Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Prayers Cheaters or Show Off Worshipper

Since its friday, m gon talk about the visibility and alibi every guy on earth could use to defend himself

1. Masing2 check in dekat masjid and pretend being a saint for a moment, padahal lepak tepi sapkok smpi habes smbyg.

2. Dok tepi masjid tapi bukan dengar khutbah, masing2 mengadap telefon2 canggih sambil tweeting

3. Masing2 ingat tajuk khutbah je. The rest? Ulas sendiri. Bagi nampak macam dengar khutbah sampai habes. Pastu masing2 tweet pasal khutbah tadi. Padahal tak dengar pon. heh

Abeh je semua orang sembahyang jumaat, masing2 buat2 baru keluar msjd n balik. Like who knew?

Maybe lepas ni masing2 pergi masjid sebab nak check in dekat masjid. Nampak sikit macam pergi sembahyang, padahal masing2 repeat step 1 sampai 3 ulang2 for the rest of thou life. Kahkahkah.

Niat pergi masjid bukan nak sembahyang, tapi sebab nak check in dekat masjid lepastu oust khatib and jadik mayor masjid. What the fuck?

Nao thats that for today.
Roger n Out.

Its my perspective. What's yours?
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fatinizzati said...

and i think, kadang-kadang sembahyang jumaat je buat. yang laen macam haremm.

eszol raar said...

ini naisssss

Ash said...

So, what are you trying to say here? Everyone stay home to be less hypocritical to certain people?

Guess you've never read the story of the kid and the basket.

MATAHARI said...

man tends to left his faith in the prayer room and wear it when he wants to meet the creator.

Frodo Baggins said...

masa tu lu tgh buat pe pulak helly? keh3x

hida.hadi said...

lepas ni keluar la fatwa tweeting ketika dengar khutbah itu harromm! kehkeh~

DuniakuAbstrak said...


aku pernah jugak berlakon macam tu

sekarang dah insaf


- koroe - said...

biar la

orang dah pergi tu pon dah kira bagus

macam la dia bagus sangat !

jeles lattew..

haha. just kidding.

abam hellioz jangan marah adek koroe yep.


maCy said...

msti ay sgt khusyuk time khutbah kan?

ley la cite2 tiap kali jumaat ;)

Sir Marcello said...

u got me....miyahaha~


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