceberg touch the very core of the heat, deep inside my mind.

If and only if it seems like I am angry, I’m not angry at all. Most probably I’m just annoyed. That’s all.

So, I have problems with telling people all the shits I’ve been through. The bad moments mostly because most of the subjugated problems I’ve gone through was always been used as the pinhead on me. I know, nobody likes it when their attitude or confession of any subject that they’ve utter becomes the analytical ways that’ll eventually kill themselves off the hook. It’s just plain stupid and useless. Maybe that’s why I stopped story telling shits to anyone even to my close relatives n friends.

I find it hard when people rarely trying to understand and start telling me I am all the problem that I had. It just sounds wrong and I can’t take it in a chunk of poisonous meal on my throat.

I should call or perhaps telling u I’m sorry personally because i never mean to hurt you

Fuck it.

The thing is, we all need a stranger or anyone we knows to listen to all of our problem.
Maybe that’s why wimmenz never really wants any of our solution whenever they’re sharing their problems with us, guys.

But sometimes I can’t help but to question them. Why on earth would u share your problems with us if u don’t even want to solve them or at least consider our solution to you.

I think, I just think, if you, wimmenz out there don’t want us, guys, to help solving ur problems, just say it out loud in the first place so that we can stop trying to find a solution for you and we can continue listening attentively to you consecutively understands your situation and be a good listener by lending our ears to you.

The thing is, do i need a psychiatrists?


Thursday, September 8, 2011


I wanted to be so rich so much that I forget the values i should have been enjoyed in life.
I don’t wanna grow up being an old man who’d be regretting my action when I was young. But that’s life. We’ll someway somehow end up regretting almost everything we did in our life. The only difference it’d make is how we learn from the lesson from our regret.

So, since I am still a young hopeful chap who’s been trying to cope up with life, I am writing this to remind myself about all the values I should enjoy before it is all too late to realize that there’s life beneath every life.

“hey young guy, live your life!”
That’s me talking to myself.
I need a refreshing shower.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Susah Hati

Semalam saya rasa susah hati.
Lepas itu saya call ibu saya. Kira kejadian once in a blue moon jugak lah ni.
Saya cakap dengan dia, "Saya susah hati. Doakan agar saya tak susah hati ya wahai bonda?"
Bangun bangun pagi sahaja, saya rasa senang hati.
Tapi senang hati tak tahan lama...

Malam ni saya rasa susah hati lagi.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Solar Vs Nuclear

Absolute choice. If and only if u’re an optimistic guy with an optimistic vision
Solar power is clearly renewable and nuclear power isn’t.

One is harmful and one is not

The fact that the government is making a selfish approach to still want to invest in developing nuclear power as an alternative energy is a fool’s approach.

Even Germany, a developed country with lotsa specialists prefer solar than nuclear energy as their alternative source of power (@j_h84) even though they receive less than sun exposure than us.

But Malaysia, with endless shine of sunshine prefer nuclear to be the next project-for-crony to be developed.
Bet you can catch my drift now. The government is acting behalf of their pocket more than listening to the people’s voice. 

Malaysia is a fucking small country with almost zero wasteland to start with. Why nuclear energy?

Even the infamous bakun dam is a total waste with billions of public money wasted. They can’t even finish that stupid thing now they’re turning their back on that hydro project and considering a nuclear project? What the fuck do they had in their mind?

I can remember the last time reading about this topic. The government had already distribute the concession for the nuclear project development to their cronies.

Stop blinking for a second and give a deep thinking session in your head.
Who wants to be the next victim with our nuclear project?

Don’t tell me we have to sacrifice something for something. This is no longer a collateral damage we’re talking about since we already had the alternatives to the stuff we’re talking about. Its solar power.

Although the government thru one of their ministry had conduct their early project since 2006 till now for an experiment of solar power that includes 1000 participant, that is not enough since today, its 2011 coming 2012. How many years wasted? 6 fucking years for as little as only thousands of experiment conducted. 

Good job government.
U haven’t secure my vote.

One of the biggest setback for solar energy power is they are still expensive and the investment for it might take years to reap. But still, for a long investment, they worth every single penny every Malaysian can imagine.

Kudos for the solar powered industrial in Melaka but is that all?

It’d be a good step to use all your means for propaganda to inject some serum of wake up call to all the citizens. Solar energy is a free energy. They are Safe and they produce almost zero harmful by product unlike  coal, petroleum and totally nuclear. Nuclear waste will be a big issue if and only if the government still wants to implement their greedy needs to develop nuclear energy as the next source of power.

Contrary to popular beliefs, you won’t get mutated once you’ve been contaminated with nuclear waste like all the cartoons in the comics u’ve read, but u’ll be an impaired creature with thousands of defects here and there. Costs all the lives and all the money to reciprocate the condition with all the medical bills aint they?

I hate to have to act like an activists but the truth is the truth. You can’t just say yes without considering all the contra of that particular thing in its long term. 

Say hi to optimists view and kill that selfish thought in your damn bloody head. You're not doing it for us, you're doing it for you. for your own pathetic selfish benefit.


Berhenti Berharap

Aku berhenti, berharap.


Aku berhenti berharap.

Cuba pilih salah satu atau kedua duanya.

tiba tiba rasa useless. Sebab hold on to hope.
Hope is for losers. phew...

Tunggu tuhan reply harapan harapan manusia. Macam nak tunggu kiamat.

Tak bagus sebenarnya kalau berharap banyak sangat. Nanti orang jadi malas. Harapan tinggi gunung everest tapi effort tarak. Memang tinggal harapan jela.

So, gwa syak manusia kena tanam harapan lepas effort dibuat.
Takde la macam mengharap pokok ganja tu tumbuh sendiri. At least kena tanam dulu. Sampai dah metafora shroom untuk hari ni.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Realiti Dunia

Budak gemuk loser yang takde awek and tak pernah ada awek itu mengharapkan gadis freehair 36’30’38’  yang putih dan gebu di depan matanya akan jadi miliknya. Hari hari dia berharap miracle akan dating menjemput takdirnya.

Lelaki metrosexual berbadan sasa yang mekapkan mukanya untuk ke pejabat itu rupa rupanya gay. Perempuan perempuan monggel yang mengharapkan kasih sayang lelaki metrosexual itu berasa hampa lalu bertanyakan tuhan “mengapa ini terjadi!!!”

Jejaka yang rasa dirinya terlalu tampan sambil berulang ulang kali mengakui dirinya hensem di depan cermin hanya mampu mengharapkan ada manusia yang perasan kehadirannya dimana mana setiap ketika.

Mamat yang rasa dirinya playboy, buaya darat, dan pengeluar utama ayat ayat manis terhadap perempuan perempuan disekelilingnya merancang untuk nail semua perempuan perempuan yang tampak menggiurkan untuk disantap atas katil katil hotel di seluruh bandaraya Kuala Lumpur.

Lelaki biasa yang tak pernah rasa superior dengan dirinya sendiri selalu gagal untuk dapatkan perempuan yang sifatnya sama seperti lelaki itu. Hari hari dia berharap justice will prevail.

Mamat playboy di atas juga mengharapkan perempuan bertudung comel yang masih lagi virgin untuk dijadikan isteri. Harapan la brader.

Karma jahat masih lagi menghantui semua orang yang rasa dirinya baik.

Potret Kejam itu hari hari tertawa. Mengenangkan kemenangan kejahatan di seluruh dunia.

Malaikat kiri dan kanan sibuk mencatat segala perilaku si polan untuk dipersembahkan kepada yang sangat agung. Tak pernah berehat. Tak pernah lagi berhenti melainkan seisi alam ini ditakdirkan untuk musnah dalam kejadian kiamat yang acap kali disebut sebut di bibir bibir manusia.

Semua orang mengeluh. Mengeluh atas segala musibah yang berlaku ke atas dirinya. Tak pernah sekali pun toleh kebelakang untuk muhasabah diri.

Kaya pun susah, miskin pun susah.

Bahagia tak pernah ditulis atas kertas kepala agong yang kau gunakan untuk beli kebahagiaan sementara. Yang nyata, itu semua kebendaan.

Kau boleh beli hati, tapi kau tak boleh beli perasaan.

Hedonisme menguasai akal yang cetek. Secetek kolam mandi kanak kanak di kondominium dan apartment berdekatan.

Kalau kau boleh berikan maksud setiap patah perkataan yang kau tuturkan, aku akan gelarkan kau super saiya.

Kejap lagi nak basuh baju. Banyak sangat baju kotor sampai tak tahu nak pakai ape lepas ni. Kalau malas hantar dobi. Kalau rajin basuh sendiri. *cek wallet untuk kepastian. Duit main peranan.
Bak kata setan dalam badan aku, “no money no food bro”.

Rambut belakang aku panjang, tapi aku bukan rempit. Bapak kau yang hari hari naik motor pergi kerja pun bukan rempit. Dia Cuma penunggang motosikal yang tak bersalah. Nak buat mullet, tak jadi. Rambut aku degil macam perangai aku. 


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pegi Mati

Pergi ke kubur untuk doakan orang yang dah mati.
Dengan harapan doa tu sampai ke mana mana tempat yang sepatutnya dia sampai.

Tapi gwa rasa orang yang dah mati tu patutnya doakan orang yang tengah hidup.
Who am i kidding?
Orang orang yang dah mati tu dah tak sengsara dah sebab dah tak payah fikir ape ape pun dalam kubur.
Rest In Peace.

Orang yang masih lagi hidup dekat atas bumi ni hidupnya lagi sengsara. Hari hari membanting tulang cari makanan untuk kenyangkan perut untuk terus hidup. DAN berusaha untuk bagi makan dekat nafsu nafsu yang tak pernah puas dengan apa apa yang mampu disuapkan literally.

Kau cakap dengan yakin n pastinya bahawa orang2 yang dah mati tu sedang diseksa.
Kau dah pernah mati ke wahai orang orang yang masih hidup?


Kau takut kena describe tapi kau describe orang?
How can that be?
So, adakah statement itu mengunjurkan bahawa orang lain tak boleh describe anda and anda sahaja yang berhak untuk memanipulasikan keadaan itu untuk jadi yang sebaliknya?

Cakap la nak cakap apa, siapa yang mampu jahit mulut kau untuk hentikan kau dari bercakap?
Kalau dia buat defamation, saman sudah.  Kalau kau rasa kau ada duit untuk saman orang lah.
Kos nak saman orang bukan dua tiga ringgit. Makan ribu ribu juga. Mana ada benda yang datang free dalam dunia ni. Kau beranak keluar dari perut pun dah kena bayar. RM500 kalau dekat public hospital and lagi mahal kalau dekat private hospital. 

Lahir lahir je dah kena bayar tol tahu?

Kalau tak puas hati jugak hentak je kepala dia dengan apa apa material yang mampu buat dia sakit and bertaubat dari berkata kata nista. or, bunuh je dia. 
Kalau kau rasa berbaloi untuk letakkan undang undang dunia ni dekat tangan kau.

Undang undang tuhan ke undang undang manusia ke, tukang execute undang undang tu manusia jugak.
Unless tuhan campur tangan and execute 'the act of god' dekat semua manusia.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Harapan Short Term

Habiskan minggu ni dengan chin up. Walaupun usaha untuk chin up tu perlukan seribu satu struggle. Kepala tengah fakap, keadaan tengah fakap, semua pun turut serta memfakapkan diri.

Fakap kan?

Harap harap hari ni saya tiada desire untuk tembak siapa siapa. Kesian pulak tengok muka muka kesian tu jawab soalan soalan membunuh.

Nanti kena cop pembunuh bersiri pulak.
Ah, biar mood harini yang tentukan. Kalau dia behave, selamat lah kamu dari malapetaka yang bakal menimpa sesiapa sahaja.

Kisah apa saya kamu nak cakap apa. Tipu lah kalau saya tak rasa annoyed. Tapi saya dah listkan first thing first.

Berbaloi ke marah orang bodoh sebab dia bodoh?

Tak berbaloi pun. Baik buat hal sendiri lepas tu gelak sorang2. Gelak ramai ramai pun boleh. Takde sape pun marah. Kalau kena marah pun buat bodoh sudah. Tak pun marah jela balik. Zehahahaha!


Friday, August 19, 2011

Adam And Eve Fucked Up Edition

U know why life’s a circle?
Let me tell u a story.

And the story goes like this.

Once upon a time, adam and eve was living happily at heaven for I don’t know how long coz it was not important to me the least.

After adam was built, god wants the devil to bow upon the human which the devil think was in lower caste than him, which is fire.  So, devil refuse to bow or something like that to human since they are fire, and they think they are more special than us, the dirt. And so, the devil was banished to the earth because of their stubborn-ness for not following the order from god.

This is the  level I created in my mind since I was too lazy to make more research on this shit. There is

God – no creatures know what he’s made up of.
Angels – made from light
Human – made from the dirt, the soil.
Devil – made from fire
And last but not least,
Animals – I don’t know what they’re made up of. Lol

Before the devil was banished to earth, they sworn to keep on influencing human with their decision making till the day they die. Which eventually told us that in each and every human choice and results, we will always be influenced by the devil. That’s why human can never be a best judge because of the reasons given above.
Starting point is when the devil was banished to earth.

The devil can still afford to influence adam and eve from far using their telephatic ability.
There’s this tree and its stupid fruit that made us all living in this hellhole called the earth.
The devil influenced eve to persuade adam into plucking that stupid fruit from that stupid tree. God have already told them human to get the fuck out from the tree or they’ll be punished, to be banished to earth too.
U know how women can influence everything with their ability to persuade shit and stuff. Adam then pluck the fruit and they ate them together.

I don’t know if this is a fact or another make up story but now men had adam’s apple on our throat and ladies had that beautiful twin boobies on their chest.

Which conjure me to think that eve V 1.0 is uglier than eve V 2.0 since eve version 2.0 had that boobies on their chest and that’s one of their assets. Normal man love boobies. We sure do.

But the fact that we’re all banished to earth is the prove that life is a circle.
There’s no safe place anywhere in the world not even on heaven since that stupid tree was soiled on heaven.

We live, we breath, we did good or bad things, We die. We’ll end up either on heaven or hell. And in hell u stay. Exception to muslim, u’ll be granted a pardon and get the hell out of the hell and stays in heaven.  In heaven you still have the possibilities to be banished because u might someway somehow end up wanting to eat that stupid fruit from that stupid tree.

I do have the urge and curiousity to eat that fruit. Don’t blame me. I’m just a human. A curious one.

Is this the flaw? Is this the loophole? Are there such trees on heaven? And if it is, then, we’ll all prolly end up living on earth for the rest of our life since that’s the circle I see.

Fucked up ey?
Yeah, my mind is currently fucked up, the day I wrote this shit.
Let’s discuss this shit down below. #serbanistas are welcomed.

But please, answer my question, don’t preach me like u’ll surely end up fucking and snogging with all those beautiful angels in heaven.

11.03 P.M 18/8/2011

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Serbanistas Vs Missionary

Thesis statement : Nak Islamkan orang tapi lepastu tak nak bertanggungjawab dengan Muallaf

Point 1 : Memang lah bagus ikut agama kau islamkan orang sana sini. Dapat banyak pahala kan? Tapi lepastu kau tinggal je macam tu. Cuba fikir dalam sikit. Orang yang lahir2 islam pun amalan ke laut inikan pulak orang yang baru convert nak kenal agama baru depa. Kes muallaf convert balik agama lain memang berlaku. Benda ni bukan benda baru. Benda ni sebenarnya tanggungjawab. Tanggungjawab orang yang convert tu. Tugas convert kapir jadik islam bukan usaha sekali lepastu lepas tangan. Benda ni continuous.  Sama la amcam kalau kau dah buntingkan anak dara orang. Bertanggungjawab la sikit. Bukan lepas dah convert orang tu jadi islam dia terus jadik pandai macam ulama ulama yang dah 70 tahun belajar pasal agama. Bayangkan muallaf tu macam bayi baru lahir. kau kena jaga sampai faith dia betul2 kaw2 sampai la dia boleh berdiri atas kaki sendiri. Bukan main lepas tangan macam tu je. responsibility kau kat mana tah. Nama islam tapi responsibility takde. islam la sangat. Nilai nilai murni orang islam tu cuma letak atas kertas je ke? pui

Point 2 : Ramai je muallaf ni orang orang susah. Ni pun kena la ambik berat. Duit zakat yang juta juta tu lu orang sumbat kat mana? Sumbat kat dalam mulut sendiri bagi perut kenyang? Circulate la duit tu tolong orang2 yang wajib ditolong. Ini tak. Masing2 fikir duit zakat tu untuk diri sendiri. Cukup la gaji kau dah banyak, duit zakat pun kau nak kebas sekali buat harta. Ape punya celaka la perangai wey? Gwa lagi #salute sama itu christian missionary yang sumbat semua keperluan manusia yang depa tolong dengan niat depa convert christian. Memang akan ada udang disebalik batu tapi cara depa memang berkesan. Missionaries tu lagi bertanggungjawab. who win? sort them shit out lah.

Satu benda yang gwa kagum sangat dengan orang islam ni, dia punya skop simpati and empathy tu hanya untuk orang yang sama fahaman sahaja. Kalau kau kapir laknat, yahudi laknatullah, cina buddha, keling paria semua tu jangan tolong. Agama tak sama. Tak boleh tolong. Pegi mampos sama depa. Sape la pereka attitude ni pun gwa tak tau. Tolong sesama manusia pun tak dikira pahala jugak ke? Cuba luaskan skop POV tu. Ini sesama islam pun taknak tolong, jangankan agama lain, jangan harap nak tolong. Selfish kalah unta.

Come on.
Pelacur yang bagi anjing haus minum air pon masuk syorga lah. kahkahkah. Ke cerita ni cerita dongeng hikayat pak pandir?

Keep this in mind. Buat baik bukan hanya untuk kroni kroni kau je. Kau buat la baik dengan siapa siapa pun, benda ni pusing2 datang balik kat kau. Hidup ni full circle. Kau jalan la mana mana pun last last kau sampai jugak dekat line yang sama. Its a circle man. a FULL circle. Jangan lupa dengan tanggungjawab.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Statement Liar

 I am honest most of the time. But honesty is killing me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Individualism Mismatch

Have u ever heard of the advice that wants you to keep doing something for yourself and u did it but then someone else told you that you are being selfish because you never think of the others?

Slimy words like that makes you go saying "yes, do it for your own self" in front of the mirror and look good and feel good about it.

This is individualism and it should work for everybody since u are on your own no matter what happens since it's "you" is the subject that matters.

I'd love to go around and do everything for myself and be proud of it because i did it for myself. More accurately i am not trying to impress anybody with what i'm doing but its for myself, my own good. To make me proud of myself, that is.

I'd also love to be ignorant and never cares with what other people had in my mind as long as i knew what i am doing and hope it wont bother anyone else in my life. Thats more to life since it is always "you" we've been talking about here. Imply 'stoic' in that box of context.

But all and all, we just can't. I can't. You can't. Because we all live not all alone in this world full of high and low, dark and bright world full of sensitive people who always think its for them and them only.

See, people, everybody, me, you, them, the society is selfish. They consume themselves for themselves. Have all the people in this world ever think of us? By Us i mean your own self. You, individually.

Being caring have its own faulty consequences since not everybody will think twice on why we did something in the first place. That is someway somehow sucks.

But then i found out that we just have to put all of that thing together at the right place at the right time to ensure a good balance of life.

Since thinking only about you and yourself will be considered selfish and thinking aout everybody else is mischievous since we didn't try to put our own self at the first sight. Being caring is too much when you have no idea whats best for you right in the first place.

So, i'll stick on doing whats best for myself 'first' before letting any other stupid or non stupid option kill me in my way on doing whats best for me.


Monday, August 1, 2011


On a random conversation with a friend.

"Yo man. What's up?"

"My dick."

Friday, July 29, 2011


Quick updates before the satan (Say-turn) are being chained from being a badass. (yeah right)
Manusia lagi jahat dari setan, lancau ape.

Oh, here's the main idea. I need to strain my financial plan in order for me to worship #hedonisme as my next god, akin to god of sex, lust, wealth and money etc.

Patutnya sembah dewa duit jelah. Tapi nak sembah kepala capitalisme susah, saya tak reti kipas bontot maharaja duit, tapi kita try buat step by step.
I have lotsa needs that i need to fulfill yet i haven't fulfilled since i'm busy thinking on how to kill a tiger using a bottle cap. #seriously. #seriously i'm lying top to toe.

So, let's just pretend that i am fucking poor so that i can teach myself on how to live a harsh life when all the papers with notes on it, is hard to get.

I wish i can sell this blog so that i can afford myself a... err... peace of mind. (lies)
I just want to go for a trip to somewhere i've never been and see the world in all different angle and suck it up my brain.

I just wanna have fun with myself and my friends. Thats it.
Whenever people said life's too short to be sad, i hope i could kill the first person ever said that sentence because being sad is apart of living this life. Cunts!

Btw, i'm not sad, nor angry, nor feel complicated with everything, i'm just tired. There's tasks to be completed and i'm too lazy to do anything about it. Like i've tweeted before, Malaysian rhymes with Malasnye so well that i think u'll be nodding your head a couple of times before realizing u're nodding your head up right because of the statement above.

For the time being, have a funny weekend.
Enjoice life the way they were meant to be.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Klasifikasi Manusia Bodoh Tak Sedar Diri.

Pokoknya, manusia memang suka cipta status sesama sendiri. Siapa lagi kaya, siapa lagi cantik, siapa lagi hensem, siapa lagi style, siapa lagi retis, siapa lagi hipster and all.

Masalahnya, benda ni jadi masalah bila kau nak jadi salah seorang dari manusia yang berkawan dengan status ni. fuck you.

Perlu ke aku round around the block and see a bunch of kids approving baju apa yang dia orang pakai, apa gadget yang dia orang guna, apa jenis kasut yang dia orang pakai and segala jenis benda yang memang dizahirkan dengan materialistik. Kalau ada bunch of idiots yang perlukan approval dari aku dengan semua benda benda ni, aku mungkin mintak dia orang punya IQ level. Kau cukup pandai ke nak kawan dengan orang pandai macam aku? Celaka apa. Ni semua pengaruh2 iklan yang hari2 sogok kau dengan status and shit sampai kau kena tengok baju apa, kasut apa and gadget apa yang orang lain pakai baru kau nak berkawan dengan depa. Bodoh.

Jangan risau dengan aku, risau dengan diri kau sendiri. Aku masih lagi bangga pakai baju bundle RM5 yang aku beli dekat kedai bundle tu. Aku tak perlukan baju topman kau yang aku yakin kalau aku garit sikit dah koyak. Aku tak perlukan lambang Calvin Klein dekat dada aku sebab aku bukan duta yang membayar untuk pakai brand tu. Aku tak perlukan blackberry hanya sebab ramai kawan kawan aku pakai blackberry. Fooo. i can buy one if i wanted to but i wont because i am the trend. I set my trend. I don't need to keep up with the trend because i am not your slave.

Suffice to say, gwa nampak ramai sangat yang cuba untuk duduk dalam kasta kasta imaginary yang kau sendiri buat supaya kau rasa kau fit in dalam circle tu. Bangang apa? Penting sangat social status tu sampai kau bergolok gadai itu ini sebab nak nampak gah macam semua orang. Fooo.... Beli buku Dua puluh lapan ringgit sembilan posen bising itu ini tak cukup duit palancau. Beli blackberry ribu ribu tak banyak bunyi pulak. Aku lempang sekor sekor baru tau nikmat hidup kat dunia. Sedih!

Gwa dah tak larat dah nak hidup dalam dunia idealists. Memang circle bodoh ni akan sentiasa hidup and melarat. Macam cendawan tumbuh lepas hujan. Fungsi asal setiap keperluan tu dah lari. Lari jauh sangat sampai takde sape yang mampu buat kau fikir macam orang waras. Sedih! sumpah sedih. Kau lagi bangga dengan dunia materialistik kau dari berbangga dengan knowldege yang kau simpan untuk share dengan semua orang.

Ape sengih2?
Kau bangga la kau pakai semua designer cloth dengan gadget2 mahal tu?
Otak kau pun sapa buat? Cloth designer yang buat? Steve Job yang buat? Owner Research In Motion yang buat?

Aku sedar. Aku pun pakai benda2 tu semua. Tapi aku pakai sebab quality, bukan sebab entity. Foo. memang tak boleh lari dari circle bodoh ni. Semua orang is trying  hard to be the dumbest prick. Show off semua harta harta yang yang bukan dia beli guna duit sendiri. Tak sedar diri punya madefaker.

Memang cemerlang gemilang terbilang betul warganegara malaysia ni. Semua pun dok kejar status sampai lupa perut yang lapar belum diisi dengan makanan. Foo. Lepas ni kalau kau lapa p masak blackberry kau. Mana tau lepas goreng dia tukar jadik buah. Bangsat2 pun boleh buat makan, kenyang.

Ni la hasil dia bila orang kaya bodoh turunkan gene gene bodoh dekat anak anak dia. Masing2 pemalas macam babi. Otak sapu dekat bontot, semua jadi tepu. Orang miskin pun sama. Dah sedar diri tu miskin lagi bodoh, belajar la hidup miskin and strive jadi kaya. Ini nak makan pun mintak orang ada hati nak berlagak macam orang kaya. Bodoh squared.

Bila pak mak mertua kau mintak hantaran mahal mahal tau pulak kau melenting ekonomi gawat hidup susah gaji tak cukup duit tak ada. Berdebu la poket kau sorang sorang.

Its my fucking perspective. What's yours?
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Sunday, July 24, 2011


Mungkin tu je yang boleh define apa yang kepala hotak gwa tengah fikir skarang ni.
Tapi gwa selalu selitkan rationality proportion dengan benda yang gwa marahkan tu.
Kalau kau nak emo sama silakan, tapi jangan switch off rationalisasi. Takut kau jadik bodoh sebab emosi tengah kawal diri.

Foo. Bertuah betul kalau dapat nampak gwa marah gila babi in real life. Tengok gaya gwa bercakap pun dah cukup tenang untuk pertikaikan macam mana gwa marah. *Genggam tangan sambil menggeletar macam orang kena parkinson.

Kalau ada masalah cakap. Saya ni manusia jugak. Tak ada telepati. Tak istimewa pun. Tak paham pun bila semua orang rasa marah. Boleh agak je.

Kalau kau boleh baca apa yang aku tengah fikirkan mungkin kau tau marah aku tahap mana sekarang ni.
foo. pagi pagi dah marah marah. bad luck betul.

Rasa macam tak guna betul. Tukar jadi manipulative kang kena gelar itu ini. Jadi baik orang pijak. Machibai.
Blog ni dah tukar jadi tempat untuk lepaskan saitan. Free therapy. Macam twitter.
Esok aku marah panjang panjang lagi. Tapi esok ada isi.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Critically Supportive

Being supportive and argumentative is an example of how certain people react on your decision. That is some ways on being critical of being a human in nature.

I used to share most things happening in my life to my mom since i was a kid. But i stopped when i think she's not supportive enough to lift me up towards all my extreme non biblical life, as early as when i was eleven. I'm not trying to say she's one hella non supportive mother in nature, but i guess thats just their natural way of protecting me. Instead of trying hard to understand my rebellious thought, she rejected most ideas that comes out of my mind. Clash of ideas. That shit happened all the times.

The difference between us, the younger side of society and the old chaps is they are more keen to stay on the playsafe side of the world, knowing how hard and harsh life could be. On the otherside, we, the youngsters tend to be radical in nature. Doing what we think is fun and kewl and shit stuff just for the sake of entertaining ourselves. #hedonisme is our lifestyle, i might say.

Some parents are not supportive, but some, said yes all over again because they knew someway somehow its useless to go against the fact that youngsters tend to do what they always wanted to do even though numerous advice and shit is given exponentially. To be on the right path in their mind is crucial since they knew better with the maze of life. They did live longer than us aren't they? Thats what they are trying to do. To put us in the right track in their mind.

You just have to appreciate them no matter how supportive or argumentative they are because that is their style on raising us according to their own way. You should know that there's no definite way on raising a child because we're all different in every level of thinking. The only things available is the method and approach they chose to teach us about this and that.

If and only if u think they never really care, think again. Because thats the best they can give you. Even the best will never be enough since we're all human with limitless wants and needs. Just be thankful for a second. That'd help, i guess.


Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Kau nak apa sebenarnya ni?"

"Aku nak jadi nombor satu. Aku nak kalahkan semua orang. Aku nak menang!"

"Ok, kau buat semua ni untuk siapa?"

"Aku? Buat untuk semua orang lah, baru semua orang tau aku ni siapa. Jangan ingat aku ni ayam-ayam je."

"Tapi kau tak pernah pun dapat nombor satu, kan?"

"Tu la pasal. Menyirap pulak aku pikir balik. Ape tak cukup ke semua yang aku buat tu wey?"

"Kau pernah buat apa apa untuk diri sendiri? Cuba buat sesuatu tu untuk diri sendiri. Mungkin nampak selfish tapi manusia memang selfish pun nature dia. Survival of the fittest kan?"

Cakap banyak pun tak guna. Kau lagi suka bila semua orang dekat sekeliling kau gembira dari tengok orang kat sebelah kau senyum. Kan? Kau buat la macam tu selalu. Kau jangan ingat bila kau tergolek nanti semua orang sekeliling kau nak bagi simpati. Dalam banyak2 yang bagi simpati tu, semua cakap mulut je. Yang kurang dari 1% tu kalau tolong pun ada hidden agenda. Yang lain? Dia orang tengah gelakkan kau. Kau ingat dia orang kisah?  Ape ingat dia orang takde keje nak sibuk pasal kau 24/7? Mimpi la wey. Kalau tak sebab orang kaya tu kedekut, dia takde la kaya macam sekarang. Bila kau sibuk sangat buat smua orang gembira, nanti kau boleh bilang dengan jari berapa ramai yang lepak tepi longkang dengan kau bila kau susah.

Kalau macam tu, kau dah boleh kahwin dengan semua orang lah. Kau ni mana sesuai jadi manusia monogami. Asal ada ruang je kau sebat. Boleh tahan tikus jugak kau ni.

Monday, July 11, 2011


1. If you think being in a relationship is all about being happy for every second in your life. Think again.

2. If you think being in a relationship is a warranty to a life full of sunshine and rainbow and wonderful colours, u might wanna revise your thought. There's always black, white and grey to stumble upon.

3. If you hope everythings gonna be all right with your relationship, well, stop hoping and stop dreaming. Get real.

4. If you think having someone special in you life in your relationship will kick out the emptiness and loneliness u've been facing all these years living in this world, well thats not exactly true and a valid reason to start a relationship.

5. If you think relationships is all about smiling throughout your whole seconds of life, thats overrated

6. If you think loving someone with all your heart is enough, well thats not enough. There'll be mouth to feed and super-complicated things to settle.

7. If you think having that someone will complete your life and kill the misery, that'll kill you in the end.

8. If you think being in a relationship is a game, its a game over.

9. If you think he/she's the one for you, have u seen the future yet? I believe its a No.

10. If you think this is all about you sitting on the center of the universe with all the spotlight on you, you're hallucinating. Eat less shrooms and more healthy food yarh. I know you need it.

Do not get deceived by the happiness and colours that the commercials and capitalists have fed to your eyes. If and only if happiness is an absolute reason why love exists, there'll be no misery in this world.

Told ja, love is overrated.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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