Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Of Twitter and Drugs

At twitter,
Every story have 140 characters to explain.

And thats what i've been doing everytime i neglect this blog.
Microblogging seems fun and all.
But still, i need a bigger medium like this to fully utilize the alphabet on the keyboard.
I'll be updating shit later on.

And oh, @hellioz666
thats where i piss most of the urine out.

And fuck yeah,
i'm not feeling well. Thats why i aint write no shit here.

No. This is not a perspective. I'm kinda grumpy and all when i'm sick.
Ignore all the curse and u'll be fine.
If u can't accept the cursing words, fuck you.


seth said...

how busy are you that you would neglect this blog for such a long long period of time? my pubic hair is now fuzzy.

skandaLdariLangit said...

hai. hellioz :)


Anonymous said...

dh saket tu pegi rehat la..lg nk fukck sna fuck sni..klu mati cmne???

Anonymous said...

pity u..get well soon helli..we lebiuuu!

seliparbiru said...

get well soon


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