Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reality Check

The fact that we all love to live our own self in denial is futile
But we're all human. We're capable of doing things the way we want to. We can actually knock ourself down with the hammer and feel sick if we prefer to keep our feet the ground. We can also slice our body with a knife and pretend that nothing happened, though we bleed profusely. Thats denial.

Most of the time, people tend to feel good about everything though nothing is good. Not exactly like what the
cunning brain, mind and our interpretation have told us. We love lies. Sometimes living life in lies is better off than living life on the real hard ground. Hey, i can admit that i am someone's important son. I can say i have the blood of the royal and claim i live myself in wealth, luxury and all. But that'd change nothing if i am poorer than the beggar at Bangsar who earn RM30K per month. If i know life's that easy, i wouldn't have to waste my time studying and shit. I should've enjoy myself if money comes that easy.

I had some friends who'd be my reality check officer. And let me tell you one thing, they're the best friend u'll ever found in your life. The best. Srsly. Don't get annoyed or something with them if they tell u the truth nobody wants to hear. That is the best example of friends u always wanted in your life later on. Trust me.
U can have friends who always compliment and all towards you, but lemme ask u one thing. Are they sincere with their words? Do they really care bout you? Are they telling you the truth or lies?

I know, sometimes its better off listening to lies rather than facing the truth. But me, i prefer the truth. Because thats the real deal. Thats whats happening around you. The reality. The sanity.


Lets get to an example. Offensive? Hell no. Its an example.

U're fat. U're one lazy motherfucker. U have a lot of dough. Your parents are insanely rich. U're a student.
Imagine this. You're not a hot shot, but u're full of dough and luxury and all. Know what? I bet there's a lot of hot chicks who'll get after you. Why? coz u're rich.

Friends? U know who'll befriend with you? Someone who can always tell u what u wanna hear. Not what u supposed to hear. Example again?

Mr A can say to you that its ok to be fucking fat + lazy + not productive and all. But surely thats what u always wanted to hear.  Mr A is not a good friend. Coz he'll be accompanying you on your dreamland and leave u alone if u're in a fucking misery. He might be there when u're laughing but when u cry? I'll let you cry alone.

Mr B will tell you to get the hell up. Get some exercise. Eat healthy foods. Go study, the exam is near. And tell u your father's wealth won't last forever. Mr B must've sound like most parents but thats the truth. Youth nowadays listen to their peer a lot. More than listening to what their parents had to say.

Now, ask yourself. Which type of friends u've had in store all this while? Mr A or Mr B? If u have a lot of friends like Mr A, happy dreaming. If u've a lot of friends like Mr B, voila. U're on the right track.


The reality check officer is scarce nowadays. Nobody wants to tell the truth nowadays. Coz hearing lies is more entertaining and all.

If i told u, u sucks and u have to change yourself for good, will u still befriend with me?
The answer lies in you and i can tell you what type of person u are once u've answer my questions. 

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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MATAHARI said...

i'm proud to have my best friends, they are the reality check officers of mine, as they saw the UP and DOWN of me.

Anonymous said...

very2 da true..rmai sgt kwn yg nk entertain ja skunk ni..tny sket jwpn smua nk2 yg sedap ati ja..bek aku tny dri sndri..zzz

Anonymous said...

very2 da true..rmai sgt kwn yg nk entertain ja skunk ni..tny sket jwpn smua nk2 yg sedap ati ja..bek aku tny dri sndri..zzz

Ren said...

agreed with you dude..
but friends that willing to do reality check on ourselves is truly hard to find..

Frodo Baggins said...

walau apapun yang terjadi
aku tetap sayangkan kau
kau paham kan?
aku cakap serius!!!

((ucapan sempena malam jumaat diserikan lagi dengan ky jelly dan tilam2 beserta sida2 dan dayang2))

bentara setia diraja


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