Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Of Reciprocal Gender

Slowpork edition.

So, an artists was bashed by the society, i bet because she joined an event made for the weirdo.

She defends herself by saying that its one of her way to get to know them and try to understand their life, their so called dark life nobody really knows, unless u've friends and befriend someone like them.

Niat tak menghalalkan cara.
I do agree with the statementz.
But hey, when there's no other way to help somebody, the last resort fall on u. The judgement? Leave them shit to god. Who are u to judge?

What makes u think that democratic ways of doing things is the most appropriate means?
Even our government still use the ISA to punish those people who claimed to commit treason. Is that democratic enuff? Have u found any statement in your holy books stating all that shit? If you do, feel free to share that shit with me.

You can still say that there's a lot of ways to get to know those 'special' people. You can propose this and that. But Have you in any way possible approach them and try to understand what they do feel inside? What they face with the community? What's their problem and shit?

Haha. I bet the answer is, 'hell no'.

The problem with the community is they fast putting the judgement on the first topic of discussion without properly understanding the content of the topic. I'd love to see how you handle them special people if they're apart of your family. I'd love to call them special because they are special. If u wanna play the blame game, u can blame god since he was the one who make all these shit happened. Seriously, the blame game will never end if u never try to suffocate that awkward feelings into you.

In the end, at least someone did something, far better than you who only talk and talk and talk endlessly about  the theory in your beautiful mind. 


Anonymous said...

Are you referring to Noranizah Idris performing show at a transsexual beauty contest?

Anonymous said...

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мʋтɛ ƨтσяʏтɛℓℓɛя ♥ said...

yeah, I'm being judgemental here. but the fact I disagree with her action is pretty much reasonable . these 'special' people, so called, are proud of themselves which was clearly shown by the event the artist herself attended, wasn't it ? No, God didn't made them that way . yes, they are born naturally with the extra opposite gender's hormones and the urge to become one of the type they should be marrying but instead they didn't fought that desire! they shouldn't be that way . were they're born, as you said, 'special', in that way that the world can clearly see ? no, i don't think so, i really don't. sorry to say, i don't see much difference of this from the gay marriage, do you ? are you okay with gay marriage ? and yeah, tau lah kitorang duduk kat rumah ja talking and babbling about these things but believe me, if i have the power to do something about this i will! i'm sorry that i'm not a religious person to be judging.

free compass said...

memang betul dalam quran takdak ISA tu semua, tapi kebanyakkan yang buat salah quran cakap 'potong saja'. zaman abu bakar, mutadist di hukum bunuh. syukur lah kat malaysia ISA sekadar 'duduk dalam makan2 byk sampai perut buncit'. ye dok?

Anonymous said...

When was your last time replying your followers' comments in this shitty box?


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