Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Say Sorry Again

1. I have tons supply of sorry in the garage because i mean it. Will that be considered as a cheap supply of apology?

2. I knew it. Some of you put a high price and ego for a word called sorry, but not me. I make mistakes, every single day, coz i know i'm not a perfect figure to walk the day without being sinned at any moment.

3. But hey, i aint use it for fun coz i'm not that typical-guy-who-say-sorry-every-single-moment just to escape from all the things that i've done. I'm personally liable for that, because i blame myself from all the things that i've done. Escapism is not my choice.

Are you me or are you the 2nd sentence above? Its your choice. I've already state my choice.


.::WaNiE::. said...

only say sorry when you mean it


but then, kdg2, tak rugi apa pun say sorry especially bila mengalah ngan family

time tu je wa tak berapa nak maksudkan yg wa mmg sorry for the things i've done or said :P

Frodo Baggins said...


zey said...

act, tak suka org y kata sory but don't mean it. i mean esok lusa still repeating the same mistake, pastu ckp sory lagi...hurmm...~~

it's ok to say tons of sory if u really, really mean it and to promise that it won't happened again~

eszol raar said...


i can still sense ur ego

putting two options is an act of coward cause u're still trying to buy sympathy and to win moral value

man,this is old tactic

i used it since i was 10

say sorry with the reason and why u saying that

Anonymous said...

fukin true!

delarocha said...

ucapan maaf, klu diucapkan dgn keikhlasan akan mengundang rasa hormat org lain kepada anda.

Hellioz said...

#true enuff

lu pe kabo frodo haaaa


gwa ade cakap gwa mintak maap kat sesape ke eyh?
thats a random statement.
whats the fuzz?


thats that!

Anonymous said...

"cheap supply of apology"..

weyh..hellioz..aku suka ayt2 hg..aku suka english hg..aku suka da way hg inteprate evry particular thng..aku suka blog hg..suka..suka..suka..(ok..dh sikit2.bhahaha)

SUCI KUDUS said...

HELLIOZ...sorry seems to be the hardest word.......~lalala~

Hellioz said...

kalau tak suka pon cakap la
bole debat cara matang.

sometimes, thats effin true.
in a particular way.

Frodo Baggins said...

mintak mahap gua harga gula2 kopiko keh2x,

Anonymous said...

takat ni xdak yg aku xsuka lg la..bhahaha..


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