Saturday, February 26, 2011

Perasaan Feelings

There's a time when u were so fuckin happy that u forget everything's u always feel in grave with. Accompanied with the tears of joy and laughter, all the misery seems so small, too tiny to even be glimpsed with your bare eyes. It was and will occasionally be a good thing to remember as it unfolds the good part we used to forget to remember and feel glad upon it. That pure happiness we never really think of it coming, naked.

But there's also a time when we were so fuckin screwed up that we eventually feel like dying to death. To imagine how death eventually reside in a ritual of zero tolerance of problems. Coz we always thought that death was the best way of solving problems though it was not always right to be true. The misery seems too deep that it confiscate the happiness inside our thoughts to the max. Do we need death to really end up everything? No. Death is not the end.

Life is sacred. We win the war with millions of other in a complete race to be embraced, even within this short span of time we used to view with those numbers. The creator have the utmost power to take it all off from us. Since we were already blessed with "life" everybody is complaining about, lets be thankful to our creator who is willing to give us this mere chance of enjoying and intoxicating life, with our own way, even if we didn't choose to set it off that way.

I just want to remember how i have felt this shit way before so that i would always be thankful to be given a chance to sip the free oxygen for my lungs. I jot this shit down because i want to remind myself that all the feelings that i've experienced before is a bless, none to regret, even if i always wanted to.

Dear human who have logical thinking and brain to even start with, embrace this life we've been living  this whole time, so that we can see the beauty that comes along with it, rather than just complaining about all the shit that we've been and will go through sooner or later.

Smile and say hello to the mirror, to yourself. We have the slightest chance to breath.
Now Inhale....
And exhale....

Congratulations! You're still alive dammit...

Its my descriptive perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


anOOan said...

ah. benci la entry touching2 dari hellioz. aku jadi terjatuh cinta. grrr


mirror mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of them all

anOOan said...

ah. benci la entry touching2 dari hellioz. aku jadi terjatuh cinta. grrr


mirror mirror on the wall
who is the fairest of them all

Akulah Aqilah Itu said...

this is kinda inspirational....

BeaN MorENo said...

do you wrote this entry...Dem!

SUCI KUDUS said...

shud i say... erm.. inspirational?


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