Thursday, March 24, 2011

Whats Wrong With Action Movies Nowadays?

 I have to admit that any movies that includes all the explosion available on earth is one fucking tempting movies to watch. Yeah. It helps the movie goers to keep on sitting and watching even though the storyline sucks. Sucks, i mean, really sucks to the extend that it have zero motives to start with. Just a regular story that costs the producer an amount of budget due to the extra humongous explosion and destruction and all.

1. Everybody might be expecting a superb explosion to enjoy for a couple of hour. This is one of the reason why people watch action movies. They think that explosions are cool. Too kewl that they didn't realize that explosion is not kewl at all. Wait until the explosion happened to them in a certain occasion. That'll help them to realize that all the explosion means destruction and loss of life.

2. If u wanna enjoy a lot of explosion, go and find real life movies involving the war around the world. I bet massacre is happening at #Libya and all the conflicting countries that uphold revolution as the last way to change the government. Go youtube something beneficial to at least experience real life visual explosion and Voila! See how that flesh and meat scattering all over the place just so you know that most of the explosion in the world are used to kill humans. Entire population perhaps?

3. You don't need a good storyline like to make people watch movies nowadays. As long as u can enjoy the explosion within every scene in the movies, most movie raters who did not know how to rate the movies will say "thumbs up" to every type of movies that go along with the explosion and all. Trust me. Most of us did the same thing everytime we watch that kind of movies. To sooth our own self due to the tickets we paid perhaps?

4. Oh, if u wish to watch any actions and killings and mother nature killings its earthlings, youtube some incident at #japan due to the earthquakes and tsunami and all. You can see real life situation where the all the cars and bulldozers and houses floating like its a kind of game and all the floating corpses and all is the toy. Wait, google ogrish for more heart warming session if all the incident at japan is not entertaining u. I'm just saying.

5. If u are a real movie critiques, u won't hesitate to watch any movies that include all the talkings and dramas and all because that kind of movies has its own message, subliminal, perhaps if you think deep enough to start with. Who needs guns when feelings itself can kill the entire population if the amount is enough?

6. Ihzit me or everybody in the house is getting sick and tired of the criteria i jot above? Wait, i'm not getting lame and too old to enjoy all the explosion aite?

7. I'm running out of ink in my brain to spit all the shit out.

8. The sentences are becoming shorter.

9. I'm losing it.

10. Out.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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anOOan said...


Mat Jun said...

Haha somehow like this post as I enjoy more watching movie which ask/force me to think on what gonna happen next rather than cause damage to my ear by such fucking hell explosion :)

SagaPutih said...

gua kalau nak tgk letup2 ni, lagi suka tgk mythbusters. at least dapat belajar something

meleis kebanyakkan tak suka tgk heavy drama. they all wil saya "bosan la cte ni, banyak sangat cakap". mungkin tak paham apa dorang cakapkan kot.

nadandroid said...

kalau rajin tgk la memento,requiem of dreams,mary and max,trainspotting,city of god,clockwork orange,the shining.erk.nanti aku listkan lagi.kahkah.

cikpia said...

pengusaha filem buat filem based on pasaran. kalau action movies with all the bombings, all the explosions dapat sambutan, why deny the fact? diaorang pikir untung jer.......

Anonymous said...

In all things it is better to hope than to despair.


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