Saturday, January 29, 2011

Of Anonymous And Its Significant

Interweb is Srs business?

That's how it works nowadays.

I don't think i need to explain on why i'm being an unknown blogger with intricating pseudonym because for the umpteenth time, i'm tired of explaining why and why all over again.
Its like telling you why you have to eat every single day just because u can't accept the fact that we all eat and drink to live. Its tiring just to tell somebody whats what just to satisfy their hunger. Why can't u in a split second think of why its happening?

You, who rarely lurk into hundreds of website to find humongous info on the interweb must've been wondering who anonymous is, i bet millions of people would. Because not everybody is a regular internet users, unless its for their daily dosage of social networking sites.

Anonymous is one of the very powerful voice yet to be discovered here, in Malaysia. In most of other country, europe especially, anonymous is a big force thatt have caused thunderous movement. They are anonymously an important agent of self consciousness and self aware towards the incline of whats wrong and whats right. Yet, they're still an anonymous for sure.

They have caused a lot of movement that no ordinary organization would have done in an orderly manner. Anonymous is someway somehow a futile force to go against to.

Let me visualize it for you.
Anonymous is us. Everybody is an anonymous. No matter what colour u are, what race u are, what gender u are or what type of religion u've put your faith into. Deep inside, u are an anonymous.

It's not because u want to escape from the fact that you have a huge amount of critique deep inside you, but its because everybody have and entitled to their opinion in their own ways.

To Seal off the face of an anonymous is to seal off everybody's face. 

An anonymous don't need to be a doctor, nor a lawyer to be an anonymous. They only have to be themselves in their own cognitive way of thinking. U don't have to be me to think like me because a big world with the same style of thinking is not an ideal world to live in. Its gonna boring and dull. Like looking at the very same model of car doing what a car should do. Its like a rhetorical bullshit being sworn over and over again because you want people to understand something in your own way, not with everybody's way.

If you can't accept critiques, don't you fucking dare to involve yourself in a world where everybody have their own style of thinking and thoughts.

I know what you had in your mind.
You are one single person who think you're the most righteous son of a bitch that can't handle the truth that you want everything happened in your own way. Thats you.

But believe me, once you think u've succeed wiping off one single anonymous, you're totally are wrong in the first place. Anonymous is born each and every second as the clock is ticking. Anonymous is massive.

I tell u what, your very own blood would and could have been one of them. The difference is, whether u know it or you don't.

So, if you think you can handle me, try to handle the world by yourself, i bet u'll be drowning in hopelessness as the time goes by because one single action could've always lead to another incident. I hope u could memorize the law of catalyst. Once u pull the trigger, u're one dead man alive, yet to be discovered.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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Anonymous said...

tak faham

PointBlankShot said...

well said brah.

rasa macam tengok V for Vendetta pulak

Sca Ndx said...

"If you can't accept critiques, don't you fucking dare to involve yourself in a world where everybody have their own style of thinking and thoughts"

agreed with this.

Miss Cakap Banyak [MCB] said...

'Anonymous is born each and every second as the clock is ticking. Anonymous is massive.'

Suka tu.

eszol said...


headshot kepala botak!


Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

true that. Sometimes penting kita dengar apa yg orang fikir. A world with minds alike, far worse than suicide.

Anonymous said...

im falling in love with this anonymous helli


umph walah, a perfect couple

Fontonk said...

aku ingt nak buat assignment BEL pasal anon. minta permission copy eh?
harap lect aku terima article ni.

PUTERI said...

one single action could've always lead to another incident



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