Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You're Acting Like A Diva

Stop acting like one.
Coz u're not.


Frodo Baggins said...

hoh? melankolik sangat nih helly


AAINA said...

siapa? siapa?

bujal X said...

saya terasa.

*sambil membetulkan kening palsu.

Puteri. said...

not a diva? how's that?

the real def shows not. but when the language has developed, diva is an attitude.

i'm calling all the ladies to be divas! put up great standard, high self esteem and great confidence! lookin' like a self absorbed bitch? chill, they're intimidated already!

don't go whoring or whining like babies, true woman is a diva. bimbos aren't.

Yours truly,
Babe In Total Control of Herself(BITCH). High5 bitches!

cikpia said...

ringkas. padat. tepat. likat. melekat.

tak terasa g tatau la. he he.....

delarocha said...


delarocha said...

or camouflage?

areleaf said...

yela yela,nak berdiva sikit pon tak boleh tau..

Alexandriana Alia said...

statement ini untuk yang perasan diva?

kalau dah orang duk layan dia cam diva. perasan divalah dia. :p


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