Saturday, April 9, 2011


My father used to be a pilot.
I bet u know how many dough he had in his bank. Plus his asset, his wealth and all.
He can grant your wish like a fairy godmother.

But i have never been pampered with all the wealth and all.
I used to have to collect my own money to buy anything i wanted since i was a little weenie till nao. Yeah, till nao. Every single thing, except all the things i need for my studies, of course.

I still remember how he said he crave for a coke worth 10cent when he was small. Yes, that bottled coke most of us no longer seen on most eateries shop.
He said he collect all his money from scratch just to have a drink of coke. Determination. I always hope that i have all of his determination in me. Just in case i have to start all over again from a scratch.

One thing for sure is, everybody's gon feel bored of all his same old story that is been told over and over again. I bet u'll feel the same way i do everytime that story is being told again and again.

The real deal is, i'm proud of him. Who wouldn't?
But his success is his very own achievement. Not mine. Me?
I'm still a student. Still searching for the future. Hoping that everything's gon come clean and all.
I can boast about my father's wealth and all, but someday someway somehow, he'll be dead.  Everybody's gon die. Thinking bout death send shivers thru my vein.
Bet there's no use of being so mother effin proud of somebody else's success. Coz its not mine. Yeah, not mine.

I wanna feel how he feels like living life with a lot of dough and all.
But what amazes me is, he never really shows all the wealth he got and all. He didn't buy Mercedes Benz for teh lulz. He didn't buy a mansion. He never really pampered all his children with wealth and materialism.
Selfish? Sounds like it. But when i'm growing bigger and have my own self judgement, he's a very reasonable man. He wants me to feel how it feels like having to live a humble and hard life. Thats what i had in my mind.

I can enter any college i wanted to since he had a lot of friends at almost any university available. But he never did that to none of my siblings. "Mane kau dapat tu pergilah". As easy as that, Even when my uncle had offered meself to go to UTP and all. As easy as abc, i myself refuse my uncle's offer. I know my ground. Why should i admit myself to a place where i myself can't cope just to be there.

fuck i don't even know why m writing all these shit.
i just feel like writing.


Miss Cakap Banyak [MCB] said...

i like your style. it's kewl and awesome. as simple as that. =)

AR The Annoying said...

aku kagum.aku lahir dalam keluarga seperti kau jugak, bezanya aku dapat apa aku nk if aku berjaya buat sesuatu yg dpt impress diorg.

so its kind of rewards.kau lagi tabah.tahniah.

Hannah Haykhall said...

baca kau punya post mengingatkan aku pasal my dad. dia kalau boleh nak kasi ape-ape benda pun dekat anak2. tapi tak bermakna aku kaki pau ke apa. no no no..i have my limits too..terbalik dengan kes kamu, ayah aku kira 'spoil' kan anak-anak dia i wish dia tegas skit. sure aku tak jadik bad...kalau aku nak buat part time , dia tak kasi..macam mana aku nak cari duit nak beli apa2 keperluan tambahan..mintak duit dekat ayah lah jawabnya..maybe sebab dia pernah susah dulu2, dia tak nak anak dia pun rasa kesusahan..

(don't publish this post, just suka-suka nak tulis je..)

green said...


zey said...

my gawd, i just love ur writing. ur father just like my dad. teach me on how being humble. n never touch his money! except for education la. of course. haha! =)

Frodo Baggins said...

woohooo dah berapa ribu jam?
salam dekat beliau :)

DuniakuAbstrak said...

berusaha sendiri untuk mendapatkan apa yang diinginkan merupakan satu kepuasan

wahidah said...

anak org kaya?nice.ahaks


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