Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Modern Love

The fact that we live in a world where gossips are spreading like virus is inevitable scare the hell out of me.

Today u are going out with a random chick and a few hours later,
u're on a hot pan coz the world knows every single thing u do.
"lu keluar dengan sape tadi beb?"

Suddenly the world put upon you the brightest spotlight available.
"should i or shouldn't i answer the question that everybody knows what the outcome is?"

Its like living your life in a country full of scary eyes of CCTV, meant to record and might be analyzing the citizens daily fucking life.

Oh, don't worry. Malaysia have a lot of gossip blog. Thats where we are in the list of mentality worldwide. wasting our precious time, indeed. No wonder you have to use google translate to finish your assignment. (cerita lain)

I've state this shit before, we were actually living life in denial. We consume something we don't really need. But the society wants us to have it so badly so that they can put us carefully on a certain level of caste. The caste will determine who u are, where you can go shopping, who is your friend and what you can do in a certain places at a certain time.

Kelaut sudah.
Love is physically unseen, invisible.
But your partner and you knows attentively what's happening between the two of you because feelings is somewhat an apparition of the most beautiful thing u had in your mind. Choke it, u may find something out of this world to enjoy looking upon.

But the urge to tell the word that "oh, i'm with him, oh, i'm with her" makes the apparition go away and curse you because your love is transferable and fake. The word I Love You lies on the facebook relationship status, the description of your daily status, the appreciation of anybody else towards your relationship and how the society accept the phenomenon of you having something with somebody else. U are not in love with me, U are actually falling in love with the society. Meyh~ Go and get married with the society u always look upon mofo.

Been there, done that.
It sucks. Because the other significant you wants too much attention not from you, but from everybody else including you.  May i call this internet gesture? An approval from the interweb about your lovestory. This shit is freaking me out. Are you in love with me or with the desperate busy body society?

What? U want more than just the reality talking about us instead, u need the interweb to talk about you too? This shit comes in one piece? Bullfucking shit.

Thank lucifer.
We were not meant to be together.
Coz u were actually the virus i brought into my circle of friendship.
And u were still here, ruining the basic rule.

I just hope u'll get real. Approval is ours to decide. Not them, not anybody else but us.
Get your feet on the ground. Even if they're not happy with that status, it doesn't mean we're  not okay inside out. Wake up. This is not a fairy tale u always wish we're into. Get Real.

Gwa merapu banyak2, sat g Dish buat ayat sepatah dua je summarize benda ni.
Dish ni saje je potong line tau. Kah3~

Its my perspective. What's yours?
hit me on the comment section, below~


below average said...

thanks for the promotion sir?

Askrie Hishamuddin said...

seriously, i agree!

TheBentPencil said...

ni macam ade bau2 post terfaktab.
putus cinta ke bang?
nak kita pujuk?
(ayat gedik)

Hellioz said...


u're welcome

cant agree more

awek pon xde
nk putus cinta ape nye

DuniakuAbstrak said...

kaLau asyik nak puaskan hati orang lain yang banyak beribu lemon tu sampai biLa-bila pun diri sendiri tidak akan bahagia..

kita atau mereka yang kejam dan pentingkan diri sendiri?

Hellioz said...


good things to ponder.
If and only if anybody read that shiznit.

HEROICzero said...

agreed! rasa macam duduk dalam aquarium, semua org perati. salah laku, kene ketuk. kene kutuk. celaka!

i Love you. mudah bukan? mahu sebut berapa kali? =)

Ms. Dyla Qistina said...

hmm.. maybe they wanna share and let all know they are happily in love, please don;t mengurat or anything kan? some reasons that they know exactly y but we dont. right?

shud b gud if we try to think positive about this issue ;) peace

SUCI KUDUS said...

i bring my camera anywhere i go.. does it count?


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