Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Purdah Sudah Diharamkan Di Perancis

Any Muslim picketing this weekend in front of the France embassy?
Human rights society and all?

Nao read this shit from this man.
Sidestepping The Real Problem : Why France Should Stop Being Stupid And Lift The Ban On The Burqa 


delarocha said...

berani kerana benar.

dah tak relevan?

takutkan pemerintah daripada Tuhan.

di Malaysia pun sama kan.

cikpia said...

kalau pasai agama, pasai Islam, semua senyap..... padahal kalau pembunuhan binatang, pemotongan pokok, hatta penggunaan plastik pun tunjuk perasaan beramai2 giat dijalankan...

CGG said...

tq 4 sharing


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