Monday, February 14, 2011


You rarely say u are this or you are that
You don't wanna be this and u don't wanna be that
or perhaps
U do really wanna be this and that.
Its either one of the situation, don't ask me, coz u know you.

Whats the problem with i am this and i am that?
At least they are who they wanted to be.
Who am i to judge?

I used to hear that u are what u eat.
But now i hear that u are what u tweet
Next? U are what u _______ ( required field must not be left blank)

Let them be a christian, a muslim, a buddhist, an agnostic, an atheist
Left with choice, thats what they want as their faith
Kamu dengan agama kamu, dan aku dengan agamaku.
Pernah dengar? Supposedly yes. If and only if u're a man with faith.

You're probably, Yes, PROBABLY live in a surrounding where u think u are at the peak of opinion where u have no criteria to be blamed.
Because u blame, Perhaps.
As the outcome is yours to define n choose.

Should i wait another second for you to change your mind?
No, i aint think so. Coz u're still who u always wanted to be.
I only state what i had in my mind. Because i'm proud i am me.

See, i have a ground to stand and to stand for.
This is my ground. My mental playground.
U shouldn't be mad.
I didn't blame you because u're fat and you're you.
Deep inside, i am respecting each and everyone of you no matter how disgusting u are.

Meyh, this is not a war.
I might be a man of provocative in word, but i'm a man of peace,
though peace is a non- existence situation in some place.
A state of ridiculous attempt of serenity.

What do i have in my mind?
Surprise me plz....
Its Vday! Lulz~

Happy #VaginaDay peepz. #sarcasm

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


HEROICzero said...

nice one dude! Happy Vday!

For whatever V u prefer. =)

.::WaNiE::. said...

hi pakwe angkat

yui92 said...

for whatever reasons... people tend to choose the wrong path even the differences are obvious..

yes bagi kamu agama kamu bagi aku agama aku...

habis yang nak ikut agama orang tu apahal?(khusus utk org islam yang beria2 nak sambut valentine)

raikan orang yang tersayang setiap masa... dan bebaskan dari istilah valentine tu

aida said...

ah...ape mesej yg nak disampaikan ni.. lambat pulak nk interpret nih~

munirah ruslan said...

good effort though, but still need to polish here and there, in terms of grammar. and oh, keep on writing though u might have created 10 enemies, and 1 friend, still it's better than being shallow.

happy v day, peace!

Hellioz said...

i has sad
nobody really understands what i'm trying to say ere...

non-reaction said...


Anonymous said...

apsal kat sini jadi laen eh? tak comel macam kat kahkahkah .btw kesian takda orang paham.

Hellioz said...

ada orang faham
dia komen :) je


Hellioz said...

ok i screw up.

HEROICzero said...

well, this is my perspective. perhaps, work with you.

alfablue7 said...

u r what u shit

SUCI KUDUS said...

i am so speechless..........

Anonymous said...

dia buat :) tapi sbnarnya non reaction tuh.takpun kau yang komen sendiri.

tp betul jugak wpun kau neh tak betul sangat kan.cth: aku hipokrit tapi aku tak nak orang tahu aku hipokrit. see aku jadikan ia cth je.

Hellioz said...

gile ape komen pakai anon kat blog sendiri?
gwa xde la tak betul sgt as u claimed sampai nak buat macam tu sekali.
here i go,
replying your comment with my profile.


Anonymous said...

taklah gila. pathetic je.baguslah kalau tak mcm tuh kan.hmm oh takada entry baru ke? I'm dying gila nak baca neh.

delarocha said...

be yourself

Fuck Hellioz said...

kesiannn ko ni... aku pun tatau kenapa...

Along Tapa said...

bai..nice try buat entri dalam bahasa omptuih..tapi aku tiga pat kali baca baru aku tau apa ko cuba sampaikan...

tak pilih bulu tu sangat bagus...tapi ada orang suka yang kasi bersih punya..haha..

Gorengbaek - Cerita bunuh diri lak....

Hangit Habis dah - Kalo dah dasar penting diri...


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