Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beza Kerja Untuk Kuli & Bos

Theres 2 types of jobs i personally put into criteria in this world.
yeah, 2.

One is thinking and another one is labouring

The thinking jobs needs brain while the labouring jobs needs physical movement so that all the jobs is done properly.

But bear in mind,

You can choose but 1 or both jobs criteria i've given above. But most of us do both, but each capacity is different on each jobs and position. Thats how it works.You can't finish your job only with thinking, and thats where the labouring parts take place. But you can't finish the jobs u're on when u don't know how to properly finish it. Thats where the thinking phase helps.

The thinking part needs brain that not everybody have, especially in the specialize part where not everybody can finish.
We need a doctor to DIAGNOSE  the patients health and sickness but the nurse is doing most of the labouring works. We need an engineer to think of the way to make an engine. But all the hard work fall on the labour's shoulder.

Most labouring jobs can be done by everyone capable of doing it with some instructions of here and there. But not everyone can think like what the thinkers can do.

That differentiate our purpose in life.

See, if everybody in this world think and think and think endlessly, no one's gonna end up making something  but just only think. Like Mat Jenin and all his dreams with no effort to walk the dream.

But thats what all the labourer in this world have contribute to this world. They end up doing all the job that's need to be done.

Don't wonder why all the thinkers gets the name while the labour gets nothing but all the sweats of working.

And that also differentiate the pay/wages/ and salary. Though thinking seems like an easy jobs to get done with, not everybody is equipped with Brains to think as wise as every thinker can. Thats why most thinkers get all the money they deserve in this world. U copy?

The labour end up labouring because they have less capacity to think like the thinkers and thats why they end up being the labour. If u got brains and u're doing all the labours job, thats underemployment, so, get a better job and start working with the capacity u've had.

The world's not gonna function in a proper manner if everybody is rich but the world can still roll around if everybody is poor. lulz~

But still, there's yin yang to every single thing on earth or in another word, balance.
U know how it works?
Every born babies will be justified with death from war, natural catastrophe, AIDS, and every single feel good sense u had in ur mind. Every stupidity will be blast with "U're Fucking Stupid" just to justify the condition plus the middle finger and all. Every happiness will be balanced with sadness every once in a while to balance it all.

So, every thinker needs all the proletariat A.K.A labourers in the world to fulfill each demand in the world. There we go, we need each other for fuck sake and nobody can tell me they're more important that anybody else just because u're up there and i'm down here climbing up and consequently putting my feet on your head for fun.

Have a good day thinking of what i've been thinking people.
Happy halloween. Err, Happy weekend fellas.
Have a good labouring days ahead and don't forget to smile fuckers.
May death be with you, and as always. I'm gonna end up this crappy bullshit of mine with......

Its my perspective. What's yours assholes?
hit me on the comment section, below~ or die in vein!


iterai said...

love to read ur blog..

they only know how to give a job..but they dont know how to do a job

Ili Shaheera said...

Kira macam lembu punya susu, sapi dapat nama la xD


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